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Popular Player Elimination Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Player Elimination mechanic.
Love Letter board game
Rank: 28
Trending: 278
King of Tokyo board game
Rank: 29
Trending: 224
Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure board game
Coup board game
Rank: 50
Trending: 297
Betrayal at House on the Hill board game
Skull board game
Rank: 85
Trending: 326
Secret Hitler board game
Rank: 107
Trending: 386
Bang! The Dice Game board game
Rank: 129
Trending: 999
Tsuro board game
Rank: 150
Trending: 715
Nemesis board game
Rank: 179
Trending: 5
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Rulebook is out now, apparently is has variable starting card setup, hand management and card action selection player elimination and no team vs team like the original. Interesting!

Thanks for the review. I've looked at #BANG! and #Bang! The Dice Game a few times thinking they'd be good games for our families. I've also always passed because the theme doesn't really do anything for me. I'm not sure if this one is any better thematically, but I do like the fact there is no player elimination. I'll have to do some more research I think.

I've found that the group I play with usually refrains from eliminating players in longer games like (surprise surprise) twilight imperium. It's simply less fun for everyone if you take your friend out so he has to sit and twiddle his thumbs for the next 2 hours and you feel guilty about it. Obviously games like Love Letter where player elimination is the name of the game you can be more cutthroat with no real repercussion, but that's just my experience.

I wonder if there are co-op games out there that utilize a dodgeball kind of mechanic, where the eliminated player can help out the teammates in some ways?

I'm fine with player elimination as long as it's a short game and if it goes with the theme (e.g. #King of Tokyo). Along this line, I'm very hesitant to get any games where players don't go at the same pace. For example, a player could potentially end 5-10 minutes earlier in Tapestry.

Generally I'd say including player elimination is only appropriate if the game is short. King of Tokyo, for example.

First of all, let me just say that I find War on Terror's satire to be quite amusing. I've only played it 2 or 3 times, and it's probably been at least 10 years.... But I did think it was funny when I played it.

Secondly, I think player elimination is just fine, but it HAS to be a deliberate decision that furthers the game in some meaningful way. 

I find there are some games that are practically necessary in any collection, especially if someone is just starting out. For example:


King of Tokyo


Of course, it also depends on the person's preferences. If they're not into player elimination, King of Tokyo probably isn't a good option. But, generally speaking, it works for most people. Other thoughts would be:



Pandemic/Forbidden Island/Castle Panic (one cooperative game should do it)


Tiny Epic _________ (pick one, although I'll always suggest Galaxies)

Survive! Escape from Atlantis

And, of course X-Wing Camel Up, Cash 'n Guns, or some other game that plays a lot of people and is relatively easy to learn.

Some stuff I like in games :

I really like deck building. The feeling of crafting your deck for the maximum efficiency is so satisfying. 

I really enjoy tableau based engine builders. 

I really enjoy negotiation in games. 

I prefer to have a mix of tactics and strategy in a game. One thing this means is that I don't mind if there is a certain amount of "luck" that I have to deal with on the way to achieving my end game goal. 

Variable player powers, I want them all. 

I don't mind take that as long as there isn't virtual or real player elimination. 

I don't mind multi player solitaire as long as I find the puzzle sufficient engaging. 

I don't mind coops. I actually like them when playing solo. I also like them if no one is alpha gaming.

If they're non-gamers, I'll bring 3-4 light options, each a different style of game. These could include cooperative, cutthroat, player elimination like King of Tokyo (nothing too long), and some sort of strategy game (like Takenoko) or fun/light-hearted game (like Camel Up). I'll briefly describe each game and let them pick what they're feeling at the moment. I think it's important to provide a few different options so that they can feel comfortable with whatever they pick. I'd hate to bring only a cooperative game and find out that those games ruin marriages haha Or, with some friends, any type of strategy game isn't going to end well for the host (just not their cup of tea).