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Tons of people would buy a La La Land Adventure Co-op that had you as Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone working through the events of the film. The problem is that most of those people are not board gamers and it would be hard to find them.

I've only seen 2 of these movies, but I voted for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, because I think you could do some interesting things around the whole Manson story. It would be grim, of course, but it's an interesting story. The movie, however, is not totally accurate to the real events, but that would work for a game because you can tell your own story with the setting and characters.

As for existing movie based games, I can think of a few off the top of my head.

I just named a bunch of games that are supposed to be pretty good (I've only played 2 of them). I'm sure there are many more that are bad, haha. Overall though, I'd say that movies seem to work fairly well as themes for board games, with the added incentive of attracting the movie's audience.

I have had a very busy time of it since we last had one of these threads.  Hopefully I can remember correctly:


I was just thinking we haven't heard from you in a while.

Honestly, as far as Gaming Group goes nothing is getting in the way of that.  We've been getting together at least once a month since May.  I'm really thankful for that.

However, my solo gaming has been way down.  That's almost solely because I picked up a Switch in June and now I'm knee deep in Zelda with some other long games in the wait.

Of course, there are the things that keep my gaming group to once a month, work, kids, other familiy/friend events.  Someday I hope that I can up that gaming group together more.

This reminded me of the tavern in Pixar's Onward!

Food - For something that's more hearty/filling, I would prefer something simple that doesn't require utensils. And something that's convenient to eat while playing. A well-wrapped sandwich that doesn't fall apart immediately would satisfy me :)

Aesthetic - I like cafes that have a welcoming vibe for any type of people out there. I'd like to see a rustic decor with lots of exposed wood. And it could be decorated for specific themes every now and then.

Activities - Besides playing the available board games? Hmmm I'd want to have events that incentivize paying for food or for renting out the place. For incentivizing buying food instead of having customers who stick around forever, I'd offer a small giveaway based on a raffle system where you get a ticket for every drink/food purchases. As for rentals, I'd work with local companies for setting up team exercise days, themed weddings, etc. Other events could include something like tournaments for a lighter game, or making it easier for new people to get to know each other during Valentine's Day.

Type of games offered - As many as possible! Especially great if you could have Kickstarter games. If you manage to create an awesome experience for my friends and families, I'd probably feel loyal enough to buy games from the cafe even if it means paying way more. On that note, I'd also try to find out whether there are potential partnership opportunities with local game stores, to see if you could work together.

Yeah tournaments and events are a big thing I want. The raffle and other ways to give free food sound like a good idea to get people hooked.

I appreciate your insight Artem and the new game sounds exciting!

Where are you from originally and can you pinpoint something about your surroundings or the events of your life that got you into designing games? When was that moment you said "I can do this"?

I am a huge Clank fan so I think the Legacy is better, but I would always recommend starting with the original Clank. Both to see if you like it and to get the mechanics down. Legacy takes it to a new level and it is a good one. The ongoing events are great. I like it better than Clank in Space too.

#Star Wars: Epic Duels Game is my personal favorite, especially when played in teams. Just a fun, simple skirmish game with a cool hand management mechanic. The decks do a good job of differentiating characters.

I would love to see a new version with more characters. (I know #Unmatched Game System is supposed to be a re-implementation, but it looks like they unnecessarily complicated it.)

I was a big X-Wing fan and ran events at my FLGS for years. But I got off the merry-go-round when FFG did the second edition. Fun game, terrible distribution model.

I am on one I use for playing board games with my university friends and another I joined in order to play test #Fjordar. I only use the former now. I actually find discord really useful for chatting to a consistent group, I do keep trying to get my local board game group to use it rather than zoom but some of them are unwilling to try out new things so was a bit of a non-starter.

I think using it to organise games within the BGA community or hosting the Q&A type events could be really fun. 

For a game that is quite challenging to learn and play, Gianluca has made a great job. By sticking to adding new content and ideas, rather than new rules and features, we don't have to trouble ourselves with learning new rules. The Betrayal is basically an extension of stories and events for the epic Mage Knight Universe.