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Had my in-laws over, and we played some simpler games with them:

  • #Santorini - we bought this for them for Christmas, and I taught it to them. My father in law picked it up quick and seemed to really enjoy it, and my mother in law said she could see herself getting into it, so hopefully they play it at home!
  • #Sushi Go! - we had played this with them previously, but we reminded them how to play. They enjoyed it and we played twice.
  • #Point Salad - also played this one twice. It's just a fun, simple game.

On Sunday a friend came over and we got a few games on.

  • #Baseball Highlights: 2045 - I love this game. I had an Amazon gift card from Christmas, so I picked up 4 of the expansions (10-15 cards each), and we played with them mixed in this time. So much fun. Our world series went the full 7 games and went down to the wire. I'm going to be looking up different formats for playing, because it is more fun to have more of the better free agents in your deck at the end of the game rather than having a bunch of starter cards still.
  • #War Chest with #War Chest: Nobility expansion - finally got the expansion played, and it is really fun! Just adds another set of choices to the game without shaking it up too much or adding much in the way of rules overhead.
  • #7 Wonders Duel - taught him this game, and it went well! He enjoyed it and even ended up beating me in a very back and forth, tense game. Hadn't played this one in a while, so I was glad to get it to the table!

Birthday weekend so I got a lot of games played.

On Saturday hosted another gaming marathon

  1. 2 Games of #Mechs vs. Minions @ 3 player.  Did the first two scenarios.  Won both but it was pretty close both times.  I am really enjoying this game.  For the 2nd game we ended up with almost 90 minions on the board for the last turn, which was awesome.    Minions, minions everywhere
  2. 1 Game of #Beyond the Sun @ 3 player.  Two of us had played previously and 1 new player.  Scores were a lot tighter this time around then the first time I played.  I came in 2nd by 1 point. 
  3. 1 Game of #Rajas of the Ganges  @ 3 player.  I ran away with this by really pushing my fame track.  Was new to one player who could/should have pushed his money track a lot harder than he did.  He was big into one of the market types. 
  4. 1 game of #Sagrada @ 2 players.  I won by 4 points.  Really enjoy for a quick light game to end the night.

On Sunday went to visit my family to celebrate and played a bunch of family/party games

  1. 1 Game of #Just One @ 9 players.  A couple of people rotated in/out but had a blast.  Trying to get my mom to guess Magnets with only a single clue (pole) was fun.  Lots of laughter around this one. 
  2. 3 games of #Point Salad, 1 game at 4, 2 games at 5 players.  Had a bunch of fun with this.  Taught to most of the players.  Watching my sister lightly smack her husband for forcing her to take an onion with the last card and losing 6 points was hilarious.  It also cost her the win (96 to 92 points)
  3. 1 Game of #Bohnanza @ 5 players was lots of fun as well.  Nice playing with my nephews and brothers. 

Thursday got in 1 game of #GKR Heavy Hitters @3p.  Such a different game than at 2 players.  For the first time saw a tagging strategy almost work.  Would have won but missed on 2 of my 3 attacks in the penultimate round. 

Had a friend visit Friday night so played

#Downforce: Wild Ride Expansion w/ 3 players This was an interesting race in that we all basically raced one of our cars to the front to form a break away pack and didn't move the other 3 until the first 3 had crossed the finish line.  Scores ended up being pretty close with $1 between 1st and 2nd.

2 games of #Blokus - New game for 2 of the 3 but so simple to teach and play.  Really enjoying this spurge purchase from last week.

On Saturday I organized another full day of gaming to take advantage of my friends visit.

1 game of #Dominations: Road to Civilization w/ 4 players.  First time play for all of us.  5.5 hrs from set up, rules teach to end game.  Would definitly play faster in the future with additional plays now that we all know the rules and how things work, but is probably best at 2 or 3 players.  Not sure I would ever 4 players again unless everyone knew the game really well.  I really liked though.  Scores were roughly 380, 330, 280, 260.  I rewatched Tom Vassels review of the game after the play and would agree with just about everything he said in the review. 

