As always, we've been hungry for feedback on how to improve our board game search platform. This month we've had a lot of great conversations with users and have made a lot of changes as a result. I'll highlight a few of the biggest upgrades.

Kickstarter Projects Page

Every day, there's at least 8 new tabletop related Kickstarters that are launched. That's incredible! We don't want our system to miss out on these great products for the community so we've built some tools that help us find them all and input them into the system. We even connect the kickstarter end date, goals, and other info! We've added in the the last 5 days of launched products and you can see how they're doing here: Board Game Kickstarter Search

We'll continue adding new products in every day as they launch and will build a system to have the publishers input them directly soon too.

Slack App

If you're working at a business large enough to need a good communication tool Slack is a common choice. If that's you, we've built an app that you can use to look up board games privately in the chat and share it with the groups! Take a look here: Board Game Slack App

Reddit Day Count List

It's not the most descriptive title but essentially we've built a new tool that looks at all reddit comments in /r/boardgames and extracts out game names out of them. The names don't need to be bolded or indicated in any special way. We've created a bit of magic that can find all the names in the paragraphs of text.

The first way we're using the data is just to make a list of all the games in order of mentions that is updated every day. It's pretty interesting to see what stays high in the rankings over the weeks and what games quickly rise up in conversations as well.

Take a look here:

Other Features

The 3 features above are probably the most interesting for the general board game enthusiast. We worked on a lot of other things as well that improve the quality of the software for various other uses and people as well though. Here's a the quick rundown of those features.

  • 5 New Store Integrations (Connecting their listings to the games to give users the best price comparisons possible)
  • Facebook / Twitter sharing (You can now easily share games)
  • We upgraded the front page of the search
  • Over 1200 external reviews (We're working with over 200 blogging websites to connect their content now!)
  • Over 1000 new entries to the database from user submissions
  • API v0.4 released which includes an api to get store links, a feed of images, videos, and reviews, board game price links, and other upgrades: API Docs
  • When submitting an External review, it will auto suggest a title based off the website's title

There were many other even smaller features and bug fixes as well. Thank you again for continuing to send us messages and adding more games to the wiki! If you have feature requests or issues please contact us on twitter, facebook, or email!

A photo of Trent EllingsenTrent Ellingsen

Trent Ellingsen is a board game enthusiast. He has played Magic: the Gathering for about 7 years but more recently was shown the much larger world of board games. His passion for Magic: the Gathering led him to create 5 Color Combo and through a series of events he created an MTG companion app, partnered to make custom gaming playmats, designed and published 3 board games, and is now focused on Board Game Atlas.