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These are the board games with the Simulation mechanic.
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This game is such a doozey. I question whether we should call it a game and shift to calling it a simulation lol

1. I am very interested in GtR. But no, I would not spend $250 on my grail game. Not until I'm a billionaire with all kinds of money to throw around haha

2. I enjoyed a ton of new games this year, but I'm going to have to go with #Star Wars: Rebellion for my most-enjoyed game of the year. I can't believe it took me this long to play it! Now to find a way to own it haha

3. Most surprising game for me was probably #Unfair. I got to do a review of it and while I was pretty sure I would enjoy it, I didn't anticipate loving it. So. Good. Also #The One Hundred Torii was a huge surprise to me and is also a new favorite.

4. Top five, eh? Welp, here goes nothing:

  1. #Star Wars: Rebellion because WOW it is incredibly thematic, long enough to feel like an epic, and oh so fun. See also: Star Wars.
  2. #Nemesis. I doubt I will ever own this game, as it is quite pricey. But each time I've played it at game night (R.I.P.) was one of the best game nights ever. The thematic narrative and semi-cooperative aspects with palpable tension makes it one that sucks me right in.
  3. #Star Wars X-Wing. Now, it has been a few years since I've played this game, but I still long to play it, so I'm including it. It's always been my top favorite, but not having played it in a very long time kind of forces me to push it down on the list. I love the simulation of space battles, the Star Wars theme, and the various builds. I love maneuvering and mitigating my luck via abilities.
  4. #Unfair. I'm going to go ahead and move this one into my top five. It is wicked fun; building your theme park, demolishing stuff from your opponents' parks (and vice versa), tableau building, and a fun sense of humor all packed into a smooth game that always seems to want me coming back for me. Plus, with all the theme decks with their various abilities and whatnot, there is loads of gameplay here.
  5. #The One Hundred Torii. Simple, yet elegant. This tile-laying game is the new #Carcassonne as far as I'm concerned. With some good brain exercises, useful resources (i.e. character abilities) and a beautiful garden by the end of the game, The One Hundred Torrii is marvelous. And I love it solo. 

And now there are some dozens of other games I must apologize to for not making my top five.

I enjoyed  your excellent review.  This is my first Euro type game, having played complex historical battle simulations since a kid. So this didn't come off as too complicated, but has much depth. 

I was extremely surprised at this release as an avid aviation/airline enthusiast.  It wreaks of airline nostalgia. The aircraft picked for the game, Trimotor, DC-3 (Clipper), Boeing Stratocruiser (Cruiser), and Boeing 707 (Jet) are pretty representative of the timeline. As an AvGeek, I'd have probably picked the Douglas DC-6, or Lockheed Constellation as opposed to the Stratocruiser, but so be it. 

The game mechanics are fun, logical, with components that are all first rate (maybe not the money, but it's functional). As for the stock prices and fluctuation, that's part of the fun and decision making process. Do you spend money early because it might go up, or wait until you've established more routes etc. hoping it won't skyrocket.

I have played a few two plalyer games now. Ending stock has been as low as 3 or 4 dollars, with a high of 11. With 4 Event Cards for each of 7 rounds, that makes 16,384 unique combinations of Events for a game. I'd say that in of itself gives you some re-playabilty for sure. 

As an aside, a husband and wife posted on another site that they had gotten the game after eagerly awaiting it.To get in the mood they donned First Class pajamas from a couple different airlines and opened a bottle of Champagne. Now that's the way to play!




Hahahah so that's how you were playing.

What I thought of it? Well I was gearing up for the last round and it ended! :(

I had fun though, and glad that we finally got a game in. Some more thoughts:

  • Takes time getting used to all of the movements. Till the end, I couldn't figure out how to pan the window while I'm carrying an item haha
  • Sure takes much longer. If we had finished up the last round, it probably would've been 3 hours total of gameplay? We took 2.5 hours or so for the 4 rounds. But like you said, I'm sure we can get this time down a bit once people are used to it.
  • I believe Board Game Arena also has Clans of Caledonia for online play, but it's just a digital adaptation where you're basically playing a computer game. I definitely prefer simulation over pure digital since it retains more of the usual feelings behind playing board games. This will be especially true if you're talking together.
  • It was my first time playing as the clan with the whiskey related powers. And boy, it has great cashflow! It especially helped that the end of the round bonuses were lined up very conveniently for me. I think the 2nd or 3rd round bonus was the basic goods and the 4th's was the processed goods. It synergized well with my strategy of going almost all in on wheat fields and whiskey to get as many bonuses while also getting a bunch of money using my clan's powers.

It'd be great to get some plays in with others in our forum! :)

I really like Adrenaline. Fast, fun, and hectic. A good FPS simulation.

I got to play around a bit on my lunch today and I got hooked pretty fast. It’s nice that it’s already designed as a solo game, so the computer simulation is pretty dang good. I love Lord of the Rings so I’m happy to be able to immerse myself in that  world again. 

I say this every time, but X-Wing. I have always loved Star Wars space combat, and grew up playing X-Wing and TIE Fighter on the computer and Rogue Squadron on the N64 and GameCube. It's a fantastic simulation, and I always get lost in the action. I love it.

I also love Champions of Midgard. In fact, our game group just played it last night at five players. That was my first time with 5 and I really enjoyed it. I think the main reason I like CoM is because it's easy to get lost in the theme. Everything you do serves one purpose: fight monsters and bad things! It's exciting when combat rolls around, and when you're traveling to the far-away creatures, you have to worry about journey cards/encounters that may or may not ruin your chances of success.

I always say X-Wing is my favorite, but because I don't get to play it often (once a year, if that?), I then add on Champions as my next favorite. And that I do get to play more frequently, which is great.

For a 5. I will recommend a game that is meant to be admired but maybe not necessarily meant to be played. I have never touched it. I am speaking of the incredibly detailed simulation that is Richard Berg's The Campaign for North Africa. I understand that it offers a lot of desicion space, while offering at the same time an incredible amount of rules overhead. 

Of course my previous question of what a game is applies here as well. You could argue that this game was never meant to be played as such. It was meant as a simulation. 

Thanks for the catch. It is supposed to be simulation. 

Honestly either word could’ve worked. 

I’ve never heard of this game. A board game simulation - what a lot to keep track of.