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These are the board games with the Contracts mechanic.
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Clans of Caledonia: Contracts and Cotton in 19th C Scotland image
ReviewClans of Caledonia: Contracts and Cotton in 19th C Scotland [Clans of Caledonia]Like| 22 comments | [+]
Brief Review: Tiny Epic Dinosaurs image
Brief Review: Tiny Epic Dinosaurs [Tiny Epic Dinosaurs: Laboratory Mini Expansion, Tiny Epic Dinosaurs]Like| 14 comments | [+]
Marco Polo - First Gameplay image
GameplayMarco Polo - First Gameplay [The Voyages of Marco Polo]Like| 17 comments | [+]
ReviewThe Hungry Gamer Reviews Guild Master [Guild Master]Like| 29 comments | [+]
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Pretty good week last week! As I mentioned in some comments back and forth with in last week's post, my meetup group got back together for in person gaming! We had a relatively small group compared to where we had been at pre-pandemic and it seems like the general concensus was to try to play games that could include as many of us as possible.

#Camel Up (Second Edition) - Played this at a full player count of 8 which I think is a first for me. This game is always a good time.

#Perudo - Another one we played at 8 despite the "official" play count listing a max of 6. Basically a form of Liar's Dice where the 1's are wild. Lots of laughs during this one.

#No Thanks! - First time playing this one for me. I didn't mind it, but it's not exactly something I'd ever seek out. Don't think I'd turn down a game though.

#Calico - My one contribution to our return to in person gaming lol. It was difficult to get ahold of my games as they're all packed away at the moment. On top of that, most of my recent acquisitions are too involved to play with most people in the group and definitely too big to fit on the tables we play on at the bar. This was on the brink of both of those limits, but the people I got to play with me enjoyed it so overall a good choice!

#Lost Ruins of Arnak - Picked this up with my Miniature Market gift card I recently won thanks to the results of the poll I posted a bit ago. Tried it out solo last Thursday. Setup for this game felt worse than it actually it, largely due to being spoiled playing this on BGA. Won 66-47 against the AI. Solo was surprisingly tricky, even only playing on difficultly level 0 lol. I'm planning to try it out again and upping the challenge a bit.

And of course I still played games online haha.

#Beyond the Sun - I was in the game theDL mentioned where he, , and myself all got crushed by . I'm not sure if it's the asynchronous play or what, but I kinda lost track of what I was even trying to accomplish pretty early on lol. Honestly shocked that I stayed competitive.

#Clans of Caledonia - Speaking of getting crushed by Bob, , docker, and myself played this on BGA. Bob is an absolute beast at this game. I have no idea how he always seems to fufill loads of contracts. Fun game!

#Draftosaurus - Pretty quick game on BGA where destroyed the rest of us. I think this was the first time I've played where the spread between scores wasn't all that close. Didn't help I had to dump so many dinos in the river. Oh well!

For me and my wife, a good boba drink-based game would be awesome. I've seen a couple come up on Kickstarter over the years, but they all seemed too light for our preferences!

I also like chocolate and looked at #Chocolate Factory before. No idea how good the game is, but I'm assuming it's a game about managing the assembly lines and fulfilling contracts. Sure beats a typical farming/agriculture theme :)

Nice, thanks for the great review! This is going to be a long comment with several questions lol

Back when I really wanted to try out a dice worker placement game, I ended up getting #The Voyages of Marco Polo and was happy with it (the alternative was getting #Troyes, which I still want to try). Miy wife and I had fun with all of the fun decision making behind manipulating the dice rolls. You have a number of basic actions and there are also unlimited number of bonus actions you can take to reroll some of your dice by spending resources. Another part I liked was that you can take actions on already occupied action spaces if you can pay a hefty price.

Does #Circadians: First Light have ways to manipulate your dice roll results? Also, what's the whole negotiating table about? I guess I'm just wondering what the player interactions are like besides competing for the action spaces like in standard worker placement games.


  • I like this theme way more than Marco Polo's, and agree that it's a nice change of pace from other overused themes
  • Marco Polo keeps things very tight and you have to squeeze out every resource/actions possible to travel around the board, establish trades, and fulfill contracts. Those are all very fun but it can feel almost too stuffocating to a point that the "journey" part of the game gets lost. At first glance, it seems like Circadians keeps things a little bit more "open"
  • I was surprised to see the high quality of components and the insert. #Architects of the West Kingdom basically has zero insert and the resources are represented by some of the most generic looking ones I've seen in games so far

Honestly, mine would be #Root because the dice rolling still plays quite a large role. For family games, it would be #Camel Up (Second Edition) for nonsensical fun. For one that heavily features dice manipulation so that you can efficiently use/gain resources to fulfill contracts for VP's, I like #The Voyages of Marco Polo.

What exactly is your wife looking for in a dice-based game? Is it the thrill of luck? The puzzly fun of manipulating the dice rolls?

woah that's pretty exiting. I'm thinking that they'll create a greater economy where there is greater and less demand for certain wines depending on when the contracts are fulfilled.