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I had a pretty full week:

#Spirit Island - Have played our second game and are really enjoying it. Looking forawrd to ramping up the difficulty.

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - Have a game on the go on BGA, which has been great fun.

#Race for the Galaxy - First time trying this game on BGA, it is quick and has plenty of luck but the tiny engines you build are exciting.

#Jixia Academy - We had a quick game of this the other night, is wonderfully clever and tactical, my partner whooped me.

#Welcome to... Played a few games on BGA with my board game group, I've never really played many roll and writes (or flip and wrote in this case) but it was surprisingly pleasant.

Tons of great games there!  I'm not familiar with Jixia Academy but the others are some of my favourites.  

The Race implementation on BGA took a bit of getting used to initially but now we can pop over for a quick game at the end of the night for our online sessions.


I am surprised that nobody has explicitly mentioned Restoration Games, whose business model seems to be to take old and (mostly) forgotten games and spruce them up for a new audience.

So, for example, they took #Whosit? and recreated it as #Dinosaur Tea Party. There's also #Top Race remade as #Downforce. And of course, #Fireball Island restored as... erm... #Fireball Island.

Thursday got in 1 game of #GKR Heavy Hitters @3p.  Such a different game than at 2 players.  For the first time saw a tagging strategy almost work.  Would have won but missed on 2 of my 3 attacks in the penultimate round. 

Had a friend visit Friday night so played

#Downforce: Wild Ride Expansion w/ 3 players This was an interesting race in that we all basically raced one of our cars to the front to form a break away pack and didn't move the other 3 until the first 3 had crossed the finish line.  Scores ended up being pretty close with $1 between 1st and 2nd.

2 games of #Blokus - New game for 2 of the 3 but so simple to teach and play.  Really enjoying this spurge purchase from last week.

On Saturday I organized another full day of gaming to take advantage of my friends visit.

1 game of #Dominations: Road to Civilization w/ 4 players.  First time play for all of us.  5.5 hrs from set up, rules teach to end game.  Would definitly play faster in the future with additional plays now that we all know the rules and how things work, but is probably best at 2 or 3 players.  Not sure I would ever 4 players again unless everyone knew the game really well.  I really liked though.  Scores were roughly 380, 330, 280, 260.  I rewatched Tom Vassels review of the game after the play and would agree with just about everything he said in the review. 

1 Game of #Point Salad w/ 4 players.  Such a fun and great game.  A nice break after the brain burner that was Dominations. 

1 game of #Adrenaline w/ 4 players.  Really nice and fairly tight game.  This is a game that benefits from regular play.

3 games of #For Sale w/ 3 players.  Got to use my new 3d Printed money screens.  Love this game. 

Sounds like it will be a tight race to the finish with that ~...lol

So far, 24 days into January I am successful at buying no games in 2021.  I am feeling the pull though as I see new games here and there and watch videos on games that came out toward the end of 2020.  

I've mapped out and coordinated dates for a small group to play #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris between now and August.  We might finish early due to a few short scenarios but it's nice to have that on the calendar and have a game night to look forward to roughly once a month.

#The Gallerist , #Raiders of Scythia , and #The West Kingdom Tomesaga are still waiting to be played by more than just myself. #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion is coming up soon as well since my kids seem to be ready to tap out that one.  Becky is willing to play through one more scenario with a couple of other experienced players...more to come on that.

#Frosthaven will roll out later this year and I think that will consume a good chunk of playtime.  By the time it gets here the three of us planning to play will be inoculated and my hosting buddy has a nice shed out back where we can keep everything set up from playtime to playtime.  I think Frosthaven is what will help me get through the back half of the year when it will start getting tough to not buy a game.

There are two games I Kickstarted last year that will help ease the fast... #Canvas is still sitting in a warehouse, my daughter's final Christmas gift, and a game I think everyone will enjoy playing. #Aqua Garden will be a late summer arrival I imagine and another late-year distraction.

