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Love Letter board game
Rank: 27
Trending: 161
King of Tokyo board game
Rank: 29
Trending: 596
Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure board game
Coup board game
Rank: 48
Trending: 355
Betrayal at House on the Hill board game
Skull board game
Rank: 83
Trending: 316
Secret Hitler board game
Rank: 111
Trending: 776
Bang!: The Dice Game board game
Rank: 134
Trending: 1245
Tsuro board game
Rank: 151
Trending: 1199
Star Wars X-Wing: Core Set board game
Rank: 176
Trending: 1677
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If I were to look at the game "objectively," I'd give it somewhere between 8 to 9/10. It's a fun, solid game that I'd be down to play when someone wants to. And the only reason why I don't rate it any higher is that I prefer games with more feeling of progression because they're more memorable and play out so differently with each game (e.g. #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure, or games I haven't played like #The Quest for El Dorado)

So, while I'm over myself in terms of the game that I had wished for, I know that Fort isn't the typical game I would have gone out of my way to buy if I'm looking for a game to play with my wife (who also shares similar preferences.) If playing with more than 2p was a regular thing for me, than yes, I'd definitely get Fort. It's a wonderfully interactive deck-builder and I love games that really constrain or expand your moves based on the possibilities of what other players might do.

Hope that answers your question!

All three listed up there are on the heavier end of things, usually take 1-2 hours to play (depending on the players) and have much more meaningful decisions than #Secret Hitler#Archipelago can have a traitor in it, that isn't at the core of the game but is probably the heaviest game I have played with that kind of a mechanic.

I mean I do really like #Secret Hitler but that is obviously very light and just a party game.  I think I'd like to find a strategically heavy game with some traitor aspects.

I don't have a lot. #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure and #Clank!: The Mummy's Curse, #Bargain Quest, #Proving Grounds, #Book of Dragons, and #Tsuro of the Seas (although I'm not sure if these daikaiju count as dragons...). In all of these games, the dragons aren't super huge; at least, itt doesn't feel like they are. Book of Dragons I got mainly for the cards haha

True, but it can definitely be the case that a game grows on you as you play it more (and vice versa). I know I didn't think much of #Coup the first time I played it but now it is one of my favourite quick group games. 

For whatever reason I've only played#Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure once. I really need to get that one played more. 

We have been playing #Pandemic Legacy: Season 2.  So far we have played 11 total games, 3 prolog games, and then 8 games to get us to July.  We lost 4 in a row from March to April and then turned things around in May and June.  So far really enjoying it.  It is quite different than Season 1.  Which at this point I would say I liked a bit more.  Season 2 does introduce some new mechanics but through the first six months the game itself has not chnaged all that much and I was hoping for a bit more variety.  I'm sure that will prob happen in thelast six months.

We also played #Adventure Games: The Dungeon.  This was well written and voice narrated through the app.  This is a relatively simple adventure (if it were a video game it would be a point and click) but with some decent branching outcomes.  We did miss a few key things towards the end of the adventure, which I won't go into as they are all spoilers, but it would have been nice if they had desinged it a bit differently so that you wouldn't miss big parts of the adventure because you chose to do A before B, C and D.  Overall though we enjoyed it.  The nice part is nothing is destoryed so you could easily hand it off to someone else to play unlike say the EXIT series of games which for the most part are one and done.

We played a couple games of #Scooby-Doo!: Betrayal at Mystery Mansion Which i would descibe as Betrayal light.  The theme is great.  All the haunts are named after episodes of the TV show or movies.  The game seems to suffer a bit from the same things #Betrayal at House on the Hill and its DnD counterpart #Betrayal at Baldur's Gate did and that is the Haunts are not written in a clear manor so that everyone knows what to do.  In one case we played a Haunt where one of the main mechanics of the haunt was completely left out of the book.  I had to check the forums to figure it out.  And after looking around the forums realized that there are quite a few more issues as well.  These are in my opionion unforgiveable errors.  Someone should have absolutely caught those kinds of simeple errors on the very first play test.  Beyond that though the game is fun and if you are interested in a Betrayal game but are new to the concept or gaming in general this would be a great game to start off with, and then if you like it you can work your way through the other two and eventually #Betrayal Legacy, one of my favortie Legacy games to date.


Yesterday we played a couple games of #Sonora.  A flick and write game.  Love both aspects of the game.  The flicking is fun and you can mess with the other players if you want to.  There are 4 sections you flick in to and those correspond to the 4 sections you can write your points in to.  Each section has bonuses that allow you to chain scoring from one section to another and on and on and sometimes just one disk can chain many times.  The final game yesterday my son and I tied at 266 and he ended up winning the tie breaker as he had one more discovery bonus than I did.  Really enjoy this game and would highly reccomend to anyone who enjoys roll and writes or flicking games.



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This week my playgroup went with a little light hearted games for a change. #Codenames, #Secret Hitler and #King of Tokyo had their turns and were tons of fun.

This week my playgroup went with a little light hearted games for a change. #Codenames, #Secret Hitler and #King of Tokyo had their turns and were tons of fun.

