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These are the board games with the Modular Board mechanic.
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Very cool looking components.  The game doesn't look too exciting to me as it seems like it's mostly a puzzle, which isn't really my bag.  However, I do think the 3D modular board aspect is neat.  I'm sure this will fit with the right crowd/player.  Outside of how awesome the Llama meeples look though the game doesn't hold a lot of interest.

But... if there ever were a game that had mechanics I'd lie with awesome Meeple Llamas I'd be all over it.

Here's more info on CloudAge:

Picture of components

Alexander Pfister and the publisher added in the comments section that:

  • Deck-building is a very small aspect of the game
  • There's no race happening on the modular board
  • Cities and fields become more valuable from start to end

I would say Quantum is one game. Though I think some things about quantum could be better, the artwork is great, components are quality, replayability is decent due to modular board, and lastly, it’s just a fun little game! Sad it’s out of print, but I still got my hands on it! Haha

Well I only have 8 games on my wishlist and most of them are $50+ (with the exception of #Scythe: Modular Board and #Dune

Nice! I've been waiting to hear your thoughts on Spirit Island. I believe it has a modular board as well? Seems like it has a ton of replay value in so many different way, and I always love asymmetry or variable player powers.

@trentellingsen has a copy but it hasn't come out yet. Hope to try it some day (Trent's typically not a big fan of co-ops but maybe he'll like this?)