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Rule QuestionOutrage! Rules Question [Outrage! Steal the Crown Jewels]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Brains On Games: YOHO - You Only Hang Once image
Brains On Games: YOHO - You Only Hang Once (https://youtu.be/1P4hH0nxcfU) [YOHO (You Only Hang Once)]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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The Hungry Gamer Previews Merchants of Qultah Like| 5 comments | [+]
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6-player game of #Cthulhu Wars, which was a blast. I played as Crawling Chaos, and while I ended up in second place due to points, I inevitably lost because I still needed one more spellbook. And, one more round would have seen everyone else possibly beating the player who won. So good on him for ending the game when he did.

Then last night we played #Cover Your Assets with the in-laws. I'm typically not into card games, but I always seem to enjoy playing this one. A ton of take-that (i.e. people stealing your assets), but  even though I was robbed blind, I didn't mind because it's just one of those games. Highly recommended for a card game.

This is such a fun post.  I'm sure I'll think of more but I'll start with a couple...

1. Thou must be okay with backstabbing, lying, cheating, stealing, or really anything mean to win

2. Thou shalt not be upset when backstabbed, etc.

3. Thou shalt not bend the cards

4. Thou shalt not be a sore loser

5. Thou must be on time

6. Thou shalt avoid AP as much as possible

Tried a few new to us games this week..

#Innovation - Sarah got this for me for my birthday/Christmas and we finally got around to playing it. I could tell she definitely was enjoying it despite me stealing her "2 good cards" and using them against her to eventually win the game. Probably have to be in a good mood to play this again with her as there's a lot of take that compared to what we're used to.

#Freedom: The Underground Railroad - A guy in my group was literally giving this away so I grabbed it from him thinking the theme would get Sarah's attention and it certainly did. We ended up winning after 6 rounds and it's good it stopped when it did because we would have run into a lot of trouble if we had to keep playing. I totally expected this to be a one and done game for us but Sarah liked it so much she requested we keep it as a game we know we won't play all the time but can break out "every other once in awhile" LOL

#Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One - Speaking of games I have because I thought Sarah would like them, I got this from my BGG Secret Santa last month. We played the first of 3 cases and I think we probably followed the wrong leads but in the end we were able to piece some of the mystery together. Because and asked to hear about how it went, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Definitely an upgrade for me from #Chronicles of Crime because it doesn't have the same time pressure (at least for me). The only thing I didn't really like about it was the questions at the end when you submit your final report - they were multiple choice and I felt we had ruled out options more than actually figuring out what actually happened in the case and we just made some educated guesses and got it mostly right. Just felt kind of off to me there but otherwise a great experience!

#Bag-o-loot - like , we playtested this one. Not something I would ever seek out on my own but I could see where it could be a hit with our families.

#The Gallerist - a friend from my group reached out to play something with me on TTS. I gave him a list of games Sarah hates and we settled on the Gallerist lol. I had to relearn the rules to make sure I didn't screw anything up and I was pretty good..just failed to mention that he couldn't place his 4th piece of art in his gallery without having a celebrity artist first. Despite his slight cheating, we ended up tying for both score and the first tiebreaker. He won on the second tiebreaker. We're getting together again to play #Darwin's Journey on Wednesday before I decide to back it. Spoiler alert I probably will anyway..lol

#Stone Age - handed myself and a pretty big loss on BGA. I'm always really terrible at going for the end of game bonuses..still a really fun game!

1. Over the years I've come to conclude that Worker Placement is one of my favourite mechanisms!  I really enjoy the simplicity of, I have a token and I put it here and I resolve an action.  And then the amount of different ways designers have used it, from #Raiders of the North Sea with its simple place one take one to more complex ones (e.g. Lacerda) where you can start a chain of actions with cleverly placed workers.  Taking a space somebody else wanted is always satisfying!

2. Tough decision, but I'd probably go with #Caylus 1303 which I recently picked up and absolutely love the fact you place workers but only resolve the actions in order once everybody has finished placing.  Turns are so snappy just going around placing a single worker then onto the next person.  If I were to change anything it'd be the Favour and character interactions - people always get confused with the specifics of the rules on that.  (Bonus mention to #Troyes which I only recently got into)

3. I would love to try #Anachrony!  A friend of mine has it so hoping to get a try of it once lockdown ends.  Time travel + worker placement just sounds fantastic, and stealing resources from your future self sounds like an interesting twist.

(My first post here so apologies if I didn't get the links to games correct!)

So you want suggestions for 5 more games, eh?

1. Champions of Midgard - dice-worker Placement game. Highly respected and recommended. Fills the worker placement spot in your collection. 

2. Pandemic - co-op disease destroying game. Fills the co-op slot in your collection. 

3. Star Wars: Outer Rim - thematic Star Wars game about bounty hunting and surviving in the titular Outer Rim. 

4. Wingspan - engine building and all around beloved game. Looks beautiful to boot.  

5. Clank! - thematic deck-building game about stealing treasure from a dragon. Super fun and a great intro to deck-building. 

Have fun!

Played this last night two player. It's very luck driven and has aggressive confrontation in battles. I can't remember the last time I swore at a game while playing but this one riled me like no other. I lost at least 3 battles after heavy commitment, losing to either AI's lucky draw or opponent's lucky draw. This is not fun. After this happens a few times you start to over commit in battles, and they are not cheap. 

It's disappointing to see this game use the extremely tired dominion deck building mechanics from the last century without adding anything new. At least ruins of arnak (played a day before) does something slightly different. The card art and theme did nothing for us in this game as we couldn't care less about dune. I did like how you can almost come back from 10 point game end by making that person lose a point by stealing their allegiance token, forcing the game to go another round, but you have to be ready for a lot of card draw luck and surprise intrigue cards.  I also didn't like the 'these two cards work together' mechanic. I bought two of these early in the game, second round, and did not see them appear once together so I would never buy them again. 

Our verdict: It's okay but in no way beats ruins of arnak or beyond the sun which is my game of the year. 

Can someone explain the point of the mentat? Why rent it when you trade a worker for a worker? You gain nothing amd actually lose 2 solari. Some cards let you take the mentat for free but I see no point in taking it any other way, 

So I don't know if this fits the mold of the question exactly but figured I'd say it anyway. I'm currently developing a game that is essentially a mix between Root and Risk, but without any dice-rolling. Combat works by having you stack cards in your army as of which fights first. For example the two top cards are essentially the front of the army and they compete first. Just like the event cards in Root, the troops have suits (Chipmunk, Chicken, Bear or Rat) which dictate how abilities affect them (it doesn't affect their strength). There's A LOT more to it but I don't want to go on about it here. The rat is the one I've put the most time into.

Rats: The Rats fuel their empire by riding the success of others and then crushing them to the ground. You collect cards throughout your turns during morning phase and by causing unrest (we'll get to that later). Discard 2 cards of the same suit to gain an officer. This officer can be stationed in an opponents territory to give you (relative) control over it. He can either be tyrannical, as he can allow your troops passage within, steal items and impose taxes OR he can be benevolent, essentially making you business partners with that person, bolstering and sharing trades, giving them protection with your troops and helping build buildings. Both ways earn you points however being tyrranical can get you driven out quickly. But remember at any point you can backstab by, bringing in your troops, stealing and destroying. When you attack or steal from any terriotories you place one unrest token there. These score you some points but most importantly, once you have 3 unrest tokens on a territory you may form a malitia and sieze control of everything in the territory including troops, buildings and resources.


What do you think?


Stealing this from @theDL before he mentions it ;)

#Everdell (the picture shows #Everdell: Pearlbrook expansion as well)