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These are the board games with the Alliances mechanic.
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Team play is the only way I would consider playing anything that resembles coop.

The only game I have that official does this is #1775: Rebellion which is a pretty good experiece as long as you have two people who can work well together (no QBing or taking a back seat).

I do tend to love games that have semi-team (temporary alliances) with plenty of chance to backstab though.

I had an awesome week, game-wise! Obviously Monday was Labor Day, but my wife and I also took Tuesday off to celebrate our anniversary, so that helped too. On Friday I had a friend come over and we played 3 different games as well!

  • #Res Arcana @ 2p - our second time playing this. I enjoyed it a lot! I actually won this time, haha
  • #Everdell @ 2p - I beat her by ONE POINT somehow. It was a high-scoring game for us (68-67)
  • #Root @ 3p - finished a TTS game we had started the week before. I won as the Eyrie!
  • #Paladins of the West Kingdom @ 2p - my friend brought this over again and this time be beat me BY ONE POINT. How do so many of our games finish this way lol
  • #Horrified @ 3p - we showed our friend this one for the first time. We played against the Wolfman and the Creature From The Black Lagoon and eked out a victory (if we took one more hit, we'd have lost)
  • #War Chest 3x @ 2p - my friend and I played 3 times in a row. We love this game!
  • #Wingspan @ 2p with my wife - nice Saturday morning game. It plays fairly quickly with 2 players who know the game well. She beat my by a comfortable margin
  • #Dune with #Dune: Ixians & Tleilaxu House Expansion @ 5p - the one I've been looking forward to for a couple of weeks. We had one guy cancel last minute, which was kind of annoying, but the game was still lots of fun. It was a very weird game - no Atreides or Harkonnen, no alliances ever, almost ended on round 1. It actually went 4 rounds, which is by far the shortest one we've played. If there's interest I can write up a full postgame report.

Archipelago is one of my favourites. I don't know how you played it (would be interested to know) but the only time I have seen it fall flat is when the group approached it like a straight Euro/economic game i.e. everyone was just trying to gather all their own resources and complete their own projects under their own power. When played like that it is a fairly inelegant action selection/resource gathering game. However, I believe that is intentional on the designers part as what I think it plans to encourage you to do is negotiate and trade with the other players as this leads to much more efiicent play (but obviously you are each trying to get the beset deal). Because it is such a broad game, there is scope to make not just straight trades for goods, but also agreements about use of land (especially once towns come into play), trading with the market on behalf of someone using ports/markets (while getting a cut yourself), embargoing someone who you believe might be a traitor, trading for other players secret objectives etc. We have had loans being given out, alliances formed, and all the negotiation over who is going to sort out each crisis (and at what cost). That for me is where this game really comes alive. 

However, that really fits with what my group of friends likes in a game: discussion and stuff happening 'above' the table. If that isn't how you like to play I can well imagine this game not really popping for ou as there are much better 'pure' Euro games out there that are more multiplayer solitaire in design.

Would really like to hear more about what you felt was lacking.

Less diverse than usual but still had fun gaming this week!

  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (physical & TTS, solo & multiplayer) x4:  we finished off the Red Skull campaign handily and I spent a few games tweaking my hulk deck.  It’s decidedly not meant for solo. 
  • #Dune: Imperium (TTS, Multiplayer):  First non-solo game!  It was quite enjoyable.  Very smooth play with a good decision space.  It also wa thematic to the next game...
  • #Dune (TTS, multiplayer):  First time playing!  We were going to have 6 but dropped to 5 due to a power outage. I must say it is definitely a really good game!   I can see why people like it so much. We had late alliances and my ally (Atreides) and I were nearly wiped off the map at one point but came back to take the win!  We actually called it at the end of round 9 because my Spacing Guild special win was a lock unless we took 4 locations. The other alliance and individual player were in no position to resist us.  Definitely a blast!  

I'm gonna give some love to perhaps the most inconsistent mechanics in games: hidden powers and social deduction. These games may have a wider deviation in quality, but when I think of some of my favorite beginnings, middles, and endings in games, it's hard not to think about these.

