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Star Realms board game
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Lords of Waterdeep board game
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Coup board game
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Cosmic Encounter board game
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Magic: The Gathering board game
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Imperial Settlers board game
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Colt Express board game
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Smash Up board game
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Rising Sun board game
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Survive: Escape From Atlantis board game
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I have a few:

#Star Wars: Rebellion I would love to play but don;t think I'd get anyone who wanted to invest the time to play and it would be too intimidating.  I already have #Firefly The Game and it only gets about one play a year (but I love it!).  

#Brass: Birmingham is a game on my list and while I think these a chance to get it played with others I do have some fear it will struggle to get plays.  I am hopeful I have a group of whiskey sipping friends willing to sit down to this one though.

#Edge of Darkness is a game I'd love to play but don't see anyone being willing to sit through it with me.  Seems to have mixed reviews which makes it tough to sell if I was to get it and find it fall short of expectations.

#Rising Sun is rated highly and seems like it would be fun and I'd love to play but again, I never see the time or willingness for other's to play.  

#Paperback I'd love to play and I can see getting my family to play this one!!  

If I were to recommend trying one of them it would probably be #Colt Express, it is pleasantly different to a lot of games I have played.

True, but it can definitely be the case that a game grows on you as you play it more (and vice versa). I know I didn't think much of #Coup the first time I played it but now it is one of my favourite quick group games. 

I pretty always impulse buy if I find a game in a charity shop, if I don't know the game I will usually google it and if it has an average rating above a 6.5/10 and the theme/mechanics appeal I will usually take it, I always figure that if I get one game out of it, even if it is laughably bad then it is worth the £2-£5 I pay for it.

Winners from Charity shops have been: #King of Tokyo (great gateway game), #Gloom, #War on Terror (hilariously satirical, a better version of risk), #Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game (just a wonderful group activity)

Games that I have only played once or twice and then passed on: #Smash Up (liked it but realised it just wouldn't get played much), #Game of Thrones: The Card Game (again, it wasn't bad, but wasn't looking to get into a CCG) #Munchkin (similar story, not good enough to see regular play, knew a friend of mine would enjoy it a lot more)

I have occaisionally been suckered in on a great deal on Ebay, I am now much more discerning but when I first had disposable income, I was picking up any interesting looking games if I felt I was getting a good deal. I buy most of my games second hand, but the following are games I didin't search for and just came across.

Winners: #The Grizzled (so good and bought for like £2, a small co-op which I haven't found many of), #Choson (set collection with a bunch of take that, quick but wonderfully tactical, aslo bought it for £1.20 so can't complain), #Supervillain: This Galaxy Is Mine! (stayed on my shelf of shame for a long time, one I will write about this week)

Losers: #The Staufer Dynasty (I really need to give this another chance, but it was just a little dry first time around)

I think I go through phases of a particular theme/mechanic really appealing. However, Asymmetry is a massive pull for me, and any kind of deck/engine building being incorporated, or just generally upgrading your faciont/character, this doesn't have to be the core mechanic, but I like to growth in a game.

Thanks, I took a quick look at all of those games. I forgot about #Colt Express! Hmmm I should check out a video on that one this weekend. I know enough about the game but never got to the point to see how it actually plays.

Part of it, yes, I haven't really had a chance to explore Cry Havoc yet so figured getting another asymmetric area control game might be overkill. I have never played Blood rage but I have played #Rising Sun. I really enjoyed the combat in that also, although I thought it was overproduced and could have done without all the miniatures.

Didn't expect to see #Lords of Waterdeep haha, I can see how you struggled with L. I initially thought about making this exercise using each letter of your full name but I personally found that way too difficult lol. And there was also the dilemma of "should I go with my first name? I can get #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) that way.... but I can get #Root if I went with my last name!" 

Flip Ships is always a good time with whoever I've played with. It's so much fun. 

Another good one is #Cosmic Factory, by the same designer as Flip Ships. It's played over a series of rounds, with the main part being a one-minute real-time scramble for players to build their own personal galaxy with the tiles they drafted. It's lighthearted but still has some strategy to it. I really like this one (and need to get it back to the table).

#Colt Express is a wild good time. It's action programming, and depending on what others do, your turn could go south quickly. It's a ton of fun, so long as you don't put too much stock in your action sequence (because things can--and will--go wrong). 

