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We got four players to the table for a game of #Obsession saturday evening.  We noted that with four players the rooms come close to running out and meeples have to be brabbe quick if you want more than just footmen.  One player (the winner) went heavy and hard on the sporting estate upgrades and even though only one courtship card was for sporting events he still ended up winning pretty handily.  I am curious in future games if this will prove to be an unbalanced edge to the person who gets the most sporting tiles.

#Dice Forge made it to the table for a four player family game last week and appearently our cat loves the dice as well.  We lost one that was dragged away by the cat.  Two days later we found where he was hidding it.  Stupid cat.

I struggled through two solo games of #Clans of Caledonia using Clan Ferguson.  I did pretty terribly.  71 and 79...so I guess my clan got wiped out you could say.  Getting enough settlements to grab the end-game score of 18 points was challenging and I think I focused too much on the early goals instead of building more.  

I was just thinking we haven't heard from you in a while.

Honestly, as far as Gaming Group goes nothing is getting in the way of that.  We've been getting together at least once a month since May.  I'm really thankful for that.

However, my solo gaming has been way down.  That's almost solely because I picked up a Switch in June and now I'm knee deep in Zelda with some other long games in the wait.

Of course, there are the things that keep my gaming group to once a month, work, kids, other familiy/friend events.  Someday I hope that I can up that gaming group together more.

I had an awesome week!

#Blood Rage - got some revenge playing with the expansion #Blood Rage: Mystics of Midgard with a high score of 185 (2p)

#Dune: Imperium - convinced some friends to test it out on TTS for the first time. Took a while since we were all learning. Really enjoyed it, but feel like we misplayed or the focus is way more on the combat than I expected. Need to play it again to see.

#Root - played twice on TTS and I had a blast. Awesome people on Discord, help out with new factions and overall super experience. Highly recommend!

#King of Tokyo came out yesterday with #King of Tokyo: Power Up expansion and had fun 3 player game. Cute, simple, and fun. 

#Blueprints - got the dust off it and also played 3 players and had some fun. Super elegant design, never ceases to amaze me.

and wrapped up with:

#Everdell (3p) with some components of the #Everdell: Bellfaire Expansion - had a first time player, so some curve to overcome for her, but I scored my highest ever at 73 points with some crazy combos of King card and managing to catch 3 basic events and 2 special ones. Love this game and just got notification that #Everdell: Spirecrest is arriving today in the mail.

Hope you all had a great week and this one is even better!


#6 Nimmt! is great at all player counts and the higher player count changes the strategy and increases the chaos.  Doesn't matter though since its such a quick/fun/silly game.

#Wits & Wagers Party Edition is great at all player counts and I've bought extra dry erase boards so I can go higher than the player count when taking it to family events.

#Gloomhaven is fun from Solo to all 4 players.  It does a great job of scaling. 

#For Sale is geat at all player counts.

#Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition#Welcome to... - All roll & writes work no matter the player count

#Azul - while the strategy changes depending on player counts...all are fun

In general the following things would be true:

  1. Co-ops in general work at all player counts since everyone is working together
  2. Area control games typically play better at the higher player counts then lower player counts.
  3. Games with simultanious action selection works well with games with higher player counts (5+) so that the down time between turns/actions is reduced. 
  4. Games that are silly/light also play better at higher player counts because there is less AP that can drag the game down.  If you are playing with 10 people in #6 Nimmt! there is very little planning you can do so  just pick a card and hope for the best. 

So tough to rank them! Not Fair !!

But, if I have to:

1. #Dune: Imperium  -- played it online and twice in my personal copy -- really enjoying this take on deck building + worker placement

2. #Three Sisters  -- Matt & Ben from Motor City Gameworks have another hit going to KS -- if you like "heavier" roll and writes, or maybe you really enjoyed Fleet: The Dice Game, you should check this one out in March

3. #Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef -- I was pleasantly surprised at this one -- it looked like another overproduced KS but the engine of the game is really fun -- love the way that you can work with your character to specialize as you take actions all across the islands -- plus that little bit of push your luck is juicy

4. #Vigilante  -- another KS preview, this time a 3-6 player (we've only played 3 due to COVID) semi-cooperative -- team of superheroes trying to take down the bad guys -- but is your teammate a bad guy too? Love the events that are controlled by dice, and especially love the neutral characters

5. #Karmaka  -- Jay Bell brought this game from 2016 that doesn't look like much by the cover, but inside, you find some great art and a surprisingly meaty little card game. I found it a smidge too long but that's just being picayune. Solid game to start the game night


I try to simply play more games as opposed to any specific games.  I don't think I have any Christmas themed games in my collection but playing with a Red/Green #Magic: The Gathering deck seems to hit the spot at times.

I do feel #Rococo: Deluxe Edition has a festive feel to it and works for holiday events. #Everdell has a little bit of a holiday feel due to moving through the seasons from rounds to round. #Scythe has snow or at least feels cold and so lends itself toward being played over the winter months.

I forgot about Starling Games, and Tabletop Tycoon is new to me. But all it takes is for me to see the name "Dan Yarrington" and suddenly I know it can't be good. I haven't been a personal witness to any of these past events, but I've seen a lot of complaints when I looked them up. So I don't think you're wrong to feel irked by this situation; I think most people would agree with you. I know I do (unless, as you said, if they were going to market those pieces themselves, then it makes complete sense to do that). 

There's some upgrade bits and pieces I've favorited on Etsy. While nothing under Starling Games or Tabletop Tycoon, I'm wondering if I should purchase something before it's too late. I really want to take a break from all my recent purchases though. 

This is awesome.  I love this idea and will write up a more detailed recap when I have time (probably this weekend).  For both my Season 1 and Season 2 I wrote a "diary" entry after each play through I printed a copy and gave to each of the guys who played and put a copy in the box.  Its fun to look back and remember certain events from the games.  I haven't started doing that with Season 0 yet but this may be the motivation I need to do it.

Regarding your question about doing a post per month - I wonder if it might be easier if we and anyone else just documents each month in this post.  Do it as a reply to your previous month, this keeps  your entire narrative in a single post.  However, that does mean that their might be spoilers for people who haven't completed a particular month yet and since I'm probably not getting to play game month March until at least 2021 it might be better to do seperate posts. 

I've talked myself into doing a different montlhy post.