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Dragon Market Game Overview image
ReviewDragon Market Game Overview (http://www.sahmreviews.com/2020/09/blue-orange-games-dragon-market.html) [Dragon Market]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Public Market: A Bidding, Fishing, Tile-Laying Game image
CrowdfundingPublic Market: A Bidding, Fishing, Tile-Laying Game [Public Market]Like| 5 comments | [+]
Interview With Meeple Marketing: A Board Game Marketing Expert Like| 6 comments | [+]
Silent Unboxing Ep. 26 -- Key Market 2nd Ed. image
Silent Unboxing Ep. 26 -- Key Market 2nd Ed. (https://youtu.be/2DZcK0NwLIs) [Key Market: Second edition]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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BOY LET ME TELL YOU! I had a pretty unbelievable gaming weekend...I rented out a cabin in Big Bear with the guys I have been playing #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion with and the schedule was just eating and playing games. And that is what we did. We calculated that we played about 17 hours worth of games this weekend...

  • #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - 5 scenarios and we finally leveled up to level 5 and got to experience the big reveal. Super fun!
  • #Cubitos - 3-players - This was definitely fun, but my friend who owns the game has played the same course and dice combos multiple times and he clearly had an advantage over us noobs!
  • #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - 3-players - Outside of Gloomhaven, this to me was the highlight of the trip (except for Tropicali, their food and service is UNREAL). The whole game was a bit of a tug of war. No one had a strong grip on influence, we were all pretty close on disks and the market was a slog because the favored suit was military for most of the game until I pulled off a turn where I changed coalitions, changed the suit, was able to build 2 armies and cancel out dominance AND buy the dominance check to win by one point. It was amazing...
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - 3-players - This was definitely really fun! I had never played at 3 so it made the game a little more forgiving, but also you do not do as much at least on an easier scenario. I would love to break it back out with the same group on a harder scenario!


Pretty good week last week! As I mentioned in some comments back and forth with in last week's post, my meetup group got back together for in person gaming! We had a relatively small group compared to where we had been at pre-pandemic and it seems like the general concensus was to try to play games that could include as many of us as possible.

#Camel Up (Second Edition) - Played this at a full player count of 8 which I think is a first for me. This game is always a good time.

#Perudo - Another one we played at 8 despite the "official" play count listing a max of 6. Basically a form of Liar's Dice where the 1's are wild. Lots of laughs during this one.

#No Thanks! - First time playing this one for me. I didn't mind it, but it's not exactly something I'd ever seek out. Don't think I'd turn down a game though.

#Calico - My one contribution to our return to in person gaming lol. It was difficult to get ahold of my games as they're all packed away at the moment. On top of that, most of my recent acquisitions are too involved to play with most people in the group and definitely too big to fit on the tables we play on at the bar. This was on the brink of both of those limits, but the people I got to play with me enjoyed it so overall a good choice!

#Lost Ruins of Arnak - Picked this up with my Miniature Market gift card I recently won thanks to the results of the poll I posted a bit ago. Tried it out solo last Thursday. Setup for this game felt worse than it actually it, largely due to being spoiled playing this on BGA. Won 66-47 against the AI. Solo was surprisingly tricky, even only playing on difficultly level 0 lol. I'm planning to try it out again and upping the challenge a bit.

And of course I still played games online haha.

#Beyond the Sun - I was in the game theDL mentioned where he, , and myself all got crushed by . I'm not sure if it's the asynchronous play or what, but I kinda lost track of what I was even trying to accomplish pretty early on lol. Honestly shocked that I stayed competitive.

#Clans of Caledonia - Speaking of getting crushed by Bob, , docker, and myself played this on BGA. Bob is an absolute beast at this game. I have no idea how he always seems to fufill loads of contracts. Fun game!

#Draftosaurus - Pretty quick game on BGA where destroyed the rest of us. I think this was the first time I've played where the spread between scores wasn't all that close. Didn't help I had to dump so many dinos in the river. Oh well!

Quinns and Matt of SUSD always bring a good time. even if the game they review doesn't interest me much. So that's good marketing :)

The quick and dry humor of (3 minut boardgame), like at  the end of the #Barrage review packs a punch though! :D It's the only Patron I have running because he is super-authentic, friendly, warm and funny. 

Dice tower tries too hard, video's are too long and it's too much about themselves, while the examples above are not. 




Three years ago when my birthday was coming up, I told the family I wanted a new board game, and I was eyeing #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure.  I really enjoy #Dominion and this seemed like a good twist on deckbuilding games. While at one of my FLGS with the family, I was looking at Clank! and #Clank! In! Space!. Someone playing a game at a nearby table came over and talked with me about both games and recommended Clank in Space, their preference of the two games (which they had played multiple times).  So that's what I asked for.

I really like Clank in Space.  The card references are hilarious, and it can be played differently based on those you play with (more on that later).  

I do own it, and started to use the Renegade app for solo play just recently after seeing 's comments on it a few months ago.  I do not have any of the expansions.

I have played it about half a dozen times with others, and about that many times solo (three times with the app).  That's actually decent play times in my house as my family isn't into games as much as I am and my semi-monthly game group plays lots of different games.

You can play this more cooperatively where everyone has a chance to get an artifact and get out, helping each other a bit by taking your time to 'leave the ship' until everyone is ready to escape.  You can also play more competively to get your artifact and get out.  This can really harm other's opportunity to escape, as every time someone who has escaped the ship has their turn come up, they take clank out of the bag and people can die really quickly. 

Best strategies: I don't have any solid ones yet, but I would suggest you get 'secrets' as often as possible and purchase your special tokens from the market as soon as possible.  After having played it solo with the app a few times and realizing that I'm moving through cards a lot faster (becuase at the end of each of your turns, the app has you discard one or two cards in the adventure row which leads to more clank draws), I'm beginning to reassess how many cards I purchase.

(This game can lead to analysis paralysis in certain types of players.)

I really feel for these publishers that had these slim wins turn into huge personal debts in the blink of an eye. I think you can wait a little bit and hope it is all a bubble that goes back to normal, or the market will allow cheaper options to emerge, but none of those are good options.

I'm sure the prices in the secondhand market for this game were convincing, as well

What I would change?

Ah yes. You were the one joining this forum, immeadiately spamming me with an unsollicited message, urging me to back your kickstarter campaign.

I would change those marketing methods. 

many many different themes to make sure every knows it's a broad audience

Authentic Belgian beers ...being an authentic Belgian :)

ways to find and meet up paople wanting to play a certain game (physical/electronic board)

A good espresso! :D

Cheese, crisps, some less ordinary soda's

Warm, wood colors, kinda aurstria lodge style

some austrian food is a hole in the market in Belgium. Nodoby does it; it fits the lodge theme :)



I am just repeatedly amazed at how much better Amazon is for the US market.  Where i live in Canada we have super high rent so it's actually cheaper to buy games from back east and have them shipped here than it is to buy local or on Amazon.  And typically not by a small margin either.

I have a few games in my collection I've been trying to seel to no avail so I might have to see what board game co has to say about it.  If I can turn them in to something I would like to play it would be worth it.