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Get Paid To Review Board Games

Board Game Atlas • 1/24/2019

We've added two new features to Board Game Atlas for board game reviewers to use.

Build These Features for Board Gamers and We'll Love You

Board Game Atlas • 1/23/2019

I want to see some more innovation in board games and these are the 4 features I'm thinking about right now.

Ultimate Board Game Destinations

Zatu Games • 1/23/2019

All major cities in the world have annual conventions dedicated to board games, and we've put together the top seven board game destinations for you to see....

Co-op Game of the Year 2018

Zatu Games • 1/23/2019

The Co-op Game category in the Zatu Selections looks at 2018's most exciting and engaging co-operative board games; games that bring players together!...

Top Trumps Match Review

Zatu Games • 1/23/2019

Top Trumps Match is the illegitimate lovechild of Connect 4 and Tic Tac Toe with no inherited genes from the original Top Trumps card game. Read our review....

Cooperative Board Games on Kickstarter - January 22, 2019

Co-op Board Games • 1/23/2019

Here we look at three cooperative board games that are currently on Kickstarter....

Off The Table Jan 22, 2019

The Cardboard Herald • 1/22/2019

Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games posts an open letter to distributors and retailers. Geoff Engelstein leaving Ludology, Emma Larkins Steps in. Days of Wonder announces “Corinth” a roll and write...

GAMES NEWS! 21/01/19

Shut Up & Sit Down • 1/22/2019

Matt: Good MORNING Shut Up & Sit Down Shupuppers. That’s my new name for anyone reading the news right now – you can’t do anything about it, I’ve sent the stickers to print. It’s a bright and...

Expansion of the Year 2018

Zatu Games • 1/22/2019

The Expansion category of the 2018 Zatu Selections looks at the expansions which have been a worthy addition to their relevant base game. See the winners....

Kickstarters of the Week: 1/21

Board Game Quest • 1/21/2019

We are halfway through January and the Kickstarter campaigns are picking up. Not only that, but the Kickstarter games from last year are starting to ship again as it appears the holiday season is f...

2018 - Diamond Climber Board Game Award Winners

Meeple Mountain • 1/18/2019

When I started Meeple Mountain 4 years ago I was looking up to other media outlets like The Dice Tower, BoardGameGeek, and GeekDad. In addition to producing compelling content, and having a great com...

Ice Cool 2 Giveaway

Board Game Quest • 1/18/2019

Ice Cool is one of the better dexterity games out there. We loved it from our first flick and recently reviewed the stand alone expansion Ice Cool 2. The expansion not only can play without the ori...

Wargame Watch – What’s New & Upcoming – January 2019

The Players' Aid • 1/18/2019

The past 6 weeks have been turbulent for us at The Players’ Aid. I (Grant) started a new job after the first of the year and is in the process of selling his current home and buying a new hom...

News: Lord of the Rings Co-op & Terraforming Mars goes Legacy

Zatu Games • 1/18/2019

In this week's news round-up; Fantasy Flight announce their Lord of the Rings co-operative game, Terraforming Mars goes legacy, and we're all Dobble mad!...

Retrospective: 2018's Most Anticipated Games

Meeple Mountain • 1/17/2019

In January 2018, we put together a list of most anticipated releases of 2018. Did they stack up to anticipation or was it all hype? Read on to find out....

Top 6 Ways to Spark Joy in Your Gaming Experience

Meeple Mountain • 1/16/2019

From discovering new mechanics to discovering new friends, board gaming is an experience. How can this experience be improved? Read on to find out!...

GAMES NEWS! 14/01/19

Shut Up & Sit Down • 1/15/2019

Quinns: We’re awake! And alive! Shut Up & Sit Down is officially back in action, ready to spend another 12 months covering amazing board games. What new designs await us this year?...

Kickstarters of the Week: 1/14

Board Game Quest • 1/14/2019

We are just about halfway through January, and just about through the annual Kickstarter drought. Publishers are picking steam back up as they being to show their offerings for the year. We’v...

Off The Table - Episode 1

The Cardboard Herald • 1/14/2019

00:11 Michael Stackpole Resigns from the GAMA Board 01:36 A New Board Game Website “Board Game Atlas” has launched...

