Our fingers are furiously flying here at 5CC as we continue smashing through tons of new features and bug fixes for our board game search platform. We're committed to create the worlds most powerful board game search engine and wanted to give you an update one what we've done in the last week of work to get it closer to reaching that goal!

The Search Site: https://www.5colorcombo.com/search

Here's a breakdown of the most notable features.

Game Search Autocomplete

Do you had trouble remembering how to spell a game's name sometimes? I do. We've got you covered now with a new autocomplete feature for our search bars! As you type into the search bar, the app will suggest game names that you might be looking for. Board game search autocomplete

List View Is Live

The idea of being able to see more results on one page, especially on mobile, seems so simple that it's funny how we didn't think of the feature earlier. It's here now though! If you want to see the search results in a list view, you can by clicking the list icon on the top left of the results page. Board game search list view

Add Games From Results Page

We just announced a board game wishlist giveaway, which is still going on by the way, and received a lot of great feedback on the feature. We've heard what you've requested and added a way to add games to lists from the results page itself. Just hover over the game info area and you'll see the add to list icon. Add Board Games From Results Page

Multi-language Name Support

We've added a storage field into our database to hold game names in other languages. We're still working on adding this into our search algorithm, but that won't be too long from now. Feel free to add the alternate game names into all your favorite games as you come across games missing that information!

Other Features

We've made several other improvements and also fixed a few bugs. Here's a quick overview of some other more minor ones.

  • Beginning of International support (2 UK stores and 2 Canada stores)
  • Publishers are saved as a list instead of only one
  • User created game lists can be deleted by the owner
  • There are 2 default game lists available now, Owned and Wishlist
  • The experience of adding a game to the site has improved by letting the user add in the game's main image with the first upload of the game
  • The navigation bar was added to the search home page to access account info and other links
  • Bug fix: Games would not delete from a list has now been fixed

What do you want to see next?

The feature list and bug fixes list here have been heavily influenced by the feedback we've gotten from reaching out to about 60 users. We are hungry for feedback and want to see this not only thrive but become something spectacular for the board game community! Feel free to comment with any feedback, requests, or issues or send an email to contact@5colorcombo.com.

A photo of Trent EllingsenTrent Ellingsen

Trent Ellingsen is a board game enthusiast. He has played Magic: the Gathering for about 7 years but more recently was shown the much larger world of board games. His passion for Magic: the Gathering led him to create 5 Color Combo and through a series of events he created an MTG companion app, partnered to make custom gaming playmats, designed and published 3 board games, and is now focused on Board Game Atlas.