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Popular Hidden Objective Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Hidden Objective mechanic.
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Obsession - Game with the charms of an "indie" image
ReviewObsession - Game with the charms of an "indie" [Obsession]Like| 24 comments | [+]
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Glad to have you here! :)

Here are some games that come to mind and some will be repeats of what others have suggested:

  • #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (soloable, - If you feel like Gloomhaven will be too big of a commitment, then this will be a great way to test out the waters
  • #Star Wars Imperial Assault - Dice + Star Wars game with RPG influence. Plus, it is team-based. I've been eyeing on this as well and while there are other great Star Wars games out there, this seemed like a great casual fun I could have with my wife
  • #Nemesis - Out of print everywhere until probably early next year. I wanted to suggest it since you seem to appreciate games that are rich in theme. It has a semi co-op element and players are assigned a role with hidden objectives while trying to work together to escape an alien infested space ship. You can sign up for a newsletter from Awaken Realms to see when the late pledge becomes available: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/awakenrealms/nemesis-lockdown
  • #Arkham Horror: The Card Game - LCG from Fantasy Flight Games. It's highly thematic and can be played solo or 2p. The only danger is that if you like the game, you'll probably end up spending a lot more
  • #Nemo's War (Second Edition) - You will sail the seas as Captain Nemo and go on missions of science, exploration, anti-imperialism, and war. Multiplayer is an option but just about everyone who's played recommends solo only
  • #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island - Survive on a deserted island. I've heard this game is very tough to beat
  • #Atlantis Rising (second edition) - Atlanteans have angered the gods and they are sinking the island with natural disasters. As the island continues to flood away, you and other players must gather resources and activate each part of a cosmic gate that will move all people to safety. Heavy on luck and luck mitigation. Roll dice for resources and draw cards every round that determine which part of the island will sink next
  • #Burgle Bros. - Another co-op featuring dice. As a team of burglers, you must pull off heists in various high security buildings without getting caught

All of these games lean toward having lots of thematic elements, some level of luck, and are all soloable

#13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis is my favourite two player game in the light-medium category. It takes about 45 minutes, has a relatively simple ruleset but decisions feeling meaningful and have laying effects on the board. 

I wrote a review for it (not sure how to specifically link one review so have just copied and pasted):

I have so much love for this game. I think the partially hidden objectives are such fun and the fact that if you play too aggressively you end up either having to spend the next round undoing it all or you trigger a nuclear war: it is an area control that makes you think very carefully about what area you want to control and prevents a runaway leader (not that someone can't win by a lot of points but more that you never go into the last round certain who will win) I also love that you aren't just playing a card to benefit you but trying to limit how much that card will benefit your opponent. My only criticism is the box could easily have been 40% smaller and it would have made it a brilliant travel Overall, I cannot recommend this enough as a 45 minute 2 player game.