AS has pointed out, family and work take up a good deal of time and while I might have a solo game set up in my office, once the workday is over, I just don't want to be in my office anymore.  

I don't purchase a lot of expansions as I'd rather get new experiences than expand on the ones I already have with my limited gaming budget.

Expansions I own.  I don't regret any of these though the Legendary expansion is my least favorite of the ones listed here.

  1. #Sheriff of Nottingham: Merry Men - This adds a bunch of new modules to include with the base game and includes an extra player count which was the primary reason I picked this expansion up.  The more people around the table lying and bluffing is a great thing IMO. Fits in the Core Box.
  2. #Sushi Go!: Soy Sauce Promo, #Sushi Go Party!: Sake Promo, #Sushi Go Party!: Inari Promo, #Sushi Go Party!: Pickled Ginger Promo - I'm counting the Promo's as expansions.  More options for a great party game is always welcome.  This game is a hit with my extended family. All fit in the core tin.
  3. #Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport - Adds two new modules, though I've only ever played with the Corruption one, and an extra player count.  I really enjoy the corruption module, it opens the game up a little bit and gives you another something to track.  Each corruption you have at the end of the game is worth negative points based on how much corruption is out there.  Both the base game and expansion fit in the smaller expansion box :)
  4. #Camel Up: Supercup Expansion - Adds 4 or so modules.  Love this game and the expansion made sense especially to make the race a litle longer.  Fits in the core box
  5. #Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuilding Game - World War Hulk - Hulk is my favorite character to play in the base game so adding more Hulk made sense.  I've gotten just a couple of plays out of this expansion so far as Legendary doesn't  hit the table as often as it us to.  Fits into the core box.
  6. #Clank!: Sunken Treasures and #Clank!: The Mummy's Curse - More maps for Clank.  Clank is my favorite deckbuilder so having more maps made sense.  Love both of these expansions and they both fit in the base box.
  7. #Downforce: Danger Circuit Expansion and #Downforce: Wild Ride Expansion - similar to Clank, more maps and more powers to add variety to the game. I've gotten a ton of plays and excitement from both of these expansions.  Both fit in the core box :)
  8. #Kingdomino: Age of Giants - Adds additional scoring options and provides a score sheet which is nice.  Doesn't change the base game a lot but freshens up a game that was getting a little stale.  The base and expansion fit in the smaller expansion box. 

Not sure I have any expansions for games that I'm going to avoid. 

Potential future expansions include:

  1. #Flamme Rouge: Peloton and/or #Flamme Rouge: Meteo
  2. #Bärenpark: The Bad News Bears
  3. #Bohnanza: Ladies & Gangsters Expansion - probably the least likely expansion I'd pick up as I love the base game and don't play with all of the beans in the game as it is so plenty of replayability left.
  4. #7 Wonders: Leaders, #7 Wonders: Wonder Pack, #7 Wonders: Cities, #7 Wonders: Babel, #7 Wonders: Armada
  5. #PARKS: Nightfall Expansion
  6. #Carcassonne: Expansion 6 - Count, King & Robber, #Carcassonne: Expansion 2 - Traders & Builders are probably the two I'd most likely consider but the base game doesn't get a ton of play anymore so not likely to purchase.

For me it is pretty simple...If I enjoyed the base game enough to keep it, I'll get any expansion for it. Some don't turn out so great, but mostly, I've had great luck with expansions enhancing the fun!

Some of the best expansions I've bought have been:

  Just about every expansion for Carcassonne. Our favorite is the one that adds in The Builder that allows for a second tile draw/turn. On a down note though, The Tower is too brutal for our tastes.

  There a several different maps for Castles of Burgandy that we have REALLY enjoyed also. The down side has been the latest edition of CofB...it is a visual mess and it is collecting dust in the attic now.

  I can't think of the name of the expansion for Feudality (by Tom Wham!), but it is a ton of fun and well worth tracking down.

