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Popular Bag Building Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Bag Building mechanic.
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Thanks for sharing Artem!  I am curious to see where you go with the bag building element.  I've only played a few games with this mechanic ( #Orléans ...hmm, I guess that's the only one?).  What games have you seen employ this mechanic the best?  What's the most creative iteration of this mechanic you can envision? (without giving anything away ;) )

Interesting idea as I recently find myself passing on games that seem too similar to games already in my collection due to similar mechanics and themes. Well that's what I tell myself anyway..LOL. I think like , I would just find a way to game the system to keep my entire collection. I mean "Deck Building," "Bag Building," and "Pool Building" are all listed as separate mechanics on BGA. Add that into "Tableau Building" and "Engine Building" and that's 5 games from my top 25 right there lol.


I've gotten a mix of new and old games this month (some reviews, some purchases, some gifts):

#The Shores of Tripoli -- two player relatively intro CDG game with a historical basis?  I'm in! 

#Whistle Stop -- okay, admission time -- I actually thought I had ordered Whistle Mountain. But that's okay, I've yet to play Whistle Stop and I like lighter train games anyway!

#Carpe Diem -- Alea / Ravensburger asked me to cover the brand new (unofficially 3d) edition with the beautiful new cover and vibrant tiles. No need to ask me twice, I like Feld games and had so much trouble getting past the blase tiles that came in the first edition. Super excited to play this

#MonsDRAWsity -- holy cow! This is easily my Party Game of the Year! Okay, that's not that tough, since party games were pretty tough to play. But it wouldn't matter, because it would be hard to find a game that fits this category better and consistently delivers the laughs and the fun. Must play at a convention!

#Cubitos -- John D Clair just keeps comin' on with unique style games twisting familiar mechanics. Part race game, part bag building dice game (without the bag) and part engine builder. Played this a bunch with my wife already and she loves it. 

#Wingspan: Oceania Expansion -- haven't played this yet, but my wife loves Wingspan and we played the previous expansion right away so it won't be long before we get this to the table. 

Last but not least, #Spike -- My second copy. I loved this light Ticket To Ride+ train route game that has some fun economic elements. I gave my previous copy away to a family that really enjoyed it and missed it in my collection, so I got another one from R&R! 

This is a lighter list than 2019 but much more mangeable. Besides, I've got a half dozen or more still left to play on the Shelf of Opportunity. 

Merry Christmas to everyone at the Atlas and I hope you all have a bright 2021!

BJ from Board Game Gumbo


For me #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game is at the top of the heap. If I had to do a top 5 I'd toss in these with no particular order: #Rococo: Deluxe Edition, #Orléans, #Aeon's End, and #Thunderstone Quest . 

I never really realized how many games that we own that utilize deck/bag building. We do have a few that need to get a few more plays in as well.


Apparently I am on a deck/bag building kick. Been looking at the #Dale of Merchants line, the Clank options (probably OG #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure), #Fort, #Orléans, and #Lions of Lydia. I'd go for one (or combination) of these.

That's more of a "bag building" game

It has tight mechanics that are unforgiving

Flip and write

Yeah “bag building” games and telling the players to feel their bag always gets me weird looks

#Orléans is a great game.  I picked it up after seeing it listed on sale on Board Game Atlas and my wife is even willing to play a game with me after watching me solo the first round (not a true solo, just playing the game as if I am two players).  #Orléans is a bag building worker placement game that is easy to learn and teach but provides players with a goodly amount of strategy.

I really enjoyed the bag building game #Hyperboria. That seems like a mechanic that isn't used too often. 
I also just played #Valeria Card Kingdoms. I hadn't played any games with the Machi Koro, Space Base theme. It was simple to pick up and a quick fun play. 

Hyperborea is my choice. Came out to much hype originally but has fallen off. Maybe due to Orleans coming out around the same time (both are bag building games). Still the art, theme and gameplay of this one is great. And its priced at a steal too. 

My partner played this at Shux, and quite enjoyed it. We'll be backing it when it launches in January. Area Control and Bag Building seems like it'll make for interesting mechanics. 

I suspect that it will do very well on Kickstarter, somewhere between 100K and 500K maybe? haha

I've been interested in Quacks and getting experience with bag building, and this game looks like it will be a lot of fun especially with how they handled the IP