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Popular Memory Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Memory mechanic.
Codenames board game
Rank: 9
Trending: 83
Hanabi board game
Rank: 63
Trending: 628
Keyflower board game
Rank: 74
Trending: 272
Inis board game
Rank: 75
Trending: 18
The Resistance: Avalon board game
Rank: 90
Trending: 631
Colt Express board game
Rank: 139
Trending: 315
Codenames: Pictures board game
Rank: 142
Trending: 1074
Spyfall board game
Rank: 153
Trending: 485
Survive: Escape From Atlantis board game
El Grande board game
Rank: 225
Trending: 498
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I began listening to Acquisitions Incorporated after having watched Dune and The Chain on MCDM. I listened to/watched all of the Acquisitions Incorporated enjoying the transition from Patrick Rothfuss to Bobbie Zimeruski but lost my way with the new technology, changing personnel,  and other teams so I have a soft spot for that Penny Arcade vehicle.

Clank, on the other hand, I have only played once and didn't like much. However, watching playthroughs of Legacy (luckily, I have no memory!) signalled it as far more interesting and I would relish ownership of this Clank incarnation.or any others of its Acquisition's line.


I thought I was going to get a chance to play a solo game or two on saturday afternoon. But then my son didn't take a nap, so I played Spot it, and Go Fish, and Memory with him.

Tropical storm Amanda wreaked havoc here, so I don't know that I will be able to get any games in in the next while.

Weekly Challenge Topic Page

I routinely add a boardgame to my wishlist after watching a review or otherwise coming across it and liking it.  I use my wishlist kind of as a memory aid.  I will refer back to my wishlist to see how I liked it, what price it was, etc.  I will often use my wishlist as a filler to reach free shipping requirements, and I definitely try to promote my wishlist as a list of possible gifts whenever Christmas comes around.  So far that last one hasn't worked.

How do you get your friends and family to buy you games that you want, instead of what they think that you want (i.e. not even a game)?

Right now I have a few games on my must have wishlist that have yet to make it to retail, like Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy, and I have games that are no longer easily obtainable, like StarCraft: The Board Game or Xia: Legends of a Drift System, in hopes that someone might want to trade me for one.

I think the main thing that I use my wishlist for though is to rank and queue purchases.

1. Setup Time -  This is my #1 reason. I'm usually running on minus battery by the time my son has gone to sleep, so the last thing I feel like doing is getting out a game and setting it up. Games that manage to break through my laziness truly belong among the greats lol

2. Reading through the rulebook - I'll gladly go through this for the sake of others, but if it's just for myself, it can be hard to open it up. Also, it sure doesn't help that some solo modes are complex enough to basically have its own rulebook.

3. Memory - (Me after seeing a resource in my hand) "Wait... did I make the payment just now? Or.... did I not??" When you're playing by yourself without anyone around to give you reminders or point out errors, it comes up often enough that I need to backtrack to make sure I didn't cheat. This goes back to how I'm often running on minus battery when solo gaming.

4. At night, I do tons of stuff to try and rest or I'll casually work on couple of things for the site. I just end up not resting fully or working fully (I shouldn't be working at night anyway), and solo gaming goes on the back burner.

Setup time after my kids are asleep (often not until after 10:00pm, including 30+ minutes of me reading out loud) is what stops me playing more. I'm just worn out at that point and the setup is an extra step too much for me to deal with.

Your point about memory is interesting, though. I've started playing in an online solo Legendary: Marvel league. It's only 3 games a month, in theory, and having the setup decided for me and the scoreboard helps prompt me to do it. My problem though, is that I often have to play each game 2 or 3 times because I keep realising that I've screwed up a rule (either in my favour, or against), and if I'm submitting matches to be ranked against others it doesn't seem fair to me to do so if I've not played by the rules.

So weirdly, the memory part means I sometimes get more plays in of a particular game than I might otherwise have done, but it's a bit frustrating at times and I'm essentially replaying the same game in some ways.

I'm going to say what I have here. I have some stuff in ks that would be in here, but, obviously, I'm not playing those. 

Multiplayer. #Carcassonne#Race for the Galaxy, and Dominion. 

Solo: #Spirit Island, #Star Trek: Frontiers#Deep Space D-6

Family: (remember I have a three year old.) #Spot It!, Memory, and #Forbidden Island


The low score is surprising. It's rated decently highly on BGG (only 9 reviews here on BGA). If my memory serves me, I believe one of the Brothers Murph is a huge fan of this game and hyped it up a bunch. Even hearing him rave about it, though, it never appealed to me much.

I usually run two books at the same time, one that I'm reading and one I'm listening to.

Right now I'm reading Liberty or Death: The French Revolution.   The start in solid.  I usually read a lot of Irish History because I'm about 50% Irish, but I'm also French so I've been trying to get more into that as well.

I'm listening to Terminus.  This is a book by one of my favorite SciFi Authors of recent memory.  This is the fourth in a series of books that are loosely connected.  I've loved everything I've read by him.  If you have any interest in starting this series check out 14 by Peter Clines.  I do love the Audio version of the books because his narrator (Ray Porter) is top notch.