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These are the board games with the Trading mechanic.
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My unpopular opinion is that Settlers of Catan (#Catan) still holds up today as a fantastic game. I see all these critics throwing shade on it because "it came out 20 years and better games have come out since."

I am not arguing great games have come out since, but they are not better games, just different games. It may not win the Spiel des Jahares today because the field is so much wider but that doesn't change that it itself is a fantastic game. 

It has trading, all players are in on every turn, every game is different, it has a little engine building, a little route building / area control and many paths to victory. Even though there are more options and ways to spend your time today, this is still satisfyingly one of them.


I do enjoy these threads!


I threw a couple bucks out for some games on NerdzDay so I could flip em for different/better games or some cash. I picked up #Viticulture: Essential Edition (will mention this in a minute) and #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 (if you are interested in this, send me a PM to buy or trade with me). I also backed #John Company (Second Edition) and am debating if I want the coins! 


In the process of Removing Viticulture in a trade for #Cubitos! I played this recently and it is definitely fun, not super long or interactive but everyone loves dice and it is short enough for it to not be a problem for me! Thinking about trading/selling #Barrage and #PARKS but havent confirmed that move yet.

On my Radar:

#Coffee Traders - this has been a game that I put off because it only played 3-4 players but it recently had a 2-player variant officially announced and now I am right back in it...I have some DOGE so maybe I can use my earnings from that on this lol. 

Yet another interesting post!

I agree with your thoughts regarding researching games and selecting/buying/trading for those that match your tastes. I'm not saying I haven't purchased a bad game either, but generally speaking there's a reason I choose to add it to my collection, and usually it's because it looks interesting/fun to me.

I only recently started rating my games and I follow the BGG qualifiers with one important caveat: I try to rate games after I've played them more than once. Of course there are some exceptions to this rule. Notably an Exit game I played which by it's nature I can't exactly replay, #Arkham Horror: The Card Game which I had a terrible time with, and some expansions I've only played with only once (though I tend to just give the expansion the same rating as the base game).

I try to be as honest as possible with my ratings, neither too easy or too hard. According to BGG, I have rated 137 games/expansions with an average rating of 6.35. Eventually, I would like to come to a point where I only keep games that I rated an 8 or better. Again, which some exceptions thrown in for games that are easy to teach or fun to play with family.

As of now, I'm doing pretty well when it comes to culling low rated games. I have 36 games rated below a 6, out of which only 6 I still own for one reason or another.

I have been having trouble getting into a groove lately, but I squeezed in a good amount this week. I will even dip a little into last week since I did not post last week

  • #Le Havre @ 2-players - I have been wanting to play this for years and finally got to it. It is a solid B but I think it overstays its welcome a little. It is a long game with a lot of micro turns. I like the interwoven decision making and want to play it more but it did not wow me like I had hoped it would. 
  • #CABO (second edition) @ 4-players - This game is very fun...I did not expect to like this as much as I did. A fun mix of memory and hidden information. I just wish the graphic design wasnt so bleh. 
  • #Mysterium @ 4-players - Fun game, my wife loved it as she loves anything that is thematic, but I could see the game getting repetitive as we went through the whole clue deck in 2 plays. Gimmicky but I am glad we played. 
  • #Dune: Imperium Solo - I am debating if I want to keep this. The game just has been falling flat for me. The conflict is a little bit too emphasized, and I am not convinced it is worth having in my collection. Thinking about selling/trading. 
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game Solo - Played my first game with Thor against Klaw and got ROCKED. I barely did anything to Klaw. Thor is probably the first hero that I really did not feel like I could grasp a strategy for out the gate. I played with an Agression aspect too so I had a lot of trouble thwarting the whole game lol. 

What about #Bohnanza?  Each turn you have to play one or two cards from your hand in the specific order they entered them, draw two cards from the deck, and either have to play them in your 'fields' or trade them to other players based on what you want and what they want.  Sometimes it's a 1-1 trade, sometimes it might be 1-2. 'Harvesting your fields' gains you points based on the number of cards and type of 'bean.' It's fun, and you're learning how to negotiate a card's value based on what people want.


Edit: In #Point Salad (which I've recently played with a 10 year old and he won both games), you're choosing vegetable cards and point cards (which may be turned over to become vegetable cards) while trying to earn points. Sometimes a point card becomes more valuable as a vegetable card-all depending on what's available when it's your turn.  You have to figure out what is more valuable to you.

#Century: Spice Road uses spice tokens and cards, trading spices for more valuable spices and for cards with victory points.  Some combinations of spices and trades become more accessable/valuable as the available cards change.

I don't know that that many economic games teach hard work or values as they are generally rewarding you for manipulating the system or being cutthroat. 

I wonder if something like #Agricola (Revised Edition)#Agricola Family Edition might be more useful as you have to feed your workers: i.e. you are incentivised to care for people.

If you have a larger group of people, something like #Captain Sonar is a great game to teach communication. #XCOM: The Board Game or #Space Alert do similarly with a smaller number. Space alert is also hilarious and relatively simple although there is a fair amount to hold in your head 

I'd say #Catan still holds up as one of the best trading games, you have to negotiate and determine the relative value of resources depending on the board state.


Nothing there that I'm too interested in, unfortunately. I am interested in trading in general, but I try doing it locally first to avoid shipping costs.

