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Popular Programmed Movement Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Programmed Movement mechanic.
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5: #Pirate Dice: Voyage on the Rolling Seas - It's simply not a game that I find works all that great.  My wife is a big fan, but I don't connect with it.  I'm all for programmed movement, but this one just has too much take-that and randomness to make it work.

4: #Camel Up - I like the idea of this game OK, but it feels like every game plays out the same.  Sure the randomness of the dice could throw things off, so you can't predict what camel will win, but the decision points still feel the same.  I can't decide whether I want more randomness or less, but as it stands I'm still lukewarm on the game.

3: #Silver & Gold - Fun filler that does flip-and-write in a different way.  Everyone has different cards they work on, and that makes it work quite well.  It's the type of game that will never be Top 10 material, but I doubt will ever leave my collection.

2: #Sagrada - This dice-drafting game is a total blast.  I love all the mental gymnastics I have to go through in order to plan out my window.  It's also visually appealing, and gives me that feeling of accomplishment when I am done and can see how it all turned out.

1: #The Quacks of Quedlinburg - I never tire of this game.  It's kind of astounding to me, because it's tied as one of my most-played games since I acquired it, and yet I constantly desire to play it again.  My entire family seems to enjoy it as well, and that makes it so easy to get to the table.