Raiders board game
Raiders board game


Raiders is a game of surviving and gathering resources in order to gain supremacy within a post apocalyptic world of ruin. Each player takes on the role of a Clan who have been surviving within the wastes for the past four years. When a Death Cult set upon eradicating all remaining life within the wastes descend upon the Clans’ homeland, they must gather all the resources they can in order to survive.

The aim of Raiders is to be the last player in the game, or have earned the most points by the end of the tenth turn.
Each Player’s Clan has their own base that they are trying to protect and grow by gathering more resources. Players develop these bases by sending their Raiders to the 11 different locations that represent the wastes. The locations each player’s Raiders are going to that turn are all revealed at the same time, meaning encounters between Raiders are always a surprise. At the end of each phase, those Raiders who survive are able to return to their base with the spoils they have recovered. Players then use the resources they have obtained to build new items upon their base that improve their performance in the rest of the game.

During encounters between Raiders, there are specific rules for Raiders to negotiate rather than simply battling each time. However if players are unable or unwilling to negotiate with one another, a round of combat can quickly break out. Combat rounds are fast paced and easy to follow so as not to overtake the gathering element of the game.

Not simply content with scrounging the wastes for more resources, Raiders can attack enemy bases in an attempt to wipe enemy factions out and gather more resources from their ruins. Each side must therefore be vigilant or risk losing all that they have amassed.

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