  There are 3 expansions for Tash Kalar and I consider them "essentials". The base game is top 10 material for abstract lovers and the expansions really add to the fun.

  I really enjoy Bunny Kingdom, but I would caution folks to cast a critical eye towards the expansion. It changes the tone of the game dramatically and I don't like it as much as the base game.

  Most of the expansion content for Alien Frontiers is worthy. Some of it is just 'ok', while most really improves on the choices availble...the core of a dice worker placement game!

  Ascension... I would NOT recommend any expansions for this game. The heavily dilute the game play and even start to unbalance things. Pick one version (most are very good), and stick with it.

  Same goes for Race for the Galaxy...every expansion diluted the game too much. We got rid of RftG after JumpDrive came out. Jump Drive is FAR superior to RftG and really gets to the (fast) heart of the game. Multiple strategies are viable for the win also (unlike RftG).

  Dice City... all the expansions are amazing and should be purchased!

  Garden Dice. There is a small expansion for this fun "filler" that pumps up the gamer factor. Highly recommended.

Innovation. Jury is still out on this one as I simply enjoy the base game soooo much, I've only dabbled with the expansions.

  I'm sure I could come up with a few more, but to end this with an answer to your "regret" portion...

7 Wonders Duel. One of my favorite games of all time and we play it often. BUT... the expansion "Pantheon" is amazingly horrible. I LOATHE this expansion and it ended up in the trash. I promise I gave it a fair shake with about a half dozen plays, but it just wrecks an otherwise stellar game. Avoid this at all costs UNTIL you get to play someone else's copy and evaluate it yourself.

Great topic and I'm curious to see what others have to say!




I am very interested. The #Race for the Galaxy influence is clear, and that could end up being very cool. I'm liking the aesthetics of this one more than those of the original (or of Race, for that matter), and I feel like I could get this one to the table much more easily.

I finally went through it and I'm still not sure lol. For once I've gotten in a lot of solid games so it's difficult to order them even more than usual.

1. #The Quest for El Dorado

I like competitive games, especially when it's highly interactive. I like games that are easy to learn and teach but feel deeply rewarding when you play the right hand. I like games with luck factor and the fun and thrilling moments they create. Knizia's take on deck-building race through the jungle is perfect for me and I'd love to try playing this with 4 players!

2. #Nemo's War (Second Edition)

First off, I only played half of a game. And the first 60 min of gameplay didn't go all that smoothly because I had to constantly look at the rulebook. With that said, it's a solo game that leaves an impression. Filled with fun decisions that puts you in the head of Captain Nemo, you constantly need to make crucial decisions while weighing the odds (plus a bunch of dice rolling). The game takes you on a journey and it seems to play out drastically different depending on your starting Motive. The setup time isn't that bad, the game isn't as much of a tablehog as I expected either, comes with lovely components, and I could see myself wanting to get it out again soon.

3. #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale

Similar to Quest for El Dorado, this is a game that's slightly less complex and deep than what I typically go for. But it hits a great sweet spot of offering fun decisions in short playtime. Soothing experience of drawing on the map and it leaves you with good balance of long term strategy and tactical plays.

4. #Obsession

Great theme integration, one of the best I've seen to date. I do wish there was more interaction between players, but there's still a good amount of competition for the market and in trying to court the Fairchilds. The game has an overall pleasant vibe to it and again, the delivery of the theme makes all the difference here.

5. #Tiny Towns

Fun puzzly game of creating your town on tiny real estate. It's simple and elegant, surprisingly headache-inducing, surprisingly mean depending on how you choose to play, and overall a smart design that will either leaves you disappointed at yourself or satisfied like you Marie Kondo'd your room. It sits at a spot where it's too puzzly to be a solo game that I'll get out to play, not as compelling to play with my wife as Cartographers, and possibly more frustrating/mean than other games I could introduce to my parents.

I've played some really good games recently. 

