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These are the board games with the Voting mechanic.
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GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT ON MARS MESS!!!  (ok that was a bit aggressive!)

Out of the list of games you put I would guess Jaws.  For me personally, though I would have gone with #Merchants Cove, but I do not think it will actually deliver till 2021.  Some of the game that I have enjoyed that came out this year are

#The One Hundred Torii 

#Sorcerer City

#Tang Garden

#The Court of Miracles

But I do not think I would call them out as being game of the year...

Out of the games I have actually played this year I think my top at the moment, without deep thought is, Vast: The Mysterious Manor (if that is actualyl a 2020...it might be a 2019)

Anyhow for me the judging should be whatever you like it to be!  Just not voting by members of the site.


i'm trying to be all "$200 voucher eh... no big deal.. i hope a deserving user gets it" but on the inside i'm all "thor if you can hear me, make sure i win that voucher"

1. I've been thinking for a while, it might be nice to have a discover page about a users top 10? Then you can click into it to chat to that user in a thread or something. Atm there are top 10s for various prominent reviewers but maybe every once in a while we could see some games that the community likes because that could generate discussion on the forum which is what I enjoy. I also wondered if we will be voting for our game of the year or something? that could be cool. (caveat: i never click into the discover section, i just look at the spotlight on the front page so im talking about that)
2. fave game at the moment is probably #Startups. It's just such a neat little package and every time I play it the 'amount' of game in the box surprises me.

Just based on a cursory glance it seems like #The King's Dilemma would be right in my wheel house.  Bias, traitor, voting, yes please.

I voted Root before, so I'm voting Root again.  Also, I don't know anything about the other games, so.....

I have a hard time voting in these types of polls because I so rarely have played more than two or three of the options, so it feels weird to vote for what I think is the best if I don't know most or all of them.  I've played Star Realms, Dominion, and Clank and probably enjoy Clank most but not because I enjoy the deck building most, so it's kind of another weird layer to this. I like the combination of push your luck and deck building that makes the game bigger than the deck building aspect of the game.

I've been having issues voting in this poll: "There was an error in saving your vote. Please try again."