  1. #Deception: Murder in Hong Kong has the strongest opening of any party social deduction game I've played. Right from the get-go, there's plenty to talk about (I play with a house rule where everyone shares their murder weapons and clues in the beginning), and the first round of discussions/accusations escalates quickly. Seeing people's faces go from calm and inquisitive to shocked and defensive is so much fun in this game because there's actual info to be used, unlike a lot of other games in the genre.
  2. #Cosmic Encounter is another game I like to play with an (official) variant in which everyone's powers start hidden and unused until their alien race is revealed. Usually a few turns have passed until the first reveal happens, and I love the anticipation that comes with someone suddenly announcing their power and the rest of the table collectively groaning as the first major wrinkle to the game mechanisms is introduced. Suddenly alliances and negotations are seen in a new light, and on those occasions when one reveal immediately results in others: *chef's kiss*
  3. This is a toss up between a bunch of different social deduction games, in particular ones that end on a final decision/accusation, such as #A Fake Artist Goes to New York, or #One Night Ultimate Werewolf. While it's possible that the hidden fake artist/werewolf is a foregone conclusion, there's often still a lot of tension in the moment that everyone reveals their vote. My additional, non-social deduction submission for this is #Telestrations. Getting to share the journey of how your words/pictures got misinterpreted and arguing with other people about what they did is sure to bring lots of laughs. 

Too long story alert!!!!

In 2004 I played #Catan at a family reunion. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and actually ended up stumbling on BGG when looking it up online. But, I didn't buy any games, I was after all only 12, and had better things spend my limited money on. However, I came back home and spoke with my friends about #Catan and about this wierd site that I had found. At that time in my life, once a month, the church would have a potluck. And, it was our custom to stay late after the potluck. We often wouldn't leave until 6-10 p.m. And, we boys, would generally play mass market games during that time. Well, one of my friends, went and got Catan when he heard how good I thought it was. And, we started playing Catan. Soon, we added #Catan: Seafarers Expansion and #Catan: Cities & Knights. We played those and loved them. Slowly, my friends started adding other games. During a period of some years I played a lot of Catan with expansions, #Dominion, #7 Wonders, #Carcassonne, #Empire Builder and, most of all, #Puerto Rico. I played all these games, I really really liked them. But, in a sense I was still not a part of the hobby. I never sought out gaming, I just had fun when we gamed. I never bought, or even really wanted to buy games, I just played when other people had cool games to play.

This happy state of affairs lasted for 12 years, until another family reunion. This family reunion was in 2016. In that reunion my life was changed. I have a cousin who has always had a lot of games, and I would often play games with him at these events. However, two games we played at that reunion stand out starkly to me. The first one is #Power Grid. I had never seen a game with such a dynamic market and I was very intrigued. The second one was #Fief: France 1429. I count this as the game that brought me into the hobby. The broad scope of history in that game, the alliances and betrayals, the jockying for position, the different and overlapping zones of control...... All of that captured and  held me like nothing else I had ever played. I left that reunion, a gamer.

I went home, and it was my birthday the next week. I bought myself #The Castles of Burgundy and my wife bought me the gift of #Dominion: Second Edition. COB was a flop, but Dominion was, and remains, a great hit. Those games were the start of my collection. My collection remains fairly modest, and my tastes in gaming have been refined, but, since that reunion in July of 2016, I have always been a gamer, and I think I always will be.

I've played with 7 once and I loved it.  Minimal space means maximum combat.

I've only played once in recent memory but I remember it being a great the last time I played (about 3 months ago).  It was a partial teaching game but the new player came out strong.  We also had a lot of objetives filled and a lot of cold war, almost fight moments with some tenuous alliances.  But... we did a good job of doing what we said, which was short term agreements.  So short that the Saxony still pulled off placing more than two stars for winning combat.  In the end I won by a small margin.

I think I would want games to include some kind of trading or negoiating mechanic, anything that lets me cuts deals and build alliances around the table.