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Got lots of fun plays this week:

  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (Physical, Solo): Did some deck construction with Black Panther against the Green Goblin.  I pulled off a pretty handy win.  I think it's time to cycle through the heroes against Klaw for the next while.  I am really enjoying thiis game!
  • #Gùgōng (Tabletopia, Multiplayer): Second time playing this.  The first time was quite a long time ago.  This time I felt like I had more capability to create and follow a plan.  I won't say this is a top ten or even twenty game for me but the card swapping mechanism is interesting and adds a little something different to the game.  I probably wouldn't suggest it but I would play it if suggested.
  • #Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game (with all expansions) (TTS, Multiplayer): After a couple of rounds of #Civilization: A New Dawn we wanted to go back to the original.  Man, just something about this version that really does it for me.  It has a lot more going on than A New Dawn.  A New Dawn smooths out the detailed edges for a more focused, shorter, and easier to teach game  But that granularity brings some amazing gameplay and moments to the table.  With 4 of us having played it quite a few times it still takes longer but not too long and the strategies get more in depth and interesting.
  • #Aeon's End: Legacy (TTS, Multiplayer): Mission 4 for us.  I have reached the conclusion that it's a pretty basic deck building game and I wouldn't buy the regular game but the legacy element makes it interesting enough that I'll enjoy playing the campaign and then probably have enough of it.
  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale (Physical, Solo): I love this game.  It's easy to pop down and play a quick game and you get to build a map which I always enjoy. :)  The different scoring mechanisms keep it interesting game to game and I have kickstarted the expansion stuff to add more variety.  I see this one being played for a long time to come.

Good week!

I've basically busted my resolution. 😅 My resolution was to back less on Kickstarter. After backing 186 campaigns  in 2020 (40 of them weren't board games or RPGs) I said I would only back the big miniature games or ones the exclusive to Kickstarter. 

I have backed #Darwin's Journey, #Pingyao: First Chinese Banks, and #Carnegie already. 

Lots of games this week including some solo variants:

  • #Brass: Birmingham (solo, physical): Using a variant I found online I quite enjoyed this one solo!  It wasn't nearly as good as a multiplayer game as there was no guessing what they opponents would do next.  Still, it was fun to get a feel of the game in general.  This is a top 5 game for me so it's nice to get it to the table a bit more.
  • #Brass: Lancashire (solo, physical): I used a different variant which wasn't quite as good.  I'm going to try combining some rules from the birmingham variant with this one to see if I can get a better feeling solo game.
  • #Champions of Midgard (solo, physical): With valhalla and dark mountains.  Also found a variant online for this one which was pretty good!  Blocked off some spaces and had a reasonably realistic score at the end.  I managed to win by about 10 points in a high scoring game.  This is a top 20 game for me and it's always a good play.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (solo & multiplayer, physical & TTS) x5: Still really enjoying this game!  Played a couple of missions in the Red Skull campaign as well as a couple of Ultron matches with my group.  Also tried out a new deck design solo.  
  • #Feierabend (Multiplayer, Tabletopia): First game of this with my group.  I would say it is...fine.  The hook of relaxing your workers is interesting and the wave like scoring as you relax, go back to work and stress, relax more, go back to work and stress a bit less was a bit different.  Overall though it didn't stand out for me.  It wasn't bad at all it was just fine.
  • #Clank! In! Space! (Solo, physical) x2: One of my favourites as well.  Played a couple of games.  In the first one luck was really against me and I didn't make it out alive.  In the second game though I made it out well in time with an A- rating.  (Using the app which is fun!)I like the quirky space humour and the app adds different objectives and style of play which spices up the solo game quite a bit.

Good week!

The only kickstarter campaign I am really looking forward too right now is the second edition of #John Company.

I talked Becky into trying out #Brass: Birmingham and then we played a second game with two friends.  I still love this game and hope to play it with others several times this year but Becky felt the rules were too finicky for her and she doesn't like games where the board state changes so drastically between turns making it difficult to plan ahead.  

I managed a solo game of #Rococo: Deluxe Edition on Saturday morning and while I got trounced by Madame Duberry I enjoyed the experience and would have gone another round if I didn't need the table to teach Becky Brass.  

We have the second #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris campaign coming up in a couple weeks and I am itching to get #The Gallerist to the table with some folks in the near future.  My son's birthday is this weekend and that will grab most of the gametime this week.  

#Risk: Legacy is my favorite way to play Risk.  The games tend to be pretty short (45 - 60 min for a 4 - 5 player game) at a least at the start of the legacy campaign.  The longest game we've had is 2.5 hrs at the full 5 player count.  My group has done 25 or so plays of it over the course of 2 campaigns and its awesome. 

