I'm Digging It

I took a brief look at the game's campaign page and judged it 'okay.' Mostly because it's a part of my job to do some minimum amount of vetting with the data for Board Game Atlas. However, when I gave it a second look with a little more focus and saw the following animation, I saw an instant winner.

Dino Dig

They nailed it! That tingle of excitement I'm always craving when I'm exploring games rushed in. That's totally how digging for dino bones should be! That brilliance of mechanic and theme pairing perfectly shines through Dino Dig. I remember feeling this same when I was looking at the components and rules for Reef, Imhotep, and Azul. You even get to reconstruct chunks of dinosaur fossils to make an entire skeleton!

For $19 this is a mighty fine way to spend a night with friends. Grab your shovel and dig into more of the details on the kickstarter page!

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About the Game

Dino Dig

Come on a dinosaur expedition! Dino Dig is a risk and chance Set Collection game, where players "dig" to find the most valuable dinosaur fossils. Players will be faced with Risk vs Reward decisions, and can use Probability to find their missing pieces. Each player also has a tool box full of helpful equipment to guide them along the way. Will you risk digging for valuable dinosaurs and maybe face scorpions? Or will you play it safe and hope to win by digging for smaller fossils? Find out if you are the best paleontologist!

Dino Dig

The Setup

Set up the game by laying out the Dirt cards in a 5x5 grid, 3 layers deep, creating 25 Dig Sites. All players start with 5 Tool cards in their hand that give them special one time use abilities.

Dino Dig

Game Play

On their turn, players can take any 2 actions in any order or combination: move 1 space, dig 1 tile, or play a Tool card.

Dino Dig Dino Dig

Winning the Game

The game ends when a designated number of Dig Sites have been emptied, triggering the end round. Then players add up their score. The more complete a fossil is, the more points it will be worth. But make sure to stay away from scorpions!

Dino Dig

More on Kickstarter

See more about the game on the Kickstarter page! Check it out before it ends on April 8th, 2019!

Go to the Kickstarter

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