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These are the board games with the Trading mechanic.
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ReviewTransformers Trading Card Game Is Exactly What Meets The Eye - GeekDad (https://geekdad.com/2018/10/transformers-trading-card-game-is-exactly-what-meets-the-eye/) [Transformers TCG: Autobots Starter Set]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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I really like this idea! I've purchased a lot of games recently thanks to my previous gift card win (and my general inability to say no to a good deal lol) and was actually struggling figuring out which were within the last 30 days. After further review, here is my list.


#Great Western Trail - GameNerdz had this as the Deal of the Day 2 ish weeks ago. Usually deals like this go very fast and I was actually shocked to see it still hanging around when I got out of work. Realized later it's because a second edition is coming and everyone's waiting for that. Having never played it, I don't really foresee myself caring that much about the upgrades/improvements so I went for it. Currently still on hold until we get some more space to store games.

#Dinosaur Tea Party - similar situation as above just 3 days ago lol. Heard about this on So Very Wrong About Games podcast a couple of times and it sounded fun enough to take a shot on it for $12 ish. 🤷🏻‍♂️


#Cooper Island - see below. Traded for this for a bunch of games through BoardGameCo.

#Monikers: The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box - finally picked this up along with#Monikers: More Monikers and#Monikers: Classics. This is one of our favorite games and we've been wanting the expansions forever. Found them on a pretty good deal from a random online game store and just went for it. So many new cards to play with!

#Everdell - not sure if this should count? I backed the Kickstarter. Really think Sarah and I will love this one.

Removed/thinking about removing

I'm just going to list these all together as I sent them out in the same trade with BoardGameCo. They were either not getting enough play or we have had just "okay" experiences with playing them. Most are fairly small and didn't take up a ton of space, but we need all the space we can get!#Linko#PUSH#Arkham Horror: The Card Game#Speculation#A Fake Artist Goes to New York#Mandala

#Res Arcana - I almost included this in the above trade but the value wasn't there to get something else I wanted back in addition to Cooper Island. I have this currently listed in the BGG March math trade. I think my play on BGA has pushed me over the edge towards trading this one.

Games on my radar

This section should say nothing because that's the Sarah appropriate response lol. I think honestly the only game I'm still debating getting is#Meeples & Monsters. At this point I'm leaning towards backing it.



Ohh I like this idea!


#Marvel Champions: The Card Game - I mentioned I got this in another thread, and have only played once, but it was a blast! I cannot wait to dive into it more!

#Dune: Imperium - another absolute win. Even if I never play this in a group again, it would be worth it. I really enjoyed the solo play in this!

Removed/Thinking of Removing:

#PARKS - just has not gained traction with my wife or group! In the process of selling/trading.

#The Castles of Burgundy - I have made it known I love this game but similar to #PARKS it just does not get played outside of some specific situations that do not occur often!

#Barrage - This one is a bummer to me. I wish it got more plays and the solo mode was better but it just has not been as much of a hit as anticipated. I am going to try and get at least one more play in before making any decision though!

Games on my radar:

#Le Havre - this has long been on my wishlist, but have never pulled the trigger for some reason. It is now at the top of my list though as the solo mode is great and I know my group would get a kick out of it as they love some Uwe Rosenburg. 

All of the Marvel Champions content....not really but a good amount of it. The #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Galaxy's Most Wanted campaign is super appealing...

#John Company (Second Edition) - is also on my radar just because of my experience with Pax Pamir alone!


Awesome! I like this! Too bad about #Tapestry for you guys. I feel like that's a game my wife and I could get into, but the combination of the higher price tag with the uncertainty of whether or not we'd enjoy it has kept me from picking it up. Not to mention the shelf space it requires, which is at a premium, haha.

