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"Player who has had the worst day. - #Gloom" - I bet that opens up some interesting conversations...

First, I am on Discord and BGA will be my 5th Board Game Discord group.  Although I really only use two of them at the moment so I just dumped a few.

I love Discord as a way to play/find players for games on TTS.  That's pretty much the only thing I use it for.

I am excited of the possibility of some live conversation instead of just forum posts.  I also hope (thinking of my recent post) that it may be used to easliy set up some TTS game time with BGA peeps.

Really excited!

Never with a stranger, although I have given advice to a lot of other professionals that I only know a little when the conversation has swung that way.

As for the second part, I started out with board games from birth but I would have told myself that Warhammer wasn't for me so save all that money from my teens! 


Had an excellent week of gaming! Mostly because my wife set up a game night for me for my birthday!

In-person gaming:

  • #Nemo's War (Second Edition) - Solo, War Motive - Did not do too hot on this one. I think I played too scared and needed to be more aggressive with my targets! I will play this again on this motive next time to see if I can improve myself!
  • #Wavelength - This was the opening game for my birthday game night and it really produced some hilarious stories and conversations. Definitely a wonderful time. 
  • #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - @ 4 players - I was finally able to play a game of this without Wakhan being involved and it was definitely more tense! For sure more layers to the game with actual humans playing and jockying for victory! I won which made it all the more sweet!!

Online games

  • #Puerto Rico - 3 games - Definitely a favorite quick game to play online even with random people from around the world. I am seeing the strategies and the flow of the game more. It for sure feels like you are just elbowing and nudging people to get a slightly better position the whole game and that is fun!
  • #Teotihuacan: City of Gods - Man I am not good at this game lol. I have gotten better but definitely not good lol. 
  • #Russian Railroads - Slowly becoming a game I can see myself owning at some point. I am hopeing the Ultimate Railroads edition will be affordable and available!
  • #Troyes - I always beat my friend on this one and the trend did not change :) 


And to all three of you-looking good!  I noticed the new navigation as soon as I logged in today. Clean and crisp!

As I mentioned recently after coming across an OLD article that was recently linked to about how to use BGA, please consider a link to an updated version of that article (maybe in the 'About' drop down menu?) for newer users to quickly see how to get the most out of BGA.  I wish I'd known some of that when I first joined.  The information shared makes it easier to get around, understand all the ways to use BGA, and join in on the conversations.  As a relative newbie of seven months, I remember being a little lost.  I still feel that way about BGG-too big, too much, and easy to get lost-which is why I spend more time here.

I love this place and look forward to seeing more of what you have coming!

I'm just going to continue our conversation here because even on the desktop the reply box was getting too ridiculously tiny.  So you don't have to look it up, you said:

"Right now I'm on the lookout for lighter games that can be played with 5. Playing with my cousins recently has made me want to continue to introduce them to stuff so we don't get burnt out on #Wingspan"

#The Climbers is an interesting one and makes for a cool time playing with blocks. You can also play #Secret Hitler at 5p! haha  I also very much like #Steampunk Rally.  It scales very well because of the simultaneous play.  I feel like its a little bit more involved than Wingspan, but its one of those games that you can have fun playing even though you're not winning. 

I haven't found a more recent thread, so I'll just use this one. I miss the option to sort comments from oldest to newest. That way I can follow the conversation in the order that happened whenever the article was posted. Very minor request, just in case you were done with the big stuff :-)

I don't think it's meant to be a 1 to 1 replacement, but it does share a lot of features such as game pages with ratings, reviews, game details, etc. The price comparison and alerts is a main feature of Atlas that BGG does not have, as is the New Accredited Critic Feature!

I also like the community here. It may simply be a result of it being smaller than the BGG community, but I find it to be more positive. Plus, I much prefer the threaded conversations, as well as the game-tagging ( #War Chest ) and user-tagging functionality ( ) that exists here. Super useful!

This sounds like a question for - I hear he's on quite a few ;P

Personally, I'm "on" 2 but active in 0. My meetup group made one just before the pandemic hit just to keep everyone in the loop as far as meetups go and to be able to chat whenever about whatever. I was using it a bit then to jump into conversations here and there. Then of course it became used for setting up online play chat rooms and such - none of which I've participated in.

The other I'm in is for the Board Game Barrage podcast, which I joined primarily to participate in their Ghost Turkey exchange. I've said a few things on there, mostly asking for opinions when I couldn't find any through searching for the game I had questions about.

It is interesting, there are so many different Discords out there from different people and they all have different things going on.

I like that you can find interesting live conversations. It is also what I use for communication during online gameplay. 

I can't speak to the "is Everdell worth it?" part of this question because I've never actually played the game. I am super interested in it though and has been on my wishlist for quite some time, mostly because I think Sarah will enjoy it based on some gameplay videos I've watched.

I have, however, spent some money on games on Kickstarter. I often get the FOMO from the "deluxified" versions that go on Kickstarter and sometimes have to ground myself from my excitment for a game and take a step back and think "do I really need all this content?" I've actually already had some internal conversations with myself thinking similarly to you - it seems like the base game is becoming more available and that might just be enough vs spending $200 to get everything. I do however feel like in this case, I have to agree with that it could be worth it based only on resale value should you not like it. The game seems to be really popular and sparsely available so I'd imagine it would be easy to trade/sell in the future.

Ultimately I think it will take a conversation with Sarah to decide if I go for it or not. She's been in the camp of "I trust your judgement if you think I'll like it" so that's a good thing. And of course remember with Kickstarter the game has an estimated delivery of March 2022, so we'll have more than enough time to get the shelf space to support it haha. Of course on the other hand we may have moved on to just about every other game between now and then to have a lower interest.