Real-space games like #Turbo Drift (designed by my friend, actually) and #Techno Witches (the game he got inspiration from) are also tons of fun. Using cards/templates to move your car/witch from A to B--without crashing--is a lot of fun. I'd give those a look for sure.

This is fun! Unfortunately I haven't come up with a good set that I feel like represents my game interests super well, but I'll put down what I have so far:

  • D: #Dune - Ok yes I love this game. I don't, however, think it is representative of my overall tastes. It's long and epic, and pretty ruthless. None of those are qualities I gravitate toward in games.
  • C: #Concordia - I didn't include my middle initial at first, but Concordia is so great that I have to!
  • L: #Lords of Waterdeep - This is a game I like, but not necessarily love. I will gladly play it any time, though. I did give it as a gift to my brother in law last Christmas, so I'm sure once social distancing guidelines are lifted, we'll try to get it to the table. Another option at this letter would be #Lost Cities - another game I enjoy but don't love.

#Splendor take up too much space for us to take generally.   Probably the same for #7 Wonders Duel#Cat Lady and #Welcome to... and #The Fox in the Forest I like in general.  They are smaller boxes which would be good for packing.  I would personally bring #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Innovation, #Friday, #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs, #Love Letter, and probably a couple of #Magic: The Gathering decks.  

I feel like #Arctic Scavengers: Base Game + HQ + Recon would be my favorite but I've never had the opportunity to play it more than 2-player which I think would improve the game.

#Star Realms is always good for a quick 2 player game

I like deckbuilding games, my favorite deckbuilder is #Star Trek: Frontiers. Of course, deckbuilding is only one of many parts of this superb game. 

If I have to go with a purer deckbuilder my first pick would be #Dominion: Second Edition and my second is #Star Realms.  

The two deck builders I have played and have resonated with me are #Star Realms and any Aeon's End game. Love the implementation and the feeling of growth in these!

I think the only deck builder I've played is #Star Realms, which is a cool game. Great game in terms of box size to game ratio.

#Century: Golem Edition and #Concordia have kind of a slow "hand building" mechanism, but I don't really think that's the same thing.

I've backed #Dale of Merchants on Kickstarter, so I'm waiting for that, but that seems like a really fun, customizable deck builder with tons of variety.

The only other one that's really caught my eye is #Baseball Highlights: 2045. I love baseball, so the theme appeals to me, but by all accounts, it's a great game aside from the theme.

  • #Dune - going into a battle in which I was pretty clearly outnumbered, and pulling a traitor and absolutely destroying any chances of my friend winning. He went from having ALL of his troops on the board to having zero.
  • #Western Legends just recently. It was just a ton of fun.
  • Just seeing my wife grow in her appreciation for games in general.
  • Any time I've shown a game to a non-gamer/casual-gamer friend and they say something to the effect of "wow, that was really fun!" It's happened with #Century: Golem Edition, #Lords of Waterdeep, and just recently with #Horrified and #Everdell.

Some of my moments have been

  • When my wife was the one who initiated to play a board game.
  • Playing #Viticulture: Essential Edition with friends and then each week playing it again and again getting more competitive
  • Playing #Magic: The Gathering at Grand Prix Las Vegas. What a weekend! It was such a blast.
  • Playing #Spyfall with my house church group (12 people from my church that meets weekly) over Zoom. It felt like a game that really shined over Zoom rather than felt hindered by doing it online.
  • Starting and getting consumed by #Gloomhaven with my wife for several weeks!

I really didn't think I would have so many, as a lot of my games collection is curated to appeal to the four people I can actually play with regularly, which includes a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old. But here's my list:

  1. #Wingspan
  2. #Pandemic
  3. #Carcassonne
  4. #7 Wonders Duel
  5. #Santorini
  6. #Catan
  7. #Kingdomino
  8. #King of Tokyo
  9. #Forbidden Island
  10. #Clank!
  11. #Coup
  12. #Sushi Go!
  13. #Ticket to Ride: Europe
  14. #Dixit
  15. #The Resistance
  16. #Takenoko
  17. #Mysterium
  18. #Stone Age
  19. #Hive
  20. #Magic: The Gathering