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Pretty solid week! Probably wont be able to play much this week because of it lol

  • #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - I would say we are probably 2/3 through the campaign. This scenario was really long...took us probably 3 hours, but the game is still fun. The narrative is not the most interesting thing but I love the gameplay, the items, the pros and cons. It is quite fun. 
  • #Dune: Imperium @ 3-players - This playthrough confirmed what I was feeling about the game. Not many paths to victory and the mechanics of the game are a little too mixed to stand out. It just does a lot for what it is and myself and my group tend to like more elegant designs. Sold it and am planning on snagging #Stationfall as a late pledge.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game Solo - I replayed the same Klaw Scenario with the same Thor deck to see if I could figure it out and I lost, but not as bad this time. I did end up tinkering with the Aggression deck this time to make sure I had some more thwarting and defense. I was just getting destroyed by side schemes!

I have played ALOT of #Innovation online as well with a friend and I really enoy it too! 

I gotta bust out JOTL way more than I do. Maybe I'll add it into our next challenge to entice Sarah to play more. She's not really into the story aspect either which is too bad because that would have been a major selling point if it were better. At least given it is a campaign I can always tell her we can get rid of it when we finish! Haha

Quite a game-filled week for me, although all online:

As mentioned below/above (no idea where my comment will appear), we finished another long running game of #Clans of Caledonia which I am a big fan of although it does melt my brain a little. Likewise played a couple of much shorter games of #Kingdom Builder which is a delightfully simple yet strategic game.

Also played #Luxor for the first time which was another lighter yet really interesting racing/set collection hybrid with some really nice mechanics. Maybe not one I would look to own but would love to play it again.

Tried #Santorini , also for the first time, and it is a delight. The BGA (Arena) version is 3D which is very cool and it is also a wonderfully simple yet tactical abstract thinker. I would love to own this one as I imagine playing it in person is joyous with the tiny buldings. 

Got in a couple of games of #Race for the Galaxy which is always a fun filler and continued my now fairly long running D&D campaign with some uni friends which this week involved a lot of beauracy and arguing with guards (as well as one almost unstoppable gnoll).

All in all a great week!

Love the Meeples and will definitely follow the campaign.  Thanks for sharing (I'd not heard of this game until this moment.)

I LOVE me some Clank! 

I ended up getting in to #Clank! In! Space! as that's the one I first tried but generally speaking the game play is the same.

My gaming group finished #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated which I have to say is probably the best legacy game I have played short of #Gloomhaven.  (And if you consider it versus any 10 game stretch of Gloomhaven is better.)

So my comments to the questions:

  • Do you like it?  Yes. Love it!
  • Own it? I own Clank in space and all the expansions so far.
  • Do you play it all the time?  Yes, I throw in a solo game often and play it with my group every once in a while.  (We play a LOT of new games so anything that has been played 3 or 4 times at this point is a beloved game for us.)
  • Best strategies?
    • I don't consider myself an expert by any means but a strategy that I find works well for me is to spend the first couple of turns buying basic cards.  You need that movement and purchase power in your deck. 
    • Sure, that really cool card that will be awesome later is cool but you are giving up some basic horsepower your engine needs to do well in the game.
    • It really pays to pay attention to your opponents.  What options do they have?  Are they really hurt and are likely to grab something quick and run?  Have they been collecting a certain type of card and you might be able to buy one that is useful to  you but would have been REALLY useful to them?
  • Anything related to it?
    • If you are playing solo it's definitely worth it to play with the Renegade app.  It refreshes the card row and adds objectives in a light campaign structure that has simiilar humour to the game itself.  It just adds a nice bit of something to the solo format.  The only drawback is that it doesn't support expansions for #Clank! In! Space!.  I'm not sure about regular Clank.

Love this game and I could talk about it all day!

#Destinies  Having fun...on the second campaign expansion Sea and Sand...great story, simple mechanics...qish there were more ways to manipulate dice but otherwise haveing a blast with it.

Not a lot of variety this week but still had a lot of fun!

  • #Brass: Birmingham (tts, multiplayer):  Finally a TTS mod for this game!  I love me some Brass!  I had one of my better games but only managed a second place finish. One of the other players went the pottery route and wasn't really molested by the rest of us. Still was pretty close!
  • #Fallout  (tts, multiplayer) with the new co-op expansion. X2  This game is a lot better with the co-op expansion.  We enjoyed our first game so much we played it twice. Made for a longer afternoon but we enjoyed it. A run of bad luck, which we didn't properly mitigate against, at the end stopped our second victory.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (physical, solo)x5:  I realized that I am actually not a massive fan of the campaigns for my solo games. I have been using the marvel champions randomize web page and just doing single missions instead which is more what I am looking for. The last match was Iron Manvs Ronan the Acuser and wow was that a close one!

Fun week!

I think a lot of your criticism is warranted. 

A. I hated the app on my phone. But when I had to get the kids a new iPad for school and I started using that instead, I actually really liked the app. Something about the bigger screen made it much much easier to use and it looked a lot better too. 

B. Bland characters and and bland bad guys. Yes. The first mission is bland. You haven't invested anything into your characters yet so you are just starting with the basic items and deck. It takes several missions for you to start finding items and upgrading cards. But once you do it starts to feel really good. And the bad guys in the first mission are bland too. There isn't really any context and because the app controls everything for the bad guys you don't get a good grasp of their abilities. Compare this to Inperial Assault where you have more defined bad guys with a lot more characteristics and uniqueness. JiME has to really work to uncover this as the bad guys in LOTR are much more faceless and generic than in Star Wars. And as the campaign progresses you do start to see some of this development. It's not perfect and I think IA handles it better. 

C. Like many RPGs (video game or board game) the first mission starts off with a whimper instead of a bang. It's just a hard spot. You can't be too OP at the start because then there isn't room for growth. I do think you'll enjoy the campaign as it continues. And it does reward time invested as you follow the story. And the app does some cool stuff that I haven't seen before in board games. 

I own #Clank! In! Space! but have played the original plus finished a campaign of #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated.

It's for sure my favourite deck building game which is one of my favourite genres. The humour works well for me, the gameplay works well, and for me the overall package is wonderful!

For solo play I highly recommend grabbing the Renegade app and playing through their campaigns.  It adds some flavour to the games plus gives you some objectives during the game and even rates how well you did!



What I would change?

Ah yes. You were the one joining this forum, immeadiately spamming me with an unsollicited message, urging me to back your kickstarter campaign.

I would change those marketing methods. 

#Frostgrave: Second Edition is awesome - cheap rules, use any minis you want, and an awesome campaign system.

Drive Thru Games review

#Song of Blades and Heroes (and its associated family of games) are even cheaper, and a good choice for one-off games in a variety of themes. The push-your-luck back-and-forth activation is a great mechanic.

Tabletop Minions review

It's been a while since I've posted around here. Been pretty busy with school and other things overall, but still make time to play with my weekly group! Here to report that I'm currently playing #Gloomhaven ! I'm playing as a Mindthief class, and one of our party members just retired last week! We'll be playing this Sunday soon. Truthfully, I had a tough time learning the game and made far too many dumb and punishing mistakes (hated myself for that), but as my toolkit upgraded and as we continued, I started to get the hang of it a little more, and it became easier to play. 

After that, hard to say if I'll be playing consistently for the rest of this month though. Finals and projects incoming... 
I just wanted to drop by since I hadn't for a while!

My boyfriend misses playing #Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and not gonna lie, I miss some of it too. Maybe we'll start a new campaign over summer once I'm done with hell week.