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Popular Hand Management Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Hand Management mechanic.
Root board game
Rank: 1
Trending: 21
Gloomhaven board game
Rank: 2
Trending: 27
Viticulture: Essential Edition board game
Rank: 5
Trending: 57
Spirit Island board game
Rank: 8
Trending: 45
Pandemic board game
Rank: 9
Trending: 103
7 Wonders board game
Rank: 11
Trending: 26
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 board game
Rank: 13
Trending: 141
Concordia board game
Rank: 16
Trending: 132
Ticket To Ride board game
Rank: 18
Trending: 55
Brass: Birmingham board game
Rank: 19
Trending: 9
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Rulebook is out now, apparently is has variable starting card setup, hand management and card action selection player elimination and no team vs team like the original. Interesting!

It's an asymmetric hand management tableau builder with a lot of negative interaction.

1. I am definitely a solo gamer. I started solo gaming just to prove to my wife that I do play all those games in my collection. Surprisingly, almost every game I own has a solo mode. The more that I’ve played solo games the more I’ve come to enjoy it. So after starting out just to show that I do use all those games I’ve come to the realization that solo gaming is awesome. Now when I’m looking to acquire new games I consider the solo mode first, then look at the multiplayer options. 

2. My best games to solo are:

A. #Gloomhaven - absolutely sublime dungeon crawler /hand management game. Is co-op to begin which makes the solo mode easier to implement. Amazing solo experience.

B. #Star Wars Imperial Assault - fun and incredible Star Wars dungeon crawler. The app is fun to solo against but when using a PnP solo system called RAIV the game really comes alive. Tons of fun.

C. #Terraforming Mars - one of the best engine builders/tableau builders for solo out there. The incredible variety of cards makes every game unique and different. Solo rules are more of a beat your own score but the variables in set up and game play are fantastic.

D. #Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North - a beautiful and elegant game that seems made for solo play. A scenario-based best your own score style game that has a fantastic decision space. Quick to set up and quick to play.

E. #A Feast For Odin - one of the absolute best solo worker placement games. Massive amount of decisions to make and one of the most unique solo mechanisms- you block yourself as you play so it makes your strategies really interesting. Another best your own score solo mode. 

E. #Underwater Cities - Another engine builder in the same vein as #Terraforming Mars but with worker placement elements. A really tight experience where every single move counts and can literally be the difference between victory or defeat. 

F. #Scythe - one of the finest AI opponents in solo gaming. Once you learn the rules an absolute pleasure to play that accurately mimics the experience against humans.   

3. A great solo game needs to replicate in some fashion the experience that you get when playing against real opponents. The best solo games approach this from different angles- some utilize AI systems while others use clever/unique blocking mechanisms. And some a straight up beat your own score. On my opinion the best solo games are the ones which more closely replicate the experience of playing multiplayer.

Another aspect of great solo gaming is the ability to give the player an experience that they couldn’t get as easily in a group setting. Gloomhaven is a great example of this for me. My group cannot meet often enough to fully enjoy the campaign in this game. We would be playing for literally 5 years at our current pace. But playing solo allows me to play and see all that this game has to offer without the struggles of gathering your group. 

Other solo games I play are perhaps more complex than my group normally plays and the fact that I can play them solo lets me challenge myself and have fun playing board games. 

4. The biggest jumper will definitely be #Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North. This beautiful game is awesome solo. 

Tough question.  Outside of #Dominion: Second Edition I haven't played the games listed.  I have a hard time saying #Dominion: Second Edition is best because while I enjoy it I am not sure it's the best.  I'm going to go with #Lewis & Clark with #Fort and #Viscounts of the West Kingdom being in consideration.  I think Viscounts has several things going on that make it a great game and Fort is too new for me to fully assess.  Lewis and Clark has several things going for it.  The cards have a variety of action choices and you can use them to pay for new cards.  

I've played several games now and I love the hand management requirements and trying to get your camp past the last space and avoid losing the game because you had too many cards left in your hand.  The first few games we played we would end up with a hand size of 20 cards!  

Going back to Dominion, a few things I don't like about it:

1. The point cards do nothing for you.  I think a great deck-builder allows every card to do something

2. Trashing cards doesn't feel as helpful at first.  This is certainly an opinion but I like it when I can trash a card for help.  I didn't include #The Taverns of Tiefenthal for this reason.  WHen you trash a card in Viscounts or "spend" one in Lewis & Clark, you get something in return. 

I think #Founders of Gloomhaven is underrated.  I like the game and would like to see it hit the table more.  It's heavy and that makes it a bit challenging but the gameplay is fun and I like the hand management aspect.

Oh my goodness... depending on the price it's gonna be hard for me to not support this project (admittedly this is an initial reaction) but so many things look like they would hit the mark for me.  4x, Negative Player Interaction, Hand Management, Area Control, Resource Management, Sandbox.  Plus, I love alternate history and Steampunk.

