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These are the board games with the Income mechanic.
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1- Found the Website through a mention in Reddit in one of the boardgame community.

2- About 20 years ago when I was 12, had lots of Axis and Allies night + Hero Quest with the family of one of my childhood friend. Boardgame fever came back about 5 years ago along with steady income hehe

3- Tough to say with the lockdown it's been a while since we could do a gamenight. Before the Lockdown I'd say it was Too Many Bones, Detectives City of Angel and Baseball/Football Highlights 20XX head to head with a friend.

I'm also a sucker for any Ian O'Toole illustrated games, especially teamed up with Vital Lacerda.

After failing miserably on my 20X5 goal for last year, I didn't make any resolutions to start the year. 

However, I have the following goals for this year:

1. Puchase 10+ Games this year...this is more than usual but my fun income is projected to be a little higher than normal.  I have been playing #Carnegie on BGA and its peaked my interest.  I've got #Frosthaven coming hopefully later this year.  Bought #Blokus over the weekend on a whim.

2. Play 75+ unique games this year (physical only - no digital).  I pulled my play stats from 2019 to 1/26 and I've played 180  unique games with 850+ total plays...so this doesn't seem un-doable. 

3. My 10X10 List

  1. #Mechs vs. Minions
  2. #GKR Heavy Hitters
  3. West Kingdom Games (Any/All of them)
  4. #PARKS
  5. #Ethnos
  6. #Adrenaline
  7. #Just One
  8. #Blood Rage
  9. #Bunny Kingdom
  10. #Beyond the Sun

Interesting post and certainly a lot worth reflecting on.

I think whatever level you are at with this hobby, there is always someone doing it more luxuriously than you, and sometimes it can be jealousy-making. Like, when I see the obligatory Reddit post to the effect of "wife and I just moved into our new home and built the board game den of our dreams!" it's hard not to be jealous because I live in a small flat with precious little space to store games (hence why I cut up so many boxes to size!). But by that same token, there will be plenty of people who could be jealous that I rent my own flat and have storage space at all. It helps to just be grateful that I have disposable income for games, that Sarah enjoys playing them with me and that we have a safe and comfortable space to play them in. 

That said, I do wonder if this definition of luxury might be diluting the term a little. Almost everyone I know has time and money for hobbies, they just choose different ones. In theory, they are all indulging in luxury, depending on where you draw the line. 

Bought #Patchwork for my mother for her birthday, taught it to her and promptly lost. She likes certain games and really doesn't like others so it's always nerve wracking bringing something to the table. Apart from only playing at 2 I still think it is one of the very best gateway games in existence.

Got in a four player game of #Mariposas. I was very concerned this game would be too light but we ordered it to support Elizabeth Hargrave. I was pleasantly surprised, action selection isn't a mechanism I particularly love, I feel like the only person on earth who thinks #Concordia is just an ok game, but this game surprised me. It is far from a heavy game but it does have a really cool decision space between trying to achieve goals, trying to collect sets for special abilities and trying to set yourself up to be able to make it back to the bottom of the board at the end of the game. It doesn't share much with #Wingspan but I do think it exists in a similar space of a game and theme that is appealing to non gamers and accessible but with interesting enough decisions for a heavier gamer. I was really pleasantly surprised by this one.

Played a two player game of #Everdell which is my wife's favorite, I like tableau builders but the mechanic in this game of going from feeling like you just don't have enough workers/actions to do anything to having a full city and resources and event cards etc is as good as any game, the snowball in this one when cards start comboing each other is great. Still looking for a house rule that better deals with the deck bloat and number of repeat cards but supposedly that will be addressed in the next expansion. It isn't my favorite game but one I always enjoy.

Played another two player game of #Pendulum on the advanced sides of the board. I really appreciate how unique this game is and what a puzzle it can be but, in my opinion, a change of pace from the typical decision making process I go through in a game. I really like this one as something different, still feeling out overall opinion on it. My big suprise has been that instead of the assymetric players giving some type of powerful advantage I find they all do a great job of disadvantaging different engine building methods and make you really puzzle around them. I really enjoyed that but do wonder if with more plays there will become a more prescribed way to play with each one and force a lot more intentional blocking amongst players as part of game strategy. 

Got in a first play of #Alma Mater which my wife was adament we get, she's a writer and wanted the book pieces even if the game didn't live up to its promise. I was concerned this would be a game that just wasn't particularly good at 2. While I still think it will shine at 3 the "dummy" player and deck were about as easy as it could get and made it an enjoyable game. The game worked much harder to be thematic than I expected and I really enjoyed every aspect of it but the research track, though i think that was my fault for not realizing that was something I'd want to mitigate with student pieces (they provide different engine building bonuses in the income phase of the game). The game has a variable market and real scarcity for both money and certain books and having a track that you need to move up to increase the value of your type of book but also being a MAJOR part of end game scoring that uses escalating amounts of already tight resources that allow you to perform the other actions in the game felt like an obstacle for the sake of an obstacle. I do think if you know this going in you can make decisions in the early game that make it less of an issue. 

We were able to see family and so played multiple games of #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale and #Bang!: The Dice Game at 8 players. I am constantly looking for a game that is both accessible and has a great decision space at 8 players. Suggestions are always welcome!

Finally got in my first two plays of #Paladins of the West Kingdom. I haven't played #Architects of the West Kingdom but have played #Raiders of the North Sea and had heard so many good things about Paladins and was able to get a ding and dent copy and snatched it up. To me the decision space and game dynamics felt like a weird combination between #Orléans (colored worker spaces, workshops acting like tech tiles) and the track synergies of #Tapestry but a game I enjoy, so far, better than both. I had very little doubt this would be a game I would really enjoy but was surprised at how much. 

It ruffled my feathers just reading about that combo system lol. The fun is in building up to a monster turn that makes everyone at the table go, "damn... nice". it doesn't work as well in slow motion!

The biggest disappointment for me was probably #Machi Koro. I was so ready to have a cute engine builder in my collection with dice rolling (my fav thing to do in life). If the games played out in 20-30 minutes it would have been perfect, but they just dragged on and on. Other people's rolls impact your income, but I just reached a point where I couldn't be bothered to keep up with what was going on, and wanted the game to end. We tweaked the rules to play the "turbo" variant a fan created, but it didn't help much.

It also has some take that elements which I didn't mind, but in one of our playthroughs it reached a point where one player was just getting robbed constantly and started to get upset that he couldn't get his engine going. I was quite glad to see the back of this game, and I flipped it after about 5 plays or so.