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Would You Survive Space? Find out in Space Infantry Resurgence

Board Game Atlas Board Game Search • 4/24/2019

Are you a Cat Lover? Check out Scratch The Deck!

Board Game Atlas Board Game Search • 4/20/2019

Experience a Future "Romanpunk" World in the new RPG Augusta Universalis

Board Game Atlas Board Game Search • 4/18/2019

Fight to Get This Wargame - Hammer of the Scots

Board Game Atlas Board Game Search • 4/12/2019

Rainbow Knights Review

Zatu Games • 4/9/2019

Rainbow Knights is a small family filler game packed with fast, fun rainbow races that leave colourful trails across the sky! Check out our review....

2018 Board Game Award Nominees

Board Game Quest • 4/5/2019

Welcome to the 6th annual Board Game Quest Board Game Awards. Each Spring we like to take some time to honor the best and most innovative board games that came out the previous year. We have a tota...

Top 10 Roll and Write Games

Board Game Quest • 3/29/2019

Roll and write as a game mechanism isn’t new—Yahtzee was was first published in 1956. Yet, its explosion in the past few years has led to a whole new category of games. While the earliest took simi...

Knizia Game Development Stalled Due to Worldwide Shortage of Theme Paste

Meeple Mountain • 3/29/2019

ESSEN, GR - A shortage of theme paste has halted production for board games by popular designer Reiner Knizia. Reports have emerged that thousands of...

Flicking game Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone announced for a Summer 2019 launch

GAMING TREND • 3/27/2019

Today, WizKids announced that Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone, a game about flicking discs at enemy players and gathering resources, will be released this Summer. This game is expected to las...

News Round-Up: Dune returns and Tokaido gets a Sibling

Zatu Games • 3/23/2019

In this week's news, Dune is re-emerging, Die Hard is becoming a board game, Tokaido gets a sibling, and Lucky Duck Games are heading back to Kickstarter....

Play it Safe or Bet Big on Science with Nerd Words! A New Game on Kickstarter!

Board Game Atlas Board Game Search • 3/22/2019

A word game for science geeks and savvy gamers! Teams use deduction, wit and real science to identify Science Terms from Clues given!

Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion announced for Star Wars: Legion

GAMING TREND • 3/21/2019

Director Orson Krennic from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is coming to Star Wars: Legion as a commander for imperial forces later this year. Krennic brings a strategic mix to the game, as he has the a...

GAMES NEWS! 18/03/19

Shut Up & Sit Down • 3/20/2019

Matt: Hot on the tracks of the Shut Up & Sit Down News Train, I am hurtling towards Exciting Board Game Information at a speed of ninety miles-per-hour, after briefly stopping at East Croydon Station...

Top 40 Cooperative Board Games (2019 Edition)

Co-op Board Games • 3/19/2019

If you're looking for a co-op board game to try out with your group, you'll want to take a look at our top 40 cooperative board games of all-time!...

SXSW Gaming Awards

Kolossal Games • 3/19/2019

Visit the post for more....

To Pledge Or Not To Pledge . . . That Is The Question.

Zatu Games • 3/13/2019

Do I make my Kickstarter pledge or not? That's a common question we find ourselves asking as the Kickstarter phenomenon continues to rise. Read more....

4 Top Games for the Solo Gamer

Zatu Games • 3/13/2019

Sometimes we're desperate to play a game and no one else is! With this in mind we've put together a list of four top games for the solo gamer in you!...

I'm Now a Paleontologist Because of Dino Dig

Board Game Atlas Board Game Search • 3/13/2019

A Set Collection Game of Risk, Chance, ....and Dinosaurs!

On March 14th We’re Streaming The Estates!

Shut Up & Sit Down • 3/13/2019

Quinns: Hey everybody! Just a heads-up that on Thursday the 14th we’ll be streaming one or two games of The Estates, a simple yet legendarily cruel auction game of (a) trying to work with your friend...

Extraterrestrial skirmishes are inevitable as the John Carter of Mars: Core Rulebook gets released

GAMING TREND • 3/12/2019

Modiphius Entertainment announced that it has recently released the John Carter of Mars: Core Rulebook in print alongside a host of new supplementary material and miniatures. The items are available ...

A Note for Murder Preview

Board Game Quest • 3/12/2019

Note: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. This post was a paid preview, you can find out more information here. Wi...