The player count is not problematic for me as I almost never play at 2P.

Is the artwork the same artist that has done the North Sea and West Kingdom games?

I'll jump in. Always open to good suggestions from others.

A brief intro to you as a gamer.  Been playing enthusiastically for about 3 years, but lots of off and on gaming for decades prior. My wife is my most consistent gaming partner, so anything that you recommend has to be very good with 2 players, but higher player counts are OK too, so long as they' re good with two.

Top 3 Favorite Games:  Gloomhaven (I've pledged for Frosthaven), Yokohama, Concordia. Let's go for five favorites: Five Tribes (I suck at it), Viticulture: Essential Edition.

Top 3 Favorite Mechanics: Worker placement, hand management, variable player powers.

Top 3 Favorite Themes:  I like themes, but any well-done theme will do.

Most Played Game: Pandemic. It's my wife's favorite game. We've played it 18 times this month alone. That's unusual, and is a by-product of the quarantine. I would prefer for Gloomhaven to be the most played.

Heaviest Game:  Gloomhaven. Maybe Mistfall: Heart of the Mists.

Lightest Game:  Love Letter

Sector of gaming you wish to explore: I need some alternatives to Pandemic. My wife can play it forever, but I need more variety. Here's what she likes about it and what I need in an alternative game to get her to play frequently: easy setup and teardown, plays in less than an hour but has interesting decisions, player interaction, cooperative is nice but not mandatory.

Let me add another categories here.

Games that I already own, but have never played: Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition, Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition, Eclipse, Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Hyperborea, Earth Reborn, Scorpius Freighter, The 7th Continent.

I am mostly a solo player. I became a solo player mostly through necessity after I moved away from those I played with. I do get to play some games with my wife. She doesn't really enjoy learning new games, but she has learned a number and does enjoy playing. Her current favorites would be #Dominion and #Lost Cities. I however really like my games to be medium to heavy. As far as solo play goes I much prefer a AI system of some sort rather than a beat your own score variant. I am fascinated by historical games, and I am much more interested in good gameplay than in superb component quality. Also, I live in El Salvador, but I ship all the games I buy to my place in the US. therefore, I have games in the states that I haven't played yet. That might help explain some of my answers to the rest of the questions.

My top three games of all time are, #Scythe, #Spirit Island, and #Star Trek: Frontiers.

My three favorite gameplay mechanisms, multi-use cards, engine building, hand management.

My three favorite themes: Historical, Exploration, generic themeless euros.

Most played game, #Dominion, I played this over 200 times in 2016 before I ever started logging.

Heaviest game:

Lightest game:

Sector I wish to explore. Historical wargame.

I like this!

Top 3 Favorite Games (in no particular order):

Top 3 Favorite Mechanics: I'm not sure I've played enough games to be able to determine this, but here are some things I like, just looking at some of the games I like a lot.

  • Tableau Building
  • Hand management
  • Variable player powers

Top 3 Favorite Themes:

  • Animals/Nature
  • Licenses I love (Dune, Star Wars, etc.)
  • Science Fiction/Space

Most Played Game: 

  1. #Santorini. I've played a lot with a coworker. I love this game.
  2. #Century: Golem Edition
  3. #Everdell

Heaviest Game: #Dune

Lightest Game: #Kingdomino. This is such a good game.

Sector of gaming you wish to explore: Mid-weight Euros! I've been particularly interested in #Concordia of late, and some games involving dice placement, such as #Troyes and #Teotihuacan. There are also a couple of deck builders that have caught my eye of late - #Baseball Highlights: 2045 and #Dale of Merchants - though I think the themes have more to do with it than the mechanisms.

Well, staying in hasn’t been all bad.  I have learned a lot of new stuff in the last week:

Aquatica  - soloed this on Tabletopia.  Now I know why it’s hard to find a copy of this.  Really nice little hand management game with Vermeer artwork and lots of combo-y goodness.

Forum Trajanum - 2 player game on Yucata.  I love Feld, but this one felt a bit too convoluted for me.  Nice art though and looks like it would have great presence.  

Roll for the Galaxy - really like this one and hadn’t played it in awhile.  The implementation on Board Game Arena is really nice.  Looking forward to giving it another go soon.  

Marvel Champions - taught my wife this game finally.  While it wasn’t a hit for her, it will still stay in the collection as the solo mode is very nice.  

Without looking at your list... And, acknowledging that some of these will not appear as mechanics... Here are some of my favorite mechanics.

  • Multi-use cards
  • Tableau building 
  • Engine building 
  • Variable player powers 
  • Hand management 

I tend to be about the entire game package but mechanisms that at least get my interest are (in no order):

  • Deck/bag/pool building
  • Hand Management
  • Worker Placement
  • Programming
  • Variable Setup
  • Variable Player Powers
  • Rondel
  • Connections
  • Legacy aspects
  • Tile Placement