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These are the board games with the Time Track mechanic.
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Started off the week with a play of #Trajan, as we continued our attempt to play our newer, unplayed games. I mentioned in another post on here that we played incorrectly (as seems to be our normal for first plays). Instead of going around the time track 4 times for each quarter year, we stopped after the 3rd time around for the first half of the game. Aside from that making the game feel super quick, we had a great time playing it. Can't wait to get it out again!

Sarah's birthday was Friday, and she shockingly agreed to play games with me haha. Her request was #It's a Wonderful World which I have brought up on here before as one of her most requested games. I got some real lucky draws and was able to win pretty easily as her cards didn't quite work together like mine seemed to. Instead of a rematch of that, we settled on #The Quacks of Quedlinburg. I'm really glad we picked this one up as I could see it becoming another game she requests to play often. I beat her there too but don't worry she'd get me back.

As her birthday weekend continued, we went down to her parents to celebrate. Her dad had picked me up #Codenames: Disney Family Edition as a late Christmas gift so we gave it a try with them. Usually we have 6 of us, but this time we only had 5, so we had a designated codemaster to keep the teams even. Sarah and I played against her parents and despite my clear lack of Disney knowledge, we split the two games we played.

Sunday we went over to my parents to celebrate with them and my brother and sister in law. I finally broke out my copy of #Secret Hitler. Sarah managed to convince us she wasn't Hitler, mostly because my dad was acting sus lol. Not entirely sure if he knew what he was doing as we later learned he was on the liberal team haha. I definitely prefer playing with more people but with 6 of us it wasn't that bad.

Afterwards we played a game of #Speculation. I bought this awhile ago thinking Sarah's cutthroat siblings would like manipulating the market to screw over everyone else. Turns out the game rarely plays out that way so it only went over so so with them. My family seemed to enjoy it a bit more, but not enough to convince them that they needed to play again, so it's probably safe to throw on the trade pile. Sarah ended up crushing us, proving she is the Wolf of Wall Street.

Wrapped up the weekend watching the Super Bowl with my cousins. Before the game, we played a game of #Cat Lady: Premium Edition with the #Cat Lady: Box of Treats expansion. Super simple drafting game that I'm excited to play more of! Sarah beat me in a close game while my cousins didn't do so hot. They picked it up quickly though so I think next time they'll do a lot better.

I really like these things..don't know how I missed it when you first posted! All but one brand new game (to me) in my most recent 5 plays!

1) #Darwin's Journey - I really enjoyed my play of this, though I will say it helps that it's being compared to the games I've recently played and not my top 10. More plays will be necessary to see where it ranks for me all time. 

2) #Trajan - We played this last night for the first time and as usual with our first plays of new to us games we messed up a rule until about half way through. After the 3rd turn around the time track, we'd go into quarter year clean up. Really we should have waited until the 4th time around. I wondered why the game felt so quick! If not for that, I think I would have enjoyed this more than Darwin's Journey.

3) #That's Pretty Clever - I just love the comboing this game can offer if you plan it correctly. Would love to try it out with more that just Sarah and myself someday as I'd imagine it would just add more strategy.

4) #Cat Lady: Premium Edition - I was so excited to pick this one up and it did not disappoint. It's a fun little drafting game about cats. Despite having 2 cats, we previously did not have any cat themed games. I considered putting it above That's Pretty Clever, but the end of the game was a little wonky. We ended up with only 2 cards to refill the row of 3, but the rules state the game ends if you have no cards remaining..I tried looking for clarification online but it doesn't seem to exist. At any rate, I'm thinking about using the included stickers to put our own cats in the game :D

5) #Calimala - Rating this so low out of my last 5 is certainly not an indictment on this game. I really enjoyed the back and forth nature, but it really suffered from just having the 2 of us playing. There's a reason the box says 3-5 haha