About 5 years ago I started work on creating a MTG draft simulator for iOS and Android and had a fun time working on it. At this point I can't continue maintaining the app and the server costs associated with it. I have come to the difficult decision to shut down the app. I appreciate all the dedicated users and the support I got through the years working on it and hope that there could be another app that is even better to come on the horizon.

My focus going forward will be on Board Game Atlas since it's growing quickly and there's still a lot to do to make it great.

I will be shutting down the server support and removing all the data on Thursday May 30, 2019. Please export any lists you'd like to keep by then because they'll be gone afterwards.

If you happen to also be into board games, please consider checking out Board Game Atlas and using it as a resource for learning about games, getting price comparisons, and enjoying the hobby.

Feel free to ask any questions or if you're interested in buying the codebase for the apps, email me at contact@boardgameatlas.com

A photo of Trent EllingsenTrent Ellingsen

Trent Ellingsen is a board game enthusiast. He has played Magic: the Gathering for about 7 years but more recently was shown the much larger world of board games. His passion for Magic: the Gathering led him to create 5 Color Combo and through a series of events he created an MTG companion app, partnered to make custom gaming playmats, designed and published 3 board games, and is now focused on Board Game Atlas.