5. Scythe (Tabletopia) Always fun to get Scythe to the table. But it's just not as fun online. 

4.#Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm. This game is amazing and it's just a testament to how good these other games are that it finds itself here. Truly lives up to its name - a short race game with a really clever AI.

3.#High Frontier 4 All. Been playing this solo and it's something else. I'm learning a lot while playing and have had to restart several times. But it's really fun.

2. #A Feast for Odin  with the expansion. Played this multiplayer for the first time and it was incredible. My game group had an amazing time with it.

1.#Star Wars: Rebellion. I finally got my annual play of this game and it's still amazing. Love it so much. 

Good week!

  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale (physical, solo):  Played it for my review. I now have coloured pencils for the next game!  Love this little game.
  • #Race for the Galaxy with #Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm (physical, solo): Had some good luck and pulled off a solo win.  Love this game and while solo isn’t as good as with players it’s still fun. 
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (physical, solo) x 2:  Tried my new black panther deck against Klaw. Had some horrible luck in game one but pulled out a relatively easy victory in game two.
  • #Anachrony with #Anachrony: Fractures of Time (Tabletopia, multiplayer):  I like Anachrony but I did NOT enjoy this game of it. With one new player and one very AP player and two of us with more experience this 4 player game took us 5 1/2 Hours!!  The expansion added more stuff to the game but honestly it wasn’t worth the extra time to me.  I doubt I would be convinced to play with that expansion again. Not enough to return on investment.
  • #Caverna: The Cave Farmers with #Caverna: The Forgotten Folk Expansion (tabletopia, multiplayer) x2:  Ah now this is more like it!  Love this game!  Got two games in about 4 1/2 hours and really enjoyed it. (Note: Never play this game with someone who is AP prone either.). I love putting tiles down and the strategy/tactical mix is where I like it. I think the board was a bit too wide open at 3 so I’d like to try it again at 4. 




I've known about this site for awhile, but never used it before. However, a few weeks ago I wished to purchase Lord of the Rings: The Dread Realm. There were plenty of copies in stock on Amazon, so I waited a week to add it to a different order. However, a week later, it had vanished from the entire internet. So I went here to try to find a copy, to no avail. Literally nobody has a copy, not even an ebay scalper, after it was in stock just a week prior.


Anyways I've been in the hobby since buying Carcassonne 9 years ago, and my favorite games are Battlelore 2nd Edition (rest in peace), Race for the Galaxy, and Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

Love this one!  Some interesting comparisons to be made. 

My last 5 in order of how much I enjoyed playing the game:

1) #Caverna: The Cave Farmers: played with 3 and got two games in.  I love how open the game is. Even if you don’t score greatyou always end up with your own unique little dwarven enclave.  I find it very fulfilling.

2) #Marvel Champions: The Card Game: Really enjoy this game and the deck construction aspects  

3) #Race for the Galaxy: even when playing solo this game is a ton of fun to play.

4) #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale: basically in a tie with race.  Just a great little game that you can put down and play in half an hour and end up with a cool little map at the end 

5) #Anachrony: I like Anachrony  I really do but we played it with the #Anachrony: Fractures of Time expansions and with an AP prone player along with a new player the game went waaaaaayyyy too long and turned it from enjoyable to meh.   Maybe if it was a table of experienced players and we had played Anachrony out I’d try theexpansion again but overall it didn’t give enough back for the time I put in  

Other than that last experience it’s been a great week of gaming!

I'm curious but having Terraforming Mars with all expansions I'm a little less inclined to jump in. #Race for the Galaxy is one of my favourites.

I'll put this one in my, "look at it when it comes out and maybe pick it up later" pile.

As a big fan of both #Race for the Galaxy and #Terraforming Mars this sounds promising. Hopefully it's not a completely derivative game and also brings new stuff to the table. The simultaneous play with chosen phases, including a small perk for the one who chose the phase is a direct copy from Race.

Yep, agreed. But I'm sure the phases will play out differently than those in Race.