What's Eric Playing?: Week of January 7, 2019

Punchboard Media • 1/12/2019

Eric Yurko of What’s Eric Playing? checks out four games for the week of January 07, 2019!...

2018 - Game of the Year Nominees

Meeple Mountain • 1/12/2019

Before introducing you to our nominations for Game of the Year, we should ask “what makes a game eligible?”. Is it artwork, or gameplay, or variety, the designer or publisher? It’s not just any of th...

2018 – Best Gateway Game Nominees

Meeple Mountain • 1/12/2019

A “gateway game” is any game that serves to easily introduce players to this wonderful hobby we all know and love. Commonly recognized gateway games include Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Tsuro, ...

/r/boardgames fortnightly digest

Reddit • 1/11/2019

After a brief holiday hiatus, we are back! Welcome to the fortnightly /r/boardgames digest. This is a recap of all that has happened in /r/boardgames (and beyond!) in the last 2 (in this case 4) weeks.

News: A glimpse into what’s coming our way in 2019

Zatu Games • 1/11/2019

The first full working week of 2019 has brought with it an avalanche of new releases and announcements from some big names in the publishing industry....

Board Game Gumbo: Bradly's Best of 2018

Punchboard Media • 1/10/2019

Bradly hands out his best of 2018 awards, including his best new-to-me games of 2018....

Board Game Gumbo: Roux Dat #6 Gumbo Game Night Re-cap

Punchboard Media • 1/9/2019

Gumbo Game Night recap, with mini-reviews of Cryptid, AuZtralia, and Coldwater Crown....

If I had to Reduce my Collection to 10 Games

Meeple Mountain • 1/9/2019

What would you do if you were forced to reduce your entire board game collection down to just 10 games? What games would you pick, and why?...

My 5-year-old daughter and I started a youtube channel where we play-through and teach how to play different tabletop games.

Reddit • 1/9/2019

Over the holidays my daughter asked me if she could start a youtube channel. When she told me she wanted to have a youtube channel about playing games, I couldn't be prouder.

What We've Been Playing - December 2018

Zatu Games • 1/8/2019

Xmas is a time for family and gaming. Our writers had a busy festive period, and here's what we've been playing during the month of December. Read more....

My Favourite Duelling Games

Zatu Games • 1/8/2019

For the purpose of this article, Ben defines duelling games as being two-player games where there are no grades of victory. Here are his favourites....

That Smell

Reddit • 1/8/2019

Anyone else smell the inside of the box after they open it? Especially when you first get it? Pandemic: Iberia has the best smell from my collection.

Games of the Month - December 2018

Zatu Games • 1/8/2019

Our writers were busy playing game before, during and after Christmas, and here are their games of the month for December. Read more....

Kickstarters of the Week: 1/7

Board Game Quest • 1/8/2019

As is somewhat normal for this time of year, we have another light week of Kickstarter campaigns to check out. The annual drought of campaigns from the holiday season will start to ramp down later ...

One Board Family: Bob's Top 5 Games of 2018

Punchboard Media • 1/8/2019

Bob Crowell shares his favorite games of 2018. Which ones made his top 5? Will the list include a dice game? (of course it will!)...

Brian’s Top 10 – 2018 Edition

Pub Meeple • 1/8/2019

Another year, another top 10 list. But I am really happy with the way this one turned out. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!...

Analysis Paralysis in Board Games

Zatu Games • 1/8/2019

Analysis paralysis is generally mentioned when a particular player gets a reputation for taking a long time to make their decision. Learn more today....

5 Deceptively Simple but Brilliant Board Games

Start Your Meeples • 1/5/2019

Not all games have to be complicated. Here are five deceptively simple games, that still allow for different strategies and challenges....

Things of No Interest: Review of Sleeve Kings Card Sleeves

Punchboard Media • 1/5/2019

Things of No Interest is back with a review/preview of Sleeve Kings new line of card sleeves....

What's Eric Playing?: Week of December 31, 2018

Punchboard Media • 1/5/2019

Eric Yurko of What’s Eric Playing? takes a look at the four games he reviewed in the last week!...

2018 - Best Thematic Game Nominees

Meeple Mountain • 1/5/2019

Join us as we review the 2018 Best Thematic Game for the Diamond Climber, the 1st Annual Meeple Mountain Board Game Awards....

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