#A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition has a lot of the things to like about Risk in a very similar type of package.  If you have friends who like Risk and have any interest in the IP then this is a good one.

Related #Risk: Game of Thrones is Risk in the GoT universe and it has a number of things that make it better than basic Risk such as giving you the ability to buy upgrade cards, and play for VPs by completing objects which helps the game to end faster.

#Kemet, #Blood Rage, and #Rising Sun are all good to great dudes on a map game where combat is highly rewarded and best of all doesn't involve any dice. I'd probably rank them in the order listed but I know a lot of people love Blood Rage.

I really like #Adrenaline for direct in your face combat with a fairly reseasonable play time.  Not a dudes on a map, area control game at all but if want you want to use a lazer to chop your buddy in half....you can't beat it.


Lots of games this week including playing through some recent purchases solo:

  • #Dune: Imperium (Physical, solo) x4: Ok, what they say is true. This game is a lot of fun solo!  With the app it is super easy and it adds a little bit of card churn which I think is important.  My group is going to be playing it mulitplayer online later this week.  Can't wait to try it out that way.  Perhaps a review is in order?
  • #Tiny Towns with #Tiny Towns: Fortune & #Tiny Towns: Villagers (Physical, solo) x1: Just got Villagers.  I think it will be my last expansion for Tiny Towns as the game is starting to bloat past it's fun vs time ratio.  I agree with Tom Vasel's review, the new buildings are awesome.  The Villager mechanic is fine but I could take it or leave it.
  • #Hadara (Physical, solo) x1: Downloaded the solo variant from the publisher.  This one plays quite well solo!  The AI gets the card you don't pick which is always interesting.  It doesn't 100% feel like the multiplayer game but retains enough of the feel to keep it fun for me.  Thumbs up to Hadara solo mode.
  • #Lorenzo il Magnifico (Tabletopia, multiplayer) x2: One of my favourite Euros.  Man was my gameplay off though.  Came last in both games but still had fun.  It was actually quicker than I remember it being which was nice and allowed us to get two games in an evening session.
  • #Cascadia (Tabletopia, multiplayer): I have kickstarted this game.  It's a pretty quick little tile laying game that has some thinking to it and leaves you at the end with a cool little map with wildlife on it.  Fun!
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (TTS, Multiplayer) x2:  Missions 3 and 4 of the Red Skull campaign.  I think standard mode is a bit easy for us now.  Except for one scary moment in mission 4 we handled it pretty well.  Final mission coming up!
  • #Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea with #Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea: Pestilence Expansion (Physical, solo): Just got pestilence so decided to play vs two AI opponents.  Won handily.  I think I need to play the AI cards a bit differently to make them act more realistically to add some challenge to the game.  Pestilence looks so cool on the table with the skyland in the middle!

#Scythe: The Rise of Fenris is probably the best expansion I have ever seen for a board game. I can’t say too much but it adds a ton of stuff to the base game with a very cool campaign to boot. 

Now I suppose thought it is not essential like #Tuscany: Essential Edition as Scythe stands so well on its own. So perhaps it doesn’t make the list but it’s worth mentioning. :)

Kickstarter campaign for board game "Forest Adventure" launched: 

Let's bring the game to live, together!

Pretty busy weekend actually:

Yesterday tried #Res Arcana on Board game arena for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to trying it with the drafting aspect added in.

Today had a D&D session for the campaign I am running via discord for some friends. So far two PC's have died, both at the hands of the other players... It's amazing.

Tomorrow we will probably try to fit in a game, haven't decided what yet but I will be advocating for #Spirit Island.

I have been thinking about this for a couple of days because this is a thoughtful post that deserves a thoughtful answer.  I'm not going to make any claims to "organized" however but I will do my best haha. First, a couple of my background thoughts on my answer:

I too have been sort of interacting with this question in the realm of books albeit in a less educated way than .  I remember it coming to the forefront of the discussion in the scifi community a few years back when Orson Scott Card said something that a lot of people didn't like.  Honestly, I've forgotten what it was, but I remember a lot of people were questioning whether they could still continue to enjoy his stuff in light of his personal views.  Similarly, I follow the blogs/websites of several authors who I enjoy immensely, but over the past few years have come to realize that our political views are pretty far apart.  This is a bit different than the examples in the original post, as they aren't doing anything that I feel is morally repugnant, but it has made me less inclined to read every post they make or watch every interview.  I still enjoy their books just as much, in both examples. 