1 Game of #Point Salad w/ 4 players.  Such a fun and great game.  A nice break after the brain burner that was Dominations. 

1 game of #Adrenaline w/ 4 players.  Really nice and fairly tight game.  This is a game that benefits from regular play.

3 games of #For Sale w/ 3 players.  Got to use my new 3d Printed money screens.  Love this game. 

I finally had a chance to get my Christmas copy of #Wingspan (the one I bought on sale back in September from GameNerdz for either my wife or me-it ended up being for me and she got #Point Salad and #Tenzi instead) to the table. Yeah!

I solo played two players so I could get a feel of the game.  The instructions are fairly straight forward but the swift start pack sure makes it easy to get started with the game!

I sure enjoyed it and can't wait to get it to the table again.  My wife was impressed by how beautiful it looks, so she might be joining me in a game.

I played some easy-breezy games this week. But some of them were new to me, so it took a little extra effort to learn them first.

I played the first version of #Azul

I played #Silver & Gold

I played #Point Salad

and I played #Odin's Ravens: A Mythical Race Game for Two Players

It's a busy time of year, I didn't have much time but just had to squeeze these in....

#Innovation - My wife and I are on 2 plays of this game and really love it.  Seems to be a lot of replayability with this one.

#Point Salad - Quick little time filler game to play.  I always seem to under draft point cards and end up with a low score.  Trying to put all your eggs in one basket doesn't work in this game.

#Florenza: The Card Game - Found this gem at the thrift store for a couple of bucks.  There's a lot of cards to manage in your hand but plenty of potential in this game. Resource management is one of my favorite mechanics.

My only game related goals for this year are: 1. play more games this year (and log them here at BGA); and 2. hold a game night twice a month with some neighbors (only two neighbors so far-four more are waiting out the health crisis).

So far, I've played seven different games in January, some of them more than once (like #Point Salad and #Tenzi).  I've only had one game night this month with one neighbor and we played two games.  January is busy trying to wrap up year-end bookkeeping for clients and file tax forms for several of them, so I had to cancel one game night.

However, I was actually surpised I played so many games this month! I hope that's a good sign for the year ahead!

I would definitely not consider Point Salad for the "lifetime to master" category

Glad to see I'm enabling more of the community here lol! I actually JUST set up another trade with BoardGameCo because honestly the shelf space I gained from the last trade was quickly taken up. This time around I'm trading:

#War Chest (sorry lol), #Mystic Market, #Point Salad, #Roland Wright: The Dice Game, and #Paladins of the West Kingdom.

Point Salad and Mystic Market I've been okay with getting rid of for awhile - just had to convince Sarah to part with them which turned out to be easier than expected. Paladins was pretty disappointing for me as I've discussed on here before. I think it has to do with me just being pretty bad at the game and it taking forever to set up. If I were any better at it, I'd have a little more desire to play it over the loads of other games I own. War Chest I like enough, but Sarah really doesn't. I honestly could have gifted it to either my brother or a friend or two just to keep it nearby, but again too many other games to play over it. Finally Roland Wright was one of the several roll and write (go figure lol) games I got from a Secret Santa. I had zero interest in playing it after checking out reviews.

In return I'm getting a NIS copy of #Trajan which I'm really excited about. 

Outside of my BoardGameCo trades, I've made a lot of trades in math trades both through BGG and Abecorn which the Board Game Barrage podcast uses for theirs. I find shipping to be a real deterrent sometimes but when you think about the idea of giving up a game you don't really play anymore for one you're excited to play for a few bucks, it sometimes is more palatable. Interestingly I find myself trading away games that I traded for more often than games I've purchased myself. Although I guess recently that hasn't been the case with the need for more room on the shelves.

Looking forward to hearing more about your experience with BoardGameCo when you get your games!

