Champions of Midgard board game
Champions of Midgard board game

Champions of Midgard

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Trolls attack your town. Draugr terrorize nearby villages. Monsters strike at travelers and merchants alike. The people are suffering - will you be their champion?

Grey Fox Games is pleased to announce the release of Champions of Midgard - a Viking Era worker placement game with dice driven combat between players and mythical Norse beasts. The game has enjoyed much praise from playtesters and has received the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence!

This newest release is Grey Fox Games' largest game yet with an impressive list of components including a 20" x 30" board, 34 custom dice, wooden meeples, carboard tokens, and 121 monster, draugr, and troll cards. In Champions of Midgard players assume the role of a Viking Leader attempting to earn the title of Jarl in a besieged harbor town. They will collect the weapons, wood, and food needed to build ships, carve runes and send their warriors across the sea to defeat the most savage beasts and earn the glory befitting a champion.

"The combat is what sets this game apart from other games in the genre," says Joshua Lobkowicz, Head of Game Development at Grey Fox Games. "It's as approachable as Lords of Waterdeep but with the added thrill of rolling handfuls of Viking Warrior Dice in an attempt to kill awesome monsters."

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  • Like this one quite a bit the more i play it. The theme is fun, the competitive nature of fighting the better monsters while still having to concern yourself with the chore monsters (trolls) is an interesting dynamic. I will say, i think this game plays better without the "Wealthy Stranger" market card as the game is more interesting when money is harder to come by.Also it can be difficult for new players to deal with their warriors "dying" as it tends to feel like