Amazing Theme meets Approachable RPG

As I've been working on Board Game Atlas, I've been playing heavier games and now I'm itching to play an RPG. Due to some time limitations though, it's been hard to commit to start a campaign. I also have Gloomhaven waiting in the unopened box... When I saw Destination Danger, it seemed like a great way to jump into the RPG genre.

Within the first 3 days, the project had reached its funding goal and has begun focusing on unlocking “Stretch Goals” (funding objectives attached to core improvements to the game) as the company hopes to continue raising funds to mass produce the game.

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Destination Danger RPG

Destination Danger is a pocket-sized role-playing adventure set in the 1930s that can be played anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

Destination Danger RPG

"Destination Danger was designed to make it much easier to just dive in and play, requiring just a small deck of cards, and a handful of players who won’t need much time to familiarize themselves with the game’s basic rules." -io9 (a Gizmodo publication)

Destination Danger RPG

These cards contain all the information needed for players to launch into a quick and fun role-playing experience without requiring the traditional stack of manuals, miniatures, and dice.

Advantages Over Traditional RPGs

There are many reasons to love traditional RPGs but sometimes you need something different. With Destination Danger you can

  1. Play a "pickup game" spontaneously instead coordinating schedules to find the next free Saturday
  2. Play with just pack of cards instead of bringing loads of items like game boards, manuals, dice, etc
  3. Enjoy full campaigns in 25 minutes instead of hours
  4. Explain the rules and the story in just about 5 minutes to start playing sooner

Destination Danger RPG

Stretch Goals (4 Unlocked Already)

Destination Danger has already achieved its funding goal on Kickstarter, but development on the game continues and achieving stretch funding targets will unlock new expansions, characters, and general improvements to the game.

Backers (in the US/Canada/EU) can expect to receive a physical copy of the game for $20 USD, with additional funding levels providing unique perks and experiences (such as a curated tour of the Houston Museum of Natural Science alongside the games founders for $4000!).

Less Than A Week Left

There's more details on the Kickstarter page! Check it out before it ends on February 5th, 2019!

Go to the Kickstarter

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Trent Ellingsen is a board game enthusiast. He has played Magic: the Gathering for about 7 years but more recently was shown the much larger world of board games. His passion for Magic: the Gathering led him to create 5 Color Combo and through a series of events he created an MTG companion app, partnered to make custom gaming playmats, designed and published 3 board games, and is now focused on Board Game Atlas.