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These are the board games with the Hex and Counter mechanic.
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A number of months ago there was post on here that asked about ideal collection size. I responded, I think, that I would think about 50 games. As I thought about it more, I think that what I want to get "my" collection up to 50 or so games. And I want that collection to be very broad, I want very heavy games, and very light ones. I want long games, and short ones. And, I want it to be a fairly representative collection in terms of games types. There are still a number of types that I want to be represented, but I feel like I'm slowly getting closer to what I want..... 

Types I'm missing that I want examples of include, but are not limited too:

Hex and counter wargame

Medium weight coop

Dungeon crawl

To be very clear, I don't necessarily think I will ever stop acquiring new games, but, I hope that it would slow down some at that point..... 

Also, these are games in *my* collection. It does not count the other chunk of games that we own, and have owned since before I entered the hobby. If I would count those, which I do on BGG, I would have over 50 games already.