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Space Infantry Resurgence is a new edition of a 2011 Sci-Fi Strategy card game that has been updated, modified, and scaled to be a main stay on your gaming shelf. It's a solo or coop game that will test your courage and ability to lead an elite squad of infantry soldiers.

Space Infantry Resurgence

I close my eyes sometimes and the hair on my neck raises as the images that come to mind remind me of different scenes from the movie Prometheus. In Space Infantry Resurgence you're working your way through generated hive missions and can encounter other races like Wyrms, Leviathans, Flesh Eaters and many more with immersive art that is featured.

Overall the art and story seems fantastic and there's hours of campaign gameplay available to be able to enjoy. With the simple combat system you can focus on the enjoyment of building your squad to be able to take on any challenge and enjoy the world as it unfolds before you.

Board the ship for only $65 and get to experience something you'll remember for a long time. Check it out before the campaign ends on May 23th 2019.

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About the Game

Space Infantry Resurgence is based on an easy to learn d6 system where players roll dice to resolve actions taken by their squad in the form of Skills and Skill Checks. These skills can range from demolitions expertise, to Zero-G movement, to Melee and Raged combat.

Space Infantry Resurgence

Not all units are combat specific but serve in various support functions, vital to your squad’s success. These units have specialized skills necessary to forge through the dangers ahead, like Computer, Security, or even Demolitions

One of the many challenges you’ll face in Space Infantry Resurgence is that you won't always have the right skill for the job at hand. You will have to improvise, overcome, and adapt in order to survive and defeat the challenges faced.

Each map has unique mission mechanics for your squad to complete. Whether it be locating missing scientists, gathering intel, defusing nuclear ordnance, or capturing a stolen starship, Space Infantry gets the call! All enemies are unique, from the standard alien soldier on up to a monstrous creature that threatens a far flung outpost.

Space Infantry Resurgence

One of the more exciting new features is the evolving mission map, which changes with every play. The maps are a collection of inter-connected areas populated by randomly drawn cards representing a specific area. Each of these areas are known as nodes. In the original game, the maps had fixed nodes printed on the maps, which greatly limited replayability. That is no longer the case, as each mission will have its own unique identity, feel, and dangers to face.

Nodes will require a specific skill to access, so you must balance your squad’s composition based on the mission before you. You'll also have limited time to act, as each mission is turn-limited. The pressure is on!

Space Infantry Resurgence

Combat can occur as you explore your mission map, triggering enemy forces that will hunt you at every turn. Once you advance into a Node, you check to see if you've been spotted.

The original game used multipurpose counters on a plain chart to track enemy units. In this new edition, all of that has been upgraded to be more efficient and thematic. With a quick glance, you can now see the full disposition of enemy forces you are facing; their capabilities and numbers along with what each of them looks like, fully immersing you into the game play experience.

Space Infantry Resurgence

Units fight by dealing wounds, and these are dealt based on the successful use of their skills. However, combat is fluid and no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Sometimes, they will rapidly close into melee combat, while at others moving to ranged combat. Often they will trigger their unique race specific powers, which can really throw a wrench in your plans!

To counter this, you take a direct role in the game as the Squad leader. Using your unique Command skill, you can potentially buff any unit's skill check to provide the critical shift needed making the difference between life and death. If you can pass the command skill check.

Space Infantry Resurgence

There are over 15 unique enemy races that you will encounter, a wide array of spendable resources to use on your missions, and a persistent campaign system where you will track multiple aspects of your units as you play through successive missions. Special Campaigns with unique rules and enemies, Narrative Campaigns, and advanced rules will keep the challenge and enjoyment level high.

Space Infantry Resurgence

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See more about the game on the Kickstarter page! Check it out before it ends on May 23th, 2019!

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