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I had a pretty full week:

#Spirit Island - Have played our second game and are really enjoying it. Looking forawrd to ramping up the difficulty.

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - Have a game on the go on BGA, which has been great fun.

#Race for the Galaxy - First time trying this game on BGA, it is quick and has plenty of luck but the tiny engines you build are exciting.

#Jixia Academy - We had a quick game of this the other night, is wonderfully clever and tactical, my partner whooped me.

#Welcome to... Played a few games on BGA with my board game group, I've never really played many roll and writes (or flip and wrote in this case) but it was surprisingly pleasant.

Lord of the Rings meets Roll and Write. Love it!

I was just talking to about this as I saw it on KS and set up a reminder before the campaign is over. I think ultimately I'll pass on it - the theme is just so so for me and when I told Sarah it was a roll and write she may or may not have cringed lol. 

In fairness, there are good roll and writes out there. Personally, I'm excited for #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale and #Merchants of Magick: A Set a Watch Tale and #On Tour. Also David turczi did #Rome & Roll and he's awesome 

Got a good variety of plays in this week!

  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale:(physical, solo): This time with coloured pencils.  :)  This is one of my favourite roll and write games and I reviewed it recently...err, I can't seem to find the review on the site. , was it that bad? ;)
  • #AuZtralia (physical, solo): This is a quirky Martin Wallace games with a mix of economics, combat, Australia, and Cthulu!  I don't have anything else quite like it in my collection.  See my review here: R0land's Rambling Reviews: Auztralia | Board Game Atlas
  • #Tales of the Arabian Nights (TTS, Multiplayer): First time playing this game.  It's more or less a story generating engine loosely in game form but it was quite enjoyable for an evening.  I was a bit tired so it was a nice and relaxing game to play.
  • #Welcome to... (Board Game Arena, Multiplayer): Got two games in.  This one is a fun roll & write game.  It's a bit more straightforward than Cartographers, which I prefer, but it's still quite fun and a quick filler.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (x2) (TTS, Multiplayer): Got my game group to give this one a shot online.  Imported my deck in to the TTS mod for that authentic feel.  It was nice to get that multiplayer synergy going.  Solo is still fun, albeit it a bit swingy, and it's like having 2 really different games in one package.  I also reviewed this one here: R0land's Rambling Reviews: Marvel Champions | Board Game Atlas  (I promise that's the last one!)
  • #Gaia Project (x2) (Physical, solo): Got a great deal on it and it arrived on Friday.  Two solo games so far.  Haven't won either but I really like the system they are using for solo.  Now I need to spend some time really thinking my moves out instead of the system.  Absolutely love this game!  The game is tight but there are tons of paths to victory.  The puzzle of expanding your empire, while having to work around other players, and scrounging up resources to do the things you need, all the while looking at the round and end game objectives is just sweet!  Especially when you pull a plan together that works really well.
  • #The Search for Planet X (TTS, Multiplayer): First game of this.  I'm not a huge deduction game fan but this one I really liked!  The puzzle of searching broad vs narrow, not spending too much time relative to other players, and trying to guess what they are going for is really nice! I might just have to pick this one up myself!
  • #Brass: Birmingham (Physical, solo): I used solo rules I found online.  The solo rules are really smooth so I think I'll be playing this one solo more often.  If you've never played Brass it's another game that I have never quite seen anything like it.  Players build and network among other players, often using the other players resources which helps out both parties.  It's often a question of being able to make the big plays at the right time and making sure that you get more out of the bargain when interacting with other players.  It's hard to explain if you haven't seen it in action but it's well worth checking out!

Good week!

Edit: Looks like the missing review was due to user error!

So tough to rank them! Not Fair !!

But, if I have to:

1. #Dune: Imperium  -- played it online and twice in my personal copy -- really enjoying this take on deck building + worker placement

2. #Three Sisters  -- Matt & Ben from Motor City Gameworks have another hit going to KS -- if you like "heavier" roll and writes, or maybe you really enjoyed Fleet: The Dice Game, you should check this one out in March

3. #Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef -- I was pleasantly surprised at this one -- it looked like another overproduced KS but the engine of the game is really fun -- love the way that you can work with your character to specialize as you take actions all across the islands -- plus that little bit of push your luck is juicy

4. #Vigilante  -- another KS preview, this time a 3-6 player (we've only played 3 due to COVID) semi-cooperative -- team of superheroes trying to take down the bad guys -- but is your teammate a bad guy too? Love the events that are controlled by dice, and especially love the neutral characters

5. #Karmaka  -- Jay Bell brought this game from 2016 that doesn't look like much by the cover, but inside, you find some great art and a surprisingly meaty little card game. I found it a smidge too long but that's just being picayune. Solid game to start the game night


Today's recap is the popular roll and write game, Ganz Schon Clever, also known as that's pretty clever. Find out everything you need to know about this game in just over 3 minutes. 

Glad to see I'm enabling more of the community here lol! I actually JUST set up another trade with BoardGameCo because honestly the shelf space I gained from the last trade was quickly taken up. This time around I'm trading:

#War Chest (sorry lol), #Mystic Market, #Point Salad, #Roland Wright: The Dice Game, and #Paladins of the West Kingdom.

Point Salad and Mystic Market I've been okay with getting rid of for awhile - just had to convince Sarah to part with them which turned out to be easier than expected. Paladins was pretty disappointing for me as I've discussed on here before. I think it has to do with me just being pretty bad at the game and it taking forever to set up. If I were any better at it, I'd have a little more desire to play it over the loads of other games I own. War Chest I like enough, but Sarah really doesn't. I honestly could have gifted it to either my brother or a friend or two just to keep it nearby, but again too many other games to play over it. Finally Roland Wright was one of the several roll and write (go figure lol) games I got from a Secret Santa. I had zero interest in playing it after checking out reviews.

In return I'm getting a NIS copy of #Trajan which I'm really excited about. 

Outside of my BoardGameCo trades, I've made a lot of trades in math trades both through BGG and Abecorn which the Board Game Barrage podcast uses for theirs. I find shipping to be a real deterrent sometimes but when you think about the idea of giving up a game you don't really play anymore for one you're excited to play for a few bucks, it sometimes is more palatable. Interestingly I find myself trading away games that I traded for more often than games I've purchased myself. Although I guess recently that hasn't been the case with the need for more room on the shelves.

Looking forward to hearing more about your experience with BoardGameCo when you get your games!

This might get me a lot of flack, but despite all of the use of dice in #The Castles of Burgundy, I agree with your wife that it's not a satisfactory answer for a dice game. I mean the fact that there is a #The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game should tell you all you need to know about the use of dice in that game. Yes I realize it's literally the whole game lol, but it certainly doesn't feel like one to me.

We like #Qwixx in our house as well as #Corinth which are both roll and writes that utilize dice. #Camel Up (Second Edition) is another good answer to this (thanks ) though I think I feel the same way that it doesn't feel like it's using the dice in the way you'd expect...

Probably my favorite pure dice based game is #Strike. It's always a blast when we play. I saw some ads on BGG recently that it's in stock again!

Wow, Hadrian's Wall seemed like a beast of a roll and write. Have you tried it out yet or is it on your way?