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Wingspan board game
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Spirit Island board game
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Pandemic board game
Rank: 10
Trending: 93
7 Wonders board game
Rank: 11
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7 Wonders Duel board game
Rank: 12
Trending: 72
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 board game
Rank: 14
Trending: 70
The Castles of Burgundy board game
Rank: 15
Trending: 181
Splendor board game
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Ticket To Ride board game
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Great Western Trail board game
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Depends on if you consider#Spirit Island to have any engine building. That's really the only game that I haven't clicked with. Which still bothers me. 

A simultaneous draft could help cut down on the play time, a-la #7 Wonders and #Sushi Go!

I'm really not at all interested in games where I'm expected to lie or bluff.

Thanks, that good to know. We really enjoyed #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and have been considering what to play next. Not sure I could get a group of four together too consistently thought

I am anxious to see what this expansion entails.  I'm honestly looking forward to the Oceania expansion for #Wingspan more than this one at the moment.  I have a feeling I am tapped out for game purchases this year and will have to be satisfied with whatever comes in the mail via Kickstarter backing and #Crokinole that I got for a family Christmas gift this year (yes, I've got my Christmas shopping started).

That being said I'd get this in a heartbeat if I have the funds. #Fort and #Brass: Birmingham are also high on my hit list should the opportunity present itself.

Love both #Great Western Trail and #Oh My Goods! glad you have a good time with them. I do occaisionally mull getting the expansion for GWT, although I don't think I've played the base game enough to need it yet. 

Edited to tag . This is also partly in response to his thoughts.

I agree that you this is question of semantics. And, I would be curious to know how our varied backgrounds in language affect how we look at this question.I, for example, while born and (mostly) raised in the US, I speak English as my second language. That will affect how I look at English and definitions of English. I know that the English have very subtle differences in how they view certain words. This is painting in broad strokes, but on a more individual front, we each hail from different backgrounds, and appreciate different nuances in words.

I do continue to maintain, without hope or expectation of converting you or anybody else, that a game mechanism is one of the games smallest consituent parts. I do also wish to state that for most people, maybe even most gamers, talking about mechanisms is not all that helpful in describing a game. Let me give an example. For mechanics of #The Castles of Burgundy, BGG has listed the following mechanics: Dice rolling, Grid coverage, Hexagon Grid, Set collection, Tile Placement, Turn order: Stat-based, Worker placement with dice workers. These are all correct, but give me much less of a sense of the feel of the game, than if somebody were to tell me that it is a, "multi-player solitaire, point salad, euro game."

My stance of course begs the question, what is the good of mechanics then?

They are good because we are nerds and like talking about them. They are also good because as we get deeper in the hobby we can identify the feelings that certain mixtures of mechanics will give. We can, to a certain extent, tell a little bit of the "taste" of the game by reading its recipe.


The drafting idea for #Wingspan is really good, I may steal that the next time I play

I love this list and agree with the vast majority if not all of it.  I am not a huge fan of games based on luck and so #Candy Land Game, #Yahtzee, or even #Dice Throne do not peak my interest much or my interest (say as in Dice Throne) is tempered somewhat.  

Games with luck that allow you to push your luck #Diamant, #The Quacks of Quedlinburg, or such I am a little more ok with but they still aren't my favorite games.  Those a more of a controlled adjustment strategy #Orléans or #Dice Forge I enjoy a bit more.

Other games such as the luck involved in drawing cards in #Gloomhaven or #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island that mimic the randomness of battle or wildlife are great and in both those cases the random nature impacts everyone (seeing as they are co-op games).  Even the luck of a drawn encounter card in #Scythe is mitigated by the balance across all encounter cards.

There are several games where I have felt that luck was not necessary and house ruled something to remove it. #Everdell: Spirecrest allows you to draw three cards from a seasonal deck at the end of each season and place them randomly at the bottom of the board with the first being free, the second costing a little more, and the third costing the most.  This seems arbitrary to me and so the last play we drew five, pick one, and place the others on the bottom of the deck.  In #Maracaibo is makes more sense to reveal all the privilege buildings at the beginning because there are 8, you randomly draw 4, and there's already enough luck with card draw throughout the game that revealing one each decade seems unnecessary. 

Two other games I've found luck workarounds are #Wingspan and #The Isle of Cats.  In Wingspan we draft cards at the beginning of the game with each player starting with 7 cards, drafting until necessary and discarding down to 5 (at least) by drafts end.  This gives everyone a fair shot at a solid opening hand and not ending up with 5 birds that don't play well in the first couple turns.  In Isle of Cats I divide the cards into green cards (baskets), purple, brown, and yellow cards, and blue card (lessons) stacks and each round we start the draft with each player getting three green, and choosing two or three from each of the other stacks.  THEN we draft.  This eliminates a whole round with NO extra baskets (unless you draft them that case your loss).  

Great topic/mechanic choice!

#Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 currently sits on my shelf as I got it at a discount and look forward to playing it but have to wait for the right timing because I'd like to play it with my family or Becky at least.

I've played most of #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris and it is a great legacy experience (though somewhat short) and the best experience when you have a great grasp of all the factions and the basic gameplay (I wouldn't recommend starting out with Fenris)

#Gloomhaven was my first legacy experience and broke me through the wall of thinking I'd just prefer a one-and-done game.  I went into playing it not being 100% sure how much I'd like it.  The consequences from one game to the next are nearly as complex and weighty as in Pandemic (from what I understand) but the layered choices from which quest path to choice, to which cards to add as you level up, to the diversity of characters to choice from and the variability between characters make every session unique.  Not to mention that each scenario seems to have it's own unique twists.

#Charterstone is another legacy game sitting on my shelf waiting to be played.  I just have to wait for the right timing. #Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls was another legacy game I nearly forgot about.  I enjoyed it but the story and development of characters are limited compared to Gloomhaven and so it got traded some time ago.

#Great Western Trail has a really enjoyable player board. As you get to unlock somethign every time you do a 'lap' but if you do laps slower you get more benefits, so there is a real feeling of trying to balance the two.

On vacation with the family and In-Laws so gaming has been plentiful so far this week.  First night I was on a team with my five year old playing#Ticket To Ride First Journey against my daughter, wife and father in law.  Little man did fantastic matching up the locations by picture (just starting to read and the city names are still too long for him) and made excelllent draws and we ended up winning.

Last night I got to play my second ever game of#Wingspan and we played with 4 players.  I'm totally hooked on the game now even though I came in last but my wife took the prize on her first time playing.  I hope to get one or two more rounds in this week.

Tonight I am playing scenario 7 of#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion with my four solo characters and so far so good.  Since we are on vacation I can leave everything set up to get at least one more round in before we leave.

Tomorrow we are going to play either#Carcassonne or start the #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris campaign with 3 players.  I can update later on how it plays out the rest of the week.

This week was a more regular amount of games:

  • #Le Havre - Complete Edition (Played on TTS multiplayer): This is the one I picked when I won the giveaway.  Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to play my physical copy other than solo but TTS has it so we gave it a shot.  I think this is is one of those games that requires one full play through to get the flow of the game with the buildings.  You need to see how it works end to end to know what building to get etc. We played the long game (aka regular game I think?) and it was quite long.  3 hours in fact.  I think I should have started us off with the short game for game 1 because it seemed to drag a bit at points.  I really enjoyed the game and I think this is one that gets better the more you play it.
  • #Great Western Trail (TTS Multiplayer) along with #Great Western Trail: Rails to the North: We wanted to give it another whirl with the expansion as we played it with the base game last week.  I wasn't sold on the expansion as it seemed to add more to the game that didn't need more but after our play I decided to pick it up for my physical copy.  It doesn't add too much more to the game rules but does add some good strategy and ways for the different play styles to achieve their goals.  I found it gave more options to boost up the path you have chosen and quite enjoyed it.
  • #Oh My Goods (TTS Multiplayer): My first game of this.  It is a cool little tableau building card game!  Bit of push your luck, interesting strategy and tactics.  Definitely need another run at it but I can recommend it as worth a try!

After a light week the previous week, got a ton of gaming in this time around.

What's the player interaction like on#Great Western Trail?  I love the western theme and this game has always been slightly on my radar.

Do you think #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 will fall the further you get from your play of it?

I feel pretty similarly about #Ticket To Ride, while I can imagine it being a good gateway game for people I just can't imagine ever chosing to play it myself. That said, I don't know that there are any games I would refuse to play if the group was keen.

Ouch! That would be a dang hard choice!  Here's what I think off the cuff:

#Paladins of the West Kingdom - great solo experience and my wife plays and I think I can get the kids to play one day.  Possibly my favorite game to play solo.

#Gloomhaven - with so many quests to play I feel like if I only had five games I'd be able to get my family to play this.  The solo experience is great and I will probably play through the entire campaign solo at some point.

#Wingspan - One of our top played games and a favorite for Becky and I.  I enjoy the solo experiece with this game as well.

#Heaven & Ale - fantastic games and one of my hidden gems.  Not a lot of folks in the states play this one or have it high on their list as far as I can tell.  Becky will play this with me too.

#Scythe - The last game is tough to choose but Scythe has to me it because I have every expansion and it is great to play.  I've only soloed a few times but it is fun and it is my absolute favorite game with 6-7 player counts.  It's also blinged out pretty good, so this would be a tough one to pass on.

Runner Up - #Clans of Caledonia - could potentially replace Heaven & Ale but a tough call.  I think it would see slightly fewer plays than the others but the solo experience is solid.  

Well, #Spirit Island has now become available, so I am torn again :/

Indeed, it is the one I am leaning towards, however #Spirit Island just became available, so now I am unsure all over again :D