On the other hand, I also feel like this whole "court of public opinion" thing has been used too much and too harshly in recent years.  I don't think it is right for heads of companies to be forced to resign or fired because they donated to the "wrong" political group or cause.  And yesterday I found out that a baby sleep consultant whose blog my sister and I follow is getting all kinds of negative PR because people found out she donated to the Trump campaign.  I read one comment where someone basically said something like "I called her and she helped me, she seemed like such a nice person, but now I know I was wrong about her."  All this because the lady donated to a political campaign she disagreed with.  This makes me angry and I think this is wrong. 

Then I started thinking about moral standards.  The problem with humanity trying to enforce moral standards is that everyone's can differ.  What some people believe might be right, others might believe is wrong.  As a Christian, I believe that the moral standard comes from God.  He has told us what is right and wrong, and it isn't my responsibility to decide.  Indeed, I cannot, because I don't make the rules of the universe.  The Bible also tells us that humanity is sinful as a whole (i.e. not going to follow God's standards) and that the only way we can follow these standards is though the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  The Bible also tells me that I'm to encourage my fellow Christians to follow God's laws and, if necessary and I have a relationship with them, to call them out if they're not (Mat. 18:15-16).  I'm not responsible for pointing out when non-believers aren't following God's laws.  Of course, there is also civil law, which is something we're all supposed to follow, enforced by the police, etc.  The solution then, isn't to lead some public outcry or crusade, but instead seek to convert them, then their standards should become self-enforcing haha.  I jest, but that really is the only ultimate solution for trying to repair another human's behavior. 

In summary, because the world is a fallen world, I'm not surprised when non-Christians don't follow God's law.  This isn't to say I'm not saddened or angered by it, but why should I be expecting them to hold to a standard they don't believe in?  (Also, I'm not trying to say that Christians don't mess up, of course we do, the path of improvement is sometimes slow.  And then their fellow believers have the responsibility to try to correct them when that happens.)  I should instead be telling them about how Jesus died for the things that they do wrong and would like to restore them to righteousness if they would only trust in his way. 

So all that to say:

1.1 - I think maybe, depends on the situation.  Certainly if criminal things are happening then yes.  If someone is hurting someone else then yes.  But if some things that are just bad behavior then probably not.  But if I ever were the first person to find out about such behavior, then I would confront them in person and not blast it to the internet.  If I were to find out via the internet, I would not feel that it was my responsibility to inform any of the rest of the world who might not know about such behavior. 

1.2 and 1.3 - No, it is not our responsibility.  If you feel that it is the right thing for you to do then that's fine.  Certainly Christians have boycotted businesses that they feel are not promoting positive ideals.  But I wouldn't say that we have a moral obligation to do so. 

2 - For me I think yes.  If I were to limit myself to only those things that come from moral people (and again, who gets to define who is a moral person or not) then I would have very few options in terms of entertainment.

3. This one I think is a no because of Phil. 4:8 which reads: "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things."  However, I would say that this is different from reading widely to learn about other worldviews as you stated in your example.  I think there is a difference between trying to educate oneself on different perspectives and enjoying "morally repugnant ideology" in game form.  I also agree with that there can be games that deal with tough subjects in a respectful way, but if its pushing the bad ideology then its not something I want to spend my time in. 

Last week was a great one: 

  • 3x Cartographer (7/10): This is my low-key puzzle game I play with anyone who's up for a quick and easy entry-game. 
  • 2x Under Falling Skies (??/10): I just started the campaign mode (which isn't really a campaign tbh) and I have fun playing it. However, it's not as enjoyable for me as for many others. I like it's so easy to set up and that it plays quickly, but I don't think this one will last for me.
  • 2x Spirit Island (10/10): Boy, I love this game. It just hits all the marks for me. I played it to death in 2018 and recently rediscovered it because of Jagged Earth. Every asymmetric spirit is a joy to discover and the replayability is out-of-this-world. I think that I will first play all the spirits once, before playing multi-handed. 
  • 2x Underwater Cities (9/10): I won my first solo game after 9 plays. I got EXACTLY 100 points and 7 cities connected and I could not sleep afterwards because of the excitement. Losing in this game just keeps me going back to it, which is a very compliment to the designer. I haven't tried the expansion yet. Should I get that one? Does it add more than pretty player boards? 
  • 1x Terraforming Mars (9/10): Great game, will be playing this both multi-and single player for years to come. 
  • 1x Roll Player (7/10): Fun puzzle, quick game. The replayability for me is not that high. I find it a pity that the attribute effects of all races are similar. It's probably because of balancing reasons, but personally I would have liked if each race would have had different attribute actions. Perhaps adding some expansions will add more replayability. 

What do you guys and girls think about my week?