The Detail In These Miniatures Is Fantastic!

With the amount of fantasy miniature based Kickstarters I see coming through Board Game Atlas, I was stoked to see such an excellent Sci Fi based product by 2nd Dynasty. I encourage you to watch some of the live stream that they recently hosted to appreciate it.

Starship III Screen cast

The Campaign (Over 5,500% Funded)

2nd Dynasty set out for goal of SEK 5000 (about $552 USD) and had raised over SEK 282,000 (about $31,000) at this point. Even with, what now looks like, a low goal, they had add-ons and stretch goals ready to add a lot more value and great rewards to the project backers

The campaign is lush with images and renderings showing hundreds of components and models. It's a blast just to look at them. If you want to jump into their campaign now you can back them at the lowest tier for SEK 225 (about $25 USD) and get the Space Shuttle Alpha tier. Going all in at SEK 2,000 (about $221 USD) would net you everything listed on the campaign which currently has 18 stretch goals, including 12 ship variants and 12 miniatures unlocked!

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Kickstarter Preview

Seek adventure amongst the stars! Explore strange new worlds, smuggle illicit cargos across the hyperspace lanes or launch a space to ground assault, in your Scout Ship, Transport, or Space Shuttle!

Starship III

Starship III introduces three original, fully 3D-printable spaceships scaled for 28mm play in your favourite Tabletop RPGs or Wargames. Complete with OpenLOCK-compatible modular interiors, the ships are detailed inside and out and a variety of configurations can be used to customise the deck plans.

Starship III

As the campaign unfolds, new starship hull variants and modules will be unlocked as stretch goals to bring even more variety to your game and increase the pledge value for everyone.

Starship III

Each pledge is designed to be printed on your own 3D printer or via a print service, allowing you to print as many parts as you like, for non-commercial use. Deliverable files will be made available digitally in STL zip packs via (see Printing Requirements details below for print bed size requirements)

Starship III Hangar 01: Space Shuttle Alpha

Need a way to get your units from the ground to orbit? This space shuttle is fully modular and can be configured as a dropship, cargo shuttle, or even a small starship. The stock standard aerodynamic fuselage comes complete with manoeuvring thrusters, sensors, landing gear and articulated main thrusters for VTOL operations.

Starship III

Starship III The standard layout below is included in any pledges that include the shuttle

Starship III Modular standard deck plan of shuttle interior.

Starship III Hangar 02: Scout Ship Beta

Starship III Explore deep space and final frontiers with this full 28mm scale scout ship, designed stock-standard for long haul endurance scout missions. Includes two manned turrets for defending in rough territory, a full sensor suite package for scanning new systems, a well equipped engineering section, cargo hold, living quarters and a 5-station forward bridge.

Even More On Kickstarter

This is just a preview of the top 10 images of the campaign. 2nd Dynasty has 18 stretch goals, including 12 ship variants and 12 miniatures unlocked that you should go check out as well!

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