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Popular Dexterity Board Games (Mechanic)

Dexterity Board Games always involve some sort of use of physics and motion. The most common types usually involve flicking or balance.

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Seems like a fun dexterity game. Would love to try this one out. Thanks for posting.

That was facinating to watch and thank you for the comparison.  I did not even know of the existence of #Carrom until this post.  I think we will enjoy #Crokinole a little more in our house but it is nice to be aware of a different game in case it takes off.  I think my son (who like more dexterity type games #ICECOOL #Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar )  will really enjoy #Crokinole in particular.  I grabbed a copy as a family gift for Christmas this year and have to try and patiently wait till then to break it out.

We've done a dexterity theme and had 5 games going at once. Lots of people in our house haha But it was a lot of fun! We had games of #Crokinole, #Disc Duelers, #Zoo Ball, #Flip Ships, and #Coconuts. Most of the people who came were new to games but everyone had a great time. 

I want to do a sci-fi/space themed night, as well as fantasy, real-time, and another dexterity night. Nature would be a lot of fun too.

I keep buying dexterity games, and keep having to sell them because they just don't go over well with my family.  This one looks fun, have you tried #Meeple Circus?  

Thanks for the review! I was just thinking I do need some more dexterity games in my life..

I'm not even sure I'd call it a dexterity game. It has stacking, but there isn't really a chance element. You don't have to balance things carefully and what not. 

That's disappointing..do you have any recommendations for good dexterity games?

#Kushi Express is, in my opinion, the greatest dexterity game

As an intro to the genre? I'd say #ICECOOL or #Flick Em Up! if you're wanting something easy and quick to get into with your friends. If you're wanting dexterity games that have to do with balance, #Men At Work is a good one too.

I think my preference would be... #Flick Em Up!

I've actually been on the lookout for a flicking game too, and I'll likely go with #Flip Ships for the family.