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Popular Hidden Movement Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Hidden Movement mechanic.
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ReviewA simplified wargame (with complications) A review [A Simplified Wargame]Like| 1 comment | [+]
Pyramid of Pengqueen Review: A Family Game of Suspense and Secrets image
ReviewPyramid of Pengqueen Review: A Family Game of Suspense and Secrets (https://www.meeplemountain.com/reviews/pyramid-of-pengqueen-review-a-family-game-of-suspense-and-secrets/) [Pyramid of Pengqueen]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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Toy Story as a hidden movement game, where you're trying to get somewhere without being spotted as a moving toy. Cooperative, perhaps, or 1 vs. many.

This is an interesting question. Here are mine:

1. #Five Tribes - I've been wanting this one for a while and have watched reviews and the TableTop episode of it. I don't have any games like it, but it looks like something I would enjoy.

2. #Viticulture: Essential Edition - I love the worker placement mechanic. I would probably own this one, but I would if it would be too much for my wife. She is the main person I play games with, and she prefers quicker light-medium weight games. I wonder if it would be too much a time investment. So far 45 minutes is about her max. She'll play for a couple of hours, but she likes to play multiple games in that time.

3. #Wingspan - It looks fun and has a interesting theme. I like that the theme isn't science fiction or fantasy. I enjoy those themes, but it is always fun to have something different. 

4. #Hunt for the Ring - I'm a big LOTR fan. I would love to play this game, but don't know who I would play with (see Viticulture). I also don't own a hidden movement game, but like the assymetric nature of it.

5. #Dawn of Mankind - Again I really like worker placement, and this one looks interesting. This one hasn't gotten a lot of love, but I watch Rahdo's video on it, which sparked my interest. This one looks simpler too, so I hope, if I get it, that my wife could get into it. 

I looooove hidden movement games like #Specter Ops. I find them so deliciously stressful and fun. 

A lot of dexterity games are favorites as well, like #Flip Ships and #The Final Flicktier.

Real-time games stress me out, but I love it! Some favorites are #Fuse, #Proving Grounds, and #Escape: The Curse of the Temple.

So many kickstarters! That Sniper, Legends of Italy looks interesting. I could get into a good sniper game. Maybe a hidden movement one but where the hidden player was the sniper on the offensive. 

When I first got into gaming, I loved all of it equally. It was all so wonderful. Now...I still love it all haha But I love love games that incorporate hidden movement, real-time, and dexterity (dexterity must help portray the theme, though).

Combat is also a lot of fun, depending on who I'm playing with. If they whine about being attacked, then that's no fun. I want a willing victim haha

Whenever my wife asks "what shall we play" I shout "Fury of Dracula!" on reflex. We've never been able to play it because our kids are too young and it'd suck with just the two of us. (Not least because we know each other so well that any game involving hidden movement or identities goes sideways in a heartbeat.)

Dinosaur Island is another one. We like it, but the footprint is so big we don't have anywhere to lay it all out. Other than that the runners up tend to be games with a lot of heft, again because the children aren't old enough yet.

Interesting. I wouldn't think hidden movement in a two player game would work. 

2-player hidden movement can be done. I’m kind of working on one myself. It was a finalist in a Button Shy contest a few years back, and I want to make it bigger than just a wallet game now. Definitely potential for two player hidden movement games, but yes, they can be a bit more tricky. 

Sabotage looks very interesting. I recognized the artwork as being from Burgle Bros., and while I haven't played that game yet, I would sure love to. I love the use of the box.

Hidden movement games are some of my favorites, with Specter Ops topping the list. I actually designed a hidden movement game for a Button Shy contest, with parameters of only having 18 cards and up to 10 coins. I used the rules sheet as the player screen, so I definitely appreciate the use of the box in Sabotage. I'll have to check this one out!

While it's limited to 2 vs. 2, Sabotage by Tim Fowers is a solid asymmetric hidden movement game. Having two players on each time makes teaching it much easier than any of the all vs many games, where an uncaught mistake can really snowball. 

Dice Throne Season 2 is fun. Fury of Dracula is my favorite hidden movement game!