Sounds like a lot of fun! Although we have #Qwixx going in a stocking and both #Point Salad (for my wife) and #Wingspan (for me) are under the tree, I don't think they'll see game time over the weekend.  One: we leave Sunday for a week-long trip to Las Vegas and I think I'd be shot if I took a board game with me (a simple card game may be ok and it might only be me playing); Two: my family isn't as interested in board games as I am, so If Wingspan sees anything other than solo play until a future game night, I'll be surprised.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

1. I am somwhat interested in GtR. I owned and sold the original (ugly) version. Enjoyed the game play. Too confusing for my playing partners at the time. I have spent more than $250 on some games (expansions, upgrades, crowd funding campaigns) so yes. I didn't think I would but I suppose that I would.

2. Enjoyment is tricky to valuate. #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine stands out as my "Game of The Year". #On Tour was my most played game. But #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated is one of the best gaming experiences ever!

3. My biggest surprise is the double header of #Point Salad and #Truffle Shuffle. Easy, portable, tough mini decisions. Everyone can play. I though they would be just another pair of card games to toss in the pile. These are great!

4. My Top 5 games of all time:
#Scythe - Resources, expansion, fast turns, meaningful decisions, a touch of randomness, awesome expansions, beautiful.
#The Castles of Burgundy - Fast to play, highly variable, dice rolling with mitigation, multiple strategies.
#El Grande - Still the best area control, El Castillo, variability, intrigue.
#Concordia - Deck building with muti-purpose cards, exploration, resources, clever combinations, awesome expansions.
#Endeavor: Age of Sail - Engine building with exploration, thematically brilliant, fabulous presentation, modular

Good post. My wife's name is Kelsey and she doesn't like games longer than an hour and is a light-medium weight gamer.

1. Games I thought Kelsey would like.

    #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale - Kelsey likes #Welcome to... and #Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama and Tetris, so I felt like this one was going to be an immediate hit. She also enjoys a little take that in games, so I felt like the monster cards would help her enjoy that game more. However, it fell a little flat for her. I haven't given up hope though. She has only played it once and it was near the end of a long night of gaming with some friends. I'll have to bring it out again sometime soon.

  #Point Salad - I'm not really sure why Kelsey didn't love this game. She did dislike it, but it wasn't a big hit. She's a big fan of #Sushi Go!, so I thought this might be a hit. I know they are not identical games, but some reviews seemed to connect the two. 

2. Games I have high hopes for.

  #Targi - I got this game about two months ago, and it hasn't hit the table yet. However, I hope to play it with Kelsey soon. I would love to introduce her to the worker placement mechanic. It is a mechanic I enjoy and would like to play more of.

  #Century: Spice Road - I just got this game as an early Christmas gift from my wife's sister. We celebrated Christmas with my wife's family at Thanksgiving. I hope Kelsey will like this one. It definitely meets her time limit and weight preferences. It has been a game I have wanted to try out for a while now.

  #Downforce - I bought this game on sale a week ago and plan to take it to my family's Christmas celebration to play with family (a mix of adults and kids). I hope it goes well, and it will become a good game to play with my wife and daughter, who is 6.


Great question to think about.

These are games I'm hoping to play, but seeing as my wife recently decided (last week) that we needed to go to Las Vegas (it's one of the top two cities on our exchange student's must-see list) after Christmas (27th to the 31st), my chances of playing anything until mid-January is slim to none. (I'll be cramming two weeks of work into 3.5 days before Christmas!)

#Wingspan is under the tree

#Azul: Summer Pavilion is a recent acquisition we need to play that again soon

#King of Tokyo another recent acquisition with power up pack on order

#Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game just because it's so fun

#Point Salad which is on order for my wife 

#Point Salad is a lot of fun. I haven't played it much, but I've really enjoyed it so far. #Wingspan, #Azul: Summer Pavilion, and #King of Tokyo are all on my wishlist. Sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck on cramming that into 3.5 days.

I enjoyed #Azul: Summer Pavilion a lot.  I was tiring of the original, so this breathed some life into that sort of game.  What did you like about #Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game?  I've heard mixed reviews, but it's been on my radar.  Can't go wrong with #Point Salad!