I pretty always impulse buy if I find a game in a charity shop, if I don't know the game I will usually google it and if it has an average rating above a 6.5/10 and the theme/mechanics appeal I will usually take it, I always figure that if I get one game out of it, even if it is laughably bad then it is worth the £2-£5 I pay for it.

Winners from Charity shops have been: #King of Tokyo (great gateway game), #Gloom, #War on Terror (hilariously satirical, a better version of risk), #Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game (just a wonderful group activity)

Games that I have only played once or twice and then passed on: #Smash Up (liked it but realised it just wouldn't get played much), #Game of Thrones: The Card Game (again, it wasn't bad, but wasn't looking to get into a CCG) #Munchkin (similar story, not good enough to see regular play, knew a friend of mine would enjoy it a lot more)

I have occaisionally been suckered in on a great deal on Ebay, I am now much more discerning but when I first had disposable income, I was picking up any interesting looking games if I felt I was getting a good deal. I buy most of my games second hand, but the following are games I didin't search for and just came across.

Winners: #The Grizzled (so good and bought for like £2, a small co-op which I haven't found many of), #Choson (set collection with a bunch of take that, quick but wonderfully tactical, aslo bought it for £1.20 so can't complain), #Supervillain: This Galaxy Is Mine! (stayed on my shelf of shame for a long time, one I will write about this week)

Losers: #The Staufer Dynasty (I really need to give this another chance, but it was just a little dry first time around)

I think I go through phases of a particular theme/mechanic really appealing. However, Asymmetry is a massive pull for me, and any kind of deck/engine building being incorporated, or just generally upgrading your faciont/character, this doesn't have to be the core mechanic, but I like to growth in a game.

I'm going to do your letters too, because why not?

What an awesome bargain!! And I love those meeples xD

Seems like a great game for baseball fans. Your story reminded me of my first play of #Love Letter with my wife when I took her to a board game cafe in Glendale, CA. She didn't have much clue of what she was doing, but ALL of her guesses were spot on. We were just laughing the whole time at how ridiculous the odds were.

Are you still considering #Baseball Highlights: 2045? Is it at the top of your wishlist?

Looks like you have 2 Shem Phillips games! So that could work. I think for myself I've got a couple of sets:

If we did publishers it might be a bit easier to get sets - I've got 2 Stonemaier games, for example, but they have different designers.

I'm looking for a game to play with my wife and my parents!

  • Player count: 4
  • Time limit: Under 1.5 hours
  • Games that we like: #Camel Up (second edition), #Skull, #Just One
  • We don't like: My dad isn't too interested in thinky/puzzly games.
  • We like: Games with good amount of luck, risk-taking, and relying on intuition.
  • Other requirements: It should be preferably language independent since my parents are only good with conversational English. Dexterity games could be an option as well and that is why I've been thinking about #Flip Ships. The overall mood of the game should be lighthearted and get us laughing!

Thanks in advance :)

#Splendor take up too much space for us to take generally.   Probably the same for #7 Wonders Duel#Cat Lady and #Welcome to... and #The Fox in the Forest I like in general.  They are smaller boxes which would be good for packing.  I would personally bring #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Innovation, #Friday, #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs, #Love Letter, and probably a couple of #Magic: The Gathering decks.  

Unless you count #Dune, I'm not sure I've actually played a space-themed game. Check that, I've played #Star Wars X-Wing: Core Set once. OO - I've also played #Race for the Galaxy which is spaced themed, but pretty abstracted. I'm not sure if #Terraforming Mars is technically a space game, since it's on a planet (same for #Dune), but I'm planning to play that soon and am excited for it! 

I am, however, always interested by space themes. I love science fiction, and I love science reality, so space travel is pretty cool to me. Fake space themes, like Star Wars and Star Trek, or "real" space, like #Leaving Earth, all really appeal to me. Obviously Star Wars/Trek come with a built-in affinity for the IP, but it's also fun to get lost in the imaginative worlds created there. I think that's what I like about space themes: the imagination they spark. It's especially fun if it's a hopeful theme in some way. Dystopian themes tend to turn me off of the games.

If you had fun with King of New York even at 2p count, higher count's going to be a blast haha. I still have a great memory from playing #King of Tokyo for the first time.

I'm surprised to see #Everdell not ranking as high! Also happy to see #Concordia creeping up! I can now see what people mean when they talk about this game, the design is so well done that I can look over some of the details. I gotta say though, I like the overall aesthetic of the map and the colors they went with. I'm so looking forward to upgrading the components and the coins.

I really enjoy them. In fact, I'm working on my own right now. (Well, it's been a few months, but I am working on it.) I like the choices that I can add to my deck and make it mine.

#Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure is my favorite, and I'm sure Legacy will top that once I get it played. I also really like #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game and Star Realms.

I think a "good" deckbuilder needs to provide something different, and give lots of options for how to build your deck. Clank! offers movement and combat, and a growing threat as the game progresses, for example. I think Dominion is a really good game, but I also think it has been improved on with many other deckbuilders. Still, I won't hesitate to play Dominion if asked.