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These are the board games with the Real Time mechanic.
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Kickstarter Roundup: solve a 5-Minute Mystery, get your Ducks in Tow, and face the Dawn of Madness image
CrowdfundingKickstarter Roundup: solve a 5-Minute Mystery, get your Ducks in Tow, and face the Dawn of Madness [Everdell, 5-Minute Mystery – A Real-Time, Co-op, Mystery Game!, Deep Madness, Dawn of Madness, Ducks in Tow, 5-Minute Dungeon]Like| 4 comments | [+]
Pendulum Board Game Playthrough - Pendulum Board Game Session - 75% Playthrough in real time in 4K! image
PlaythroughPendulum Board Game Playthrough - Pendulum Board Game Session - 75% Playthrough in real time in 4K! (https://youtu.be/-We_XwFeBYY) [Pendulum]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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Finally getting a chance to watch this...going to give my real time thoughts within this comment and post it when the video's over...

- #Gizmos love right off the bat. I'm still salty pubmeeple couldn't figure out a way to get it in my top 10.

- Following it up with #The Networks? Did you make this list from my collection?

- Okay I'm not even 10 games into this and already want to check out 3 of these games. I think I have a problem.

- False alarm..through 20 now and haven't added anything else to my wishlist. Crisis averted?

- Gotta play #Scythe again soon. Those painted minis looked awesome.

- I do agree #Century: Golem Edition is a pretty game but it's a bit of a snoozefest for me.

- #It's a Wonderful World all day every day.

- I'm real proud of myself holding strong with these 3 games through half the list.

- In my estimation, Patreon supporter Brett Hart is the best there ever is, best there ever was, and the best there ever will be.

- Okay you got me with #Circadians: First Light. It was a good run.

- Good thing #Yokohama was already on my wishlist. Jokes on you.

- Just picked up #Suburbia in a math trade and I'm even more excited for it to arrive now!

- I don't think it would be for me, but oddly enough #Millennium Blades sounds..well..you have my interest.

- Totally didn't expect to see #Chinatown ranked so high! Great game!!

- Couldn't say I saw a theme on this list actually... :P

- Love the top 2!!

Overall an awesome list! Real proud of myself for only finding a handful I want to look into more. For anyone who might want to know which few caught my eye:

  1. #Empyreal: Spells & Steam
  2. #Steampunk Rally
  3. #Oaxaca: Crafts of a Culture
  4. #Circadians: First Light
  5. #Healthy Heart Hospital
  6. And I guess an honorable mention to #Millennium Blades

Thanks for an amazing video !!

I keep going to managing a restaurant or something like that, so I am going to try something out there.

Coney Island Champion

Players need to work on their form and reputation on the road to becoming the world's hot dog eating champion. You will need to do everything to prepare because when its tournament day, you will have no idea what to expect. Hot dog cards are flipped up during torunaments. Only one player can get the card with different quatities of hot dogs. Will they use too many reosurces to go after those dogs, or will they get it at just the right price?

Rounds consist of two phases. Through worker placement, choose how you will develop your champion and mental resources to prepare your self with. In phase two, it all comes to a head and all players compete through a blind real time auction. Who will eat the most hot dogs and become world champion?

Got in a ton of gaming this week! Could have been more, but I'm very happy with the games we got out! 

#Captain Sonar - Got in two full plays of this in real time with 8 players. I definitely think it would play fine with 6 players as well. I really enjoyed it, I can definitely see how this depends a lot on who you play with, but our group of family was fun.

#Deception: Murder in Hong Kong - Played this with 8 players twice and then with 6 players twice and it was great all four times! Family had a lot of fun with this one.

#Love Letter (2019 Edition) - Fun! Played with 6 players and it did start to drag out a bit when almost everyone had won 2 rounds and you needed to win 3 to win the game. So overstayed it's welcome, especially since it was late and thought it would be faster (took maybe an hour or more?), but the gameplay is very simple and very fun.

#Boss Monster - Fun, fairly quick game. Not my copy, but played with 3 people for my first time ever and it is a fun, almost filler type game.

#The Reckoners - I really enjoyed this! First play through. This is a brother-in-laws copy. He got the full deluxe version during the last Kickstarter for the expansion. Played with 4 and we really enjoyed it. The simultaneous dice rolling combined with simultaneous resolution was perfect for me. I have discovered recently that I LOVE spending money IN games. Buying items from the shop was fun and super helpful. None of the items were week and we really had fun considering who should use them.

#Gloomhaven - this was played on Vassal with two brothers-in-law that I have been playing through this with. One of my most enjoyable plays as the Music Note.

Hoping to get solo plays of #A Feast for Odin and #Viscounts of the West Kingdom this week.

I don't spend any real time in FLGS, Oxford does have a nice board game cafe - Thirsty meeples, that I have been to a handful of times and is a really nice place, but me and others I know have enough games between us that we rarely need to vsist, although it does make for a nice evening from time to time. 

In a superpark I would love to have staff running mega-games, just gathering a bunch of people and then organising it for them, I think could be a really cool aspect. That and giant/more interactive versions of some party games: #Sushi Go! with actual sushi, giant versions of dexterity games. #Zombicide with nerf guns etc.

Wow, the funky all in one forums on this website take a LOT of getting used to...

Civilization, and especially with the addition of Advanced Civilization, in my opinion is the best game of all time.  It incorporates board position, player interaction, real time trading, arguably the first game with a tech tree, etc...

It is an experience to play.  IMO, there are no "losers".  Each player builds up a civilization from a single token.  You create your own saga each time you play.

There's too much to to try and say in a single post.  You simply have to play it once to find out.

I think i would really like the real time worker placement mechanic, but the theme seems to be a big  miss. This was begging to be a farm theme or  a shipping themed game IMO. Thanks for the review!

I have some....

There are themes that turn me off. I really don't like my themes to be too dark, too graphic, too demonic. I think that the gameplay of #Kingdom Death: Monster looks absolutely wonderful, especially as a solo gamer. But, I will never own this game, I wouldn't even accept a copy if you gave one to me. I don't want that art in my house where my children can see, it, and the art is hard to seperate from the game. If you could retheme that to be less graphic, maybe less dark, I would start saving up for it even if it was still $400.

I am still ok buying coop games for me to play solo. I am even ok with playing coops with "non-gamers." But, I am so over coops for multiplayer games in the hobby. I have no desire to ever play another coop with a gamer. I will not buy a coop that I can't play solo. So, non-soloable coops are a big turn off.



Beat your own score solo variants.

Real time games

Fantasy. There is a wonderful fantasy IP out there. It is called LOTR. I will buy games in that universe. I might even buy games in other universes. But, I am biased against them.



These are turn offs. It does not mean that I will never buy a game with one or some of these elements. After all, I just acquired #The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth. This is a game with app integration. But, it is something that automatically makes me much less interested, and it has a much higher barrier of entry for me to get it.