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Popular Loans Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Loans mechanic.
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Archipelago is one of my favourites. I don't know how you played it (would be interested to know) but the only time I have seen it fall flat is when the group approached it like a straight Euro/economic game i.e. everyone was just trying to gather all their own resources and complete their own projects under their own power. When played like that it is a fairly inelegant action selection/resource gathering game. However, I believe that is intentional on the designers part as what I think it plans to encourage you to do is negotiate and trade with the other players as this leads to much more efiicent play (but obviously you are each trying to get the beset deal). Because it is such a broad game, there is scope to make not just straight trades for goods, but also agreements about use of land (especially once towns come into play), trading with the market on behalf of someone using ports/markets (while getting a cut yourself), embargoing someone who you believe might be a traitor, trading for other players secret objectives etc. We have had loans being given out, alliances formed, and all the negotiation over who is going to sort out each crisis (and at what cost). That for me is where this game really comes alive. 

However, that really fits with what my group of friends likes in a game: discussion and stuff happening 'above' the table. If that isn't how you like to play I can well imagine this game not really popping for ou as there are much better 'pure' Euro games out there that are more multiplayer solitaire in design.

Would really like to hear more about what you felt was lacking.