Anyway, here's my list:


Removed / thinking about removing

  • Thinking about it - #The Isle of Cats - we both enjoy this game, but I wouldn't say we've fallen in love with it as I thought we might, so because the setup isn't exactly super quick and the box takes up a fair amount of space on our shelf (not sure why it's so big), I'm considering trading/selling it. I do want to play it with some friends and family first, because I think it could be a hit there.
  • Thinking about it - #The Blood of an Englishman - this is a fun small card game. I wouldn't turn down a play of it, but I just don't see it getting pulled out very often after a couple of plays. Will probably decide after playing it with my wife.
  • Thinking about it #The Fox in the Forest - my wife doesn't like this, so it doesn't get much play. It's a small box, so it's not like it's taking much space, but for a 2-player only card game, it doesn't make much sense to keep it around at home. I could bring it into work, I guess.

On my radar

  • #Aquatica - this will likely be the next game I acquire. It looks like fun and looks like something that both my wife and I will really enjoy.
  • #Spirit Island - this has been creeping up my list, to my surprise. Haven't had much interest in co-op/solo games in the past, but it looks very cool. I'm not sure how interested my wife would be, but I have a friend who has considered buying it himself, so I could definitely play it with him.
  • #The Quest for El Dorado - just looks like a fun, light-ish game that would be great to play with my wife and maybe some family.
  • #Glen More II: Chronicles - probably not going to actually pick it up any time soon, but it looks really neat
  • #Raiders of Scythia - same as above

I actually got to game a lot this weekend!  We spent it in the mountains with the family and the goal of the trip was to let the little girls play in the snow, which we luckily had in sufficient quantity in the backyard of our rental so we didn't have to drive anywhere.  So we played in the snow in the morning and played board games in the afternoon/evening while the kids where asleep.  So we got to play:

  • #Catan: Cities & Knights - Love this expansion because I think it makes the game a lot less luck dependant and more balanced.  Unfortunately it also adds like 2 hours to the game haha, so we don't get to play it much.  But my sister was ahead in the end game and of course no one was trading with her, so my husband ended up taking the win.  
  • #Codenames - have played this one with family many times
  • #Love Letter - just played one game of this.  Husband played it blind to keep it interesting.  He didn't win, but it was funny for everyone watching. 
  • #Letter Jam - Bought this game for my sister last year, she loves word games.  We didn't quite make it, only 2/6 people found their words correctly. 
  • #Pipeline - taught my brother in law how to play this super late at night.  We played from like 11:30pm to 2am.  It was our last hurrah before leaving the next day.  We gave him a booster start by having him go first and telling him to buy the human resources upgrade.  He ended up killing us.  He had 300+ more dollars at the end than me.  It was a pretty interesting end game because all 4 Valuation cards had to do with scoring pipes and he had a ton of pipes.  We probably only made $50-150 actually in game and all the rest was end game valuations. 

Continued our (slow) but still going play-through of #My City. This is still such a fun experience. We're about half-way through the campaign (Episode 4/8) and each new addition is an interesting twist to what you are doing. Can't wait to play this through, but I'm not in a rush to finish it, due to how much we are enjoying it. 

Many many plays of #Nidavellir ever since it's been online on the (other) BGA. This is so fast, so fun and I try to explore different paths each time I play. 

Revisited #The Voyages of Marco Polo after trading it for #Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan. Even though I like the open-ness of the successor, the original is one of my favourite games. It's so clean and tight. The character powers are much more interesting and crazy. I played a breezy (despite being tense) game with the Mercator who just leeches off other player's visits to the market.

Lastly to round-off the online plays. Played my first game of #Mystic Vale and I'm surprised I hadn't tried this earlier. The push-your-luck mechanic coupled with the card crafting is really well done. 

I have recently gotten in to a historical game/wargame kick so there is no moritorium on buying games here.  (Although I do try to pace myself.)  

I recently played #Cuba Libre which someone in my gaming group owns and loved it so I grabbed #Andean Abyss which should be coming soon.  Looking forward to that!

I finished a 5 turn playthrough of #Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars yesterday and I am really looking forward to playing it again.  What a great game!

