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Popular Ownership Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Ownership mechanic.
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Tableau builders are very hit or miss for me so I'm very careful about getting into them:

  • I actively avoid ones with very little interaction
  • I find it unfortunate when a tableau builder has great card art but has a rather shallow theme. It ends up being a double negative despite being a looker because it feels souless
  • I don't like tableau builders that aren't organized and leave you with tons of cards on your play area. It takes too much focus away from implementing your strategy and also makes it tough to be observant of others at the table
  • I like the satisfying combo potential, but the game needs to have good pacing. I don't like tableau builders where you do one part of a combo, then it gets back to the others, then you carry out the next part of the combo, then wait for others, and then continue. This forces you to keep on remembering what you're going for and again makes it harder to pay attention to others

Tableau builders that worked for me:

  • #Wingspan - I really like how it's organized into three different engines you can focus on. It's also very satisfying to take an action that triggers a chain of other actions
  • #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - Complex tableau where a card serves multiple purposes. Cards grant immediate benefits upon placing on your tableau, give you access to more actions, different suits give you different benefits, and the tableau (court) also serves as a "physical location" on which spies around all of the players' courts can move around

In the end, I think I just prefer tableau builders where you can actually develop a sense of ownership for your tableau instead of just using it as a means to an end.

I began listening to Acquisitions Incorporated after having watched Dune and The Chain on MCDM. I listened to/watched all of the Acquisitions Incorporated enjoying the transition from Patrick Rothfuss to Bobbie Zimeruski but lost my way with the new technology, changing personnel,  and other teams so I have a soft spot for that Penny Arcade vehicle.

Clank, on the other hand, I have only played once and didn't like much. However, watching playthroughs of Legacy (luckily, I have no memory!) signalled it as far more interesting and I would relish ownership of this Clank incarnation.or any others of its Acquisition's line.


I guessed #scythe. It is the oldest one on the list, so it has had a lot more time to be wracking up entries in a popularity contest. Not only that, but the ownership of Scythe, according to bgg, is much higher than the other games.