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Popular Action Point Allowance System Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Action Point Allowance System mechanic.
Pandemic board game
Rank: 9
Trending: 142
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization board game
Android: Netrunner board game
Rank: 103
Trending: 137
Flash Point: Fire Rescue board game
Rank: 140
Trending: 563
Photosynthesis board game
Rank: 151
Trending: 318
Above and Below board game
Rank: 152
Trending: 610
Pandemic: Iberia board game
Rank: 169
Trending: 56
Survive: Escape From Atlantis board game
Pandemic: On the Brink board game
Rank: 184
Trending: 313
Evolution: Climate board game
Rank: 195
Trending: 505

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I picked it up for really cheap, somewhere in that $10 to $15 range, and I think it's totally worth it. I'm a big Kramer/Kiesling fan, so I'm always willing to give anything they do a try.

I enjoy action point allowance systems, a common mechanic in their games, and this one is rather streamlined. You have a few cards in your hand, you pick one to play, and then do two to four of the actions listed depending on the card. The board is broken up into 4 sections, each with it's own building requirements and area majority scoring.

Is it their best design? No. Is it worth playing for that price? Absolutely.