GAMES NEWS! 11/03/19

Shut Up & Sit Down • 3/12/2019

Matt: Good afternoon, newshunters! Steady thy quiver; wiggle thine swords – new news is blooming in the wildlands just behind you, if you stay very still I’ll shoot over your shoulder and kill a bit...

Kickstarters of the Week: 3/11

Board Game Quest • 3/11/2019

This week, today in fact, marks the start of the 2019 Gama Trade Show. If you aren’t familiar with that one, I’m not surprised. It’s an industry trade show for retailers and distr...

Limited Edition Cthulhu Coins by Sandy Petersen & Metallic Legends

Board Game Atlas Board Game Search • 3/11/2019

An extraordinary set of ten LIMITED EDITION coins based upon legendary game designer Sandy Petersen's vision of the Cthulhu Mythos.

New Star Wars sourcebook, Collapse of the Republic, announced by Fantasy Flight Games, second to cover the Clone Wars

GAMING TREND • 3/9/2019

Following the announcement of Allies and Adversaries in January, Fantasy Flight Games today announced a new sourcebook covering the latter days of the Clone Wars, picking up where Rise of the Separat...

Fight Your Friends Card Game - Evocative Theme + Strategy In a Small Package

Board Game Atlas Board Game Search • 3/8/2019

A fun, fast deck-dueling game.

Due to unprecedented demand, Wingspan may not be at your local game store tomorrow- here’s why:

GAMING TREND • 3/8/2019

As Wingspan is released in games stores worldwide, Stonemaier Games has addressed the concerns of availability and offered an apology. They also provide explanations to the shortage and address misco...

Explore new areas with Pathfinder Second Edition this August

GAMING TREND • 3/8/2019

Paizo recently announced that its highly anticipated second edition to the roleplaying game Pathfinder will finally be released on August 1, with a whole slew of supplementary items available to purc...

Abstract strategy game Thrive hits Kickstarter, involves changing how your pieces move as you play

GAMING TREND • 3/6/2019

Easy to learn, but deeply strategic, Thrive is a board game where players can change how their pieces will move the following turn in an attempt to take out their opponent’s pieces. The project was l...

Have more fun in the dungeon as Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina animated special heads to Kickstarter

GAMING TREND • 3/5/2019

Recently, acclaimed web series Critical Role announced that it has released a Kickstarter campaign for its animated adaptation of The Legend of Vox Machina, which consisted of the show’s first season...

Journey more than 20,000 leagues under the sea with Nemo Rising this September

GAMING TREND • 3/5/2019

Today, Wizkids announced that it will release the cooperative boardgame Nemo Rising to local game stores this September. The game will allow up to four players to participate in two different scenari...

GAMES NEWS! 04/03/19

Shut Up & Sit Down • 3/5/2019

Quinns: Matt left for a skiing holiday this weekend, while I stayed in and played Scrabble. The less said about this state of affairs, the better. Let’s get on with the news....

Kickstarters of the Week: 3/4

Board Game Quest • 3/4/2019

March is finally here and hopefully that means winter is finally on its way out. We are still a long way from convention season, so you have plenty of times to prepare your wallets. Not much else t...

Games of the Month – February 2019

Zatu Games • 3/4/2019

February may be a shorter month but that doesn't mean that we slow down on the board game front. Here are our Games of the Month for February 2019!...

2018 Designer of the Year Award

The Opinionated Gamers • 3/1/2019

Well, I guess it’s that time of the year again.  As you all know, there are several jillion awards for Game of the Year, from different organizations or representing different nations.  But there’s...

New Board Game Kickstarter Teases Playtesting as Potential Stretch Goal

Meeple Mountain • 3/1/2019

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Kickstarted in under two hours, Zombies in Space promises exciting card-driven combat, hand-painted minis, and a $500,000 stretch...

Is a Cave In Risk Worth Getting another Gold Piece? Dig into that with the Mini Miners on Kickstarter!

Board Game Atlas Board Game Search • 2/28/2019

A 2 - 4 players family tabletop game featuring dwarves, beards and gold! Recruit your miners, equip them and send them in the mine!

Limited Edition Darth Vader commander expansion for Star Wars: Legion coming exclusively to Star Wars Celebration 2019

GAMING TREND • 2/28/2019

Attendees of Star Wars Celebration will have the opportunity to pick up a Limited Edition Darth Vader commander expansion for the tabletop game Star Wars: Legion. This expansion will also feature a u...

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