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Popular Tower Defense Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Tower Defense mechanic.
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I'll share two big surprise hits:

  • #Dominion: Second Edition Rachel, my wife, got this for me for a birthday present. She knew I wanted it, and, she knew I wanted it to play with my friends. However, I did persuade her to give it a try, and she loved it. We went on to play it at least once a day for around 6 months. We played the snot out of that game, and she loved it. We still play it sometimes, but, not nearly as much as we used to.
  • #Carcassonne: The year that I started buying games, I bought myself like 6 or 7 games for Christmas. These were mostly sorta gateway style games that I had either played, or wanted to try sometime. One of these games was Carcassone. I took it to my in-laws for Christmas, and my parent's in law loved it. I introduced it as a sort of variation on dominoes, which they love, and it clicked wonderfully for them. I know that after that Christmas, they bought their own copy, as did all of my brothers in law and all of my sisters in law. Every family on my wifes side of the family has and plays Carcassone.

I decided to limit myself to three high expectations. I think that I must get more excited for heavier games than lighter games. I do have lighter games I am excited for, but, those aren't the ones I think of as much:

  • #Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain: This is a big, heavy, long, and fiddly game. It is volume VIII in the COIN series. I have set it up, I have moved some pieces around, I have watched some reviews and teaches, and all of those excite me. So, why am excited for this one?
    • Theme..... I love the theme, the dissolution of Roman Britain in a board game???? Yes please. Looking at the cards it looks like it tells a compelling story of the time period.
    • This is easily in the running for the most beautiful game I have ever seen. It is gorgeous.
    • This looks like a game I can set up, play for awhile, leave for awhile, and come back to. I like that sort of game.
  • #Cloudspire: This is a board game, but it is also a MOBA/Tower Defense game. I am planning on playing this exclusively solo. I am excited for this one primarily because it is weird. I love exploring weird design spaces,and, in addition, this looks like it should actually be quite fun playing solo.
  • #High Frontier 4 All: This is a famously complicated game. Currently it is a 4.65 on the BGG scale. Basically you are using real scientific principles to industrialize the solar system.The map is gorgeous. The gameplay looks like it would be super annoying in multiplayer, but look like it should be just fine for solo. I had no interest in this game. I didn't think that I wanted to play it, or anything like it. Then I saw the map, and I said, I want that.... But, I had self control, and didn't act on my impulse. Then I watched a Heavy Cardboard teach and play.... Before they were even done I had added every gameplay element from HF4E to my Pax Ren/Pax Viking pledge.


I've actually enjoyed quite a few tower defense style games in my day so this definitely appeals to me. Sorry if I missed it but, it's just those 10 scenarios? Do you think that takes away from the replay value at all?

The second edition of #Carnival Zombie. It's a tower defense-ish game where you go explore around a sinking city and defend against waves of zombies and creepy bosses with flamethrowers and machine guns, and there's Davinci inventions you can use like a revolving cannon tank. Looks like it'll be my favorite game if I get my hands on it. I don't want to risk losing my money so I haven't backed it on Kickstarter, but I really want the Kickstarter exclusives so I'm going to try to back it as late as I can.

I got to know this channel a few months ago while looking up an overview video for Root that I could send to my co workers.

Did anyone back this when it came out? Looks cool, reminds me of Starcraft days with tower defense campaigns/custom maps (and the pain of knowing that you will lose after putting in 1+ hour of play in haha)