Going to take the route with my answer here.

Hardest game for me to learn was probably #Barrage. Just a lot to wrap my head around at first, especially solo. Now that I've played a few more times, I'm catching on.

As far as the hardest game to play well at - #Paladins of the West Kingdom for sure. I don't think I ever fully understood that one and ended up trading it because of it haha.

Spent part of the weekend at my in-laws so played a wide variety of games

  1. 2 Games of #Sheriff of Nottingham with my 11 yr old son, 11 yr old nephew and 12 year old nephew.  Taught my nephews.  We had a great time.  I won the first game by $1.
  2. 3 games of #Bandido with SIL, and both of my boys.  Won the first game w/ 5 tunnels, lost the 2nd game with 5 tunnels and won the 3rd game with 6 tunnels.  So quick, so easy
  3. 1 game of #Sushi Go Party! w/ #Sushi Go Party!: Sake Promo and #Sushi Go Party!: Sukeroku Promo.  SIL was a little drunk by this point and had some trouble with the promo's but it was completely on her.  BIL won by like 15 as neither his wife nor my 11 yo nephew stopped him from getting a ton of points with one of the card sets.
  4. 1 game of #Bohnanza with my boys and BIL.  I won 22 to 21 to 18 to 17.  Youngest annoyed my BIL with his lack of trading with him, but BIL got a little spiteful back towards 11 him.  Still a pretty good time


Please implement a trading feature next! It could be done sooooo much better than the BGG trading system.

My 8 year old loves playing #Pokémon Trading Card Game.  If you wanted to grab something new I'd pick up a couple of Theme decks and go at it.

It's really a fun little game even for me.  I probably wouldn't have it if I didn't have kids, but it's so fun with them.

I'm a fan of trading. So far only traded one game. Traded off #Steampunk Rally on BGG because my wife didn't really care for it so it wasn't going to see play. I traded for #Space Base but haven't got it to the table yet. I'm basically at capacity for games so trading is a good way to just swap out a game for a game. The shipping cost was still cheaper than buying the game, but that really does depend on the box size and weight.

I need to go through my games and do another check of what I would trade off. #Ethnos is on my list of games to try. 

Never actually traded a game before. There are a few on my shelves I intend to sell when I get round to it, although that is mostly to make space in our flat so trading would not achieve the same goal 😅

Continued our (slow) but still going play-through of #My City. This is still such a fun experience. We're about half-way through the campaign (Episode 4/8) and each new addition is an interesting twist to what you are doing. Can't wait to play this through, but I'm not in a rush to finish it, due to how much we are enjoying it. 

Many many plays of #Nidavellir ever since it's been online on the (other) BGA. This is so fast, so fun and I try to explore different paths each time I play. 

Revisited #The Voyages of Marco Polo after trading it for #Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan. Even though I like the open-ness of the successor, the original is one of my favourite games. It's so clean and tight. The character powers are much more interesting and crazy. I played a breezy (despite being tense) game with the Mercator who just leeches off other player's visits to the market.

Lastly to round-off the online plays. Played my first game of #Mystic Vale and I'm surprised I hadn't tried this earlier. The push-your-luck mechanic coupled with the card crafting is really well done. 

I have recently gotten in to a historical game/wargame kick so there is no moritorium on buying games here.  (Although I do try to pace myself.)  

I recently played #Cuba Libre which someone in my gaming group owns and loved it so I grabbed #Andean Abyss which should be coming soon.  Looking forward to that!

I finished a 5 turn playthrough of #Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars yesterday and I am really looking forward to playing it again.  What a great game!

I got in to the P500 for #China's War: 1937-41 which is another COIN game that has made their cut.  I am not sure how long P500's take so I will look forward to it later this year I am guessing? 

I also P500'ed for #Vijayanagara: The Deccan Empires of Medieval India, 1290-1398 which is a new style of game described as "Irregular Conflict".  It's a new style that sort of has COIN elements but allows for more breaking of the mold.  Also looking forward to this one!  It hasn't made the cut yet so who knows when it will come.

For the rest of the year I am looking forward to buying/trading/enjoying more games in this area of gaming.

Now that I was able to import all my game info from BGG, it makes me wish even more for a trading feature here.  I bet more people would import their data and begin to live here instead of BGG if more features like trading were here.  I especially like the board game pricing data here, the boardgame atlas price comparison tools blow anything BGG offers away.  To me this shows Boardgamearena has the potential to supplant BGG like facebook did to myspace.  I think Boardgame atlas could fix other issues with the BGG trading system (in addition to 1) allowing the trade offerer to rescind the trade offer), like 2) Showing in the trade list the last time a user logged in, 3) Allowing a trade search to exclude users who havent logged on or updated their trade list in X amount of time, 4) Requiring a how badly you want to trade rating for any games on a trade list (for example 1-want to trade badly 2-would like to trade, 3-would possibly trade, 4-woud only trade if you made me a crazy good offer), requiring trade condition to be listed (musk enter completeness and condition), 5) Require each user to provide trade feedback before they are allowed to make another trade. 6) Put distance (or mailing zone) limits as an option in a trade search, 7) Have an option for users to identify if they will consider trading for a games not on their want in trade list and for trade list (which I will gladly consider even If I dont end up wanting to make the trade), or if they only want exact matches.  There are just so many ways a trade system could be made better for everyone involved.