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Popular Hidden Traitor Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Hidden Traitor mechanic.
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Board games like Among Us? Like| 4 comments | [+]
My Top 5 (or kind of 8) that play 5 or more [Coup, Archipelago, 7 Wonders, Not Alone, Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game]Like| 10 comments | [+]
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I think #Betrayal at House on the Hill could make for a good horror romp, maybe not a long running show but a mini-series could be cool. I guess you could try something like how they did the legacy version with each season being a different generation to show off different hauntings (I never played the legacy version but the concept sounded interesting, although I heard in practice it didn't quite work). I think if you went non-scripted it would make for a great game show, each with a different twist and one player becoming the 'traitor' part way through, maybe with more of the hauntings having hidden traitors.

If they were scripted I reckon #Diplomacy could make for a good satirical political drama. With dispassionate politicians carving up the world and betraying each other.

Obviously #Magic: The Gathering has a pretty rich collection of source material and some wonderful concepts for a fantasy adventure series, with characters moving through all manner of bizarre and beautiful terrains and meeting strange of terrifying creatures. 

I feel like I'm always surprised at how much RPGs raise, but I guess I shouldn't be. RPGs aren't as disparate as board games are, especially when a lot of them use the same or similar systems, so their fanbase isn't divided where it might be in board games. "I don't like hidden traitor games" etc.

My favorite game moments are the following:

1. Amazing dice rolls/strategy - Risk Legacy/Dice Throne

2. Story games w/ difficult/sensitive decisions - This War of Mine/Pandemic Legacy Season 1 & 2.

3. Hidden Traitor Games/Negation games - Dead of Winter/Game of Thrones

I think the obvious is #Ultimate Werewolf and anything in the #Werewolf family.

I personally hate hidden traitor games. I hate lying/bluffing in games. I'm not good at it, and I just stressed out, haha. I felt the same way playing #Coup and #The Chameleon, which are not hidden traitor games, but straight bluffing games. It's part of the reason I don't like poker either.

Bluffing through actions on a board or by the cards I'm playing is a different story, but if there's a social aspect to the bluffing, I am out, haha.

Some of the games that aren't necessarily about a hidden traitor but at least give me the same feeling of trying to decieve are #Coup, #Poker, #Skull, and #Sheriff of Nottingham. They each give me that same adrenaline when I'm trying to make something work and need others to be convinced of it too!

So much fun.

I love #Shadows Over Camelot, I also wish I had it in my collection. That said I would recommend #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game or #Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game as good alternative hidden traitor games.

#7 Wonders of course! Some other good ones are #Dune and #Evolution: Climate (personal favorites of mine). Most Stonemaier games play well at 5-6 too! #Sushi Go Party! is good for a light game for a bigger group.

It seems like you're into bluffing/hidden traitor/etc. type games, is that a fair assessment?