I got in to the P500 for #China's War: 1937-41 which is another COIN game that has made their cut.  I am not sure how long P500's take so I will look forward to it later this year I am guessing? 

I also P500'ed for #Vijayanagara: The Deccan Empires of Medieval India, 1290-1398 which is a new style of game described as "Irregular Conflict".  It's a new style that sort of has COIN elements but allows for more breaking of the mold.  Also looking forward to this one!  It hasn't made the cut yet so who knows when it will come.

For the rest of the year I am looking forward to buying/trading/enjoying more games in this area of gaming.

Now that I was able to import all my game info from BGG, it makes me wish even more for a trading feature here.  I bet more people would import their data and begin to live here instead of BGG if more features like trading were here.  I especially like the board game pricing data here, the boardgame atlas price comparison tools blow anything BGG offers away.  To me this shows Boardgamearena has the potential to supplant BGG like facebook did to myspace.  I think Boardgame atlas could fix other issues with the BGG trading system (in addition to 1) allowing the trade offerer to rescind the trade offer), like 2) Showing in the trade list the last time a user logged in, 3) Allowing a trade search to exclude users who havent logged on or updated their trade list in X amount of time, 4) Requiring a how badly you want to trade rating for any games on a trade list (for example 1-want to trade badly 2-would like to trade, 3-would possibly trade, 4-woud only trade if you made me a crazy good offer), requiring trade condition to be listed (musk enter completeness and condition), 5) Require each user to provide trade feedback before they are allowed to make another trade. 6) Put distance (or mailing zone) limits as an option in a trade search, 7) Have an option for users to identify if they will consider trading for a games not on their want in trade list and for trade list (which I will gladly consider even If I dont end up wanting to make the trade), or if they only want exact matches.  There are just so many ways a trade system could be made better for everyone involved.

I was trying to think of a theme that would get my wife's interest, and I'd say boba (bubble tea) making is one of them. Games like that are out there, but they're usually simpler games. I'd LOVE it if some of the usual "trading in the mediterranean/farming/etc" medium weight euro games where you typically trade things like wheat/cloth/animal/spice/mlik/etc had a theme that's more suitable for the modern crowd.

Got a good variety of games in this week:

  • #Arctic Scavengers: Base Game + HQ + Recon (tts, multiplayer): I was thinking of trading of selling this one but after our multiplayer game I decided to hang on to it.The combat at the end of each round is super fun and adds something to the whole game. The official solo mode and variants I have tried aren't very good at least in my opinion. But multiplayer it shines!  Yup. I'll find space for this one!
  • #Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King (tts, multiplayer): And with this play my shelf of shame is empty.   I love tile laying games and this one has a great twist in how tiles are acquired during the buy phase. 
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (physical, solo): played with Scarlet Witch and then Quicksilver vs Crossbones. My one game conclusions: Quicksilver has a lot of internal card synergy like Ant man. The Scarlet Witch needs a bit more deck building care like the Wasp. I look forward to figuring out some good decks in the future!
  • #Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls (tts, multiplayer):  First time playing this one.  I had quite a lot of fun!  I think we are going to play some more of the campaign. Fun dice checker although the rulebook needs a lot of work.
  • #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (tts, multiplayer):  missions 22-24 accomplished. Things are getting tougher but once we shook the rust off we did quite well.
  • #Lorenzo il Magnifico with#Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance Expansion (physical, solo): I found a really good variant that covers the expansion. This is probably my favourite dice style placement euro. The expansion is excellent and I can't wait to give it a whirl with the gang!


wow what a list!  Some great games. If you are stuck with the ERA expansion, I haven't ordered my copy yet and I'm happy to take it off your hands. Send me a DM and I can paypal you. 

Looking forward to you posting your plays of #Hallertau. It is on my list to play.

I have owned #Wildcatters two or three times, always trading it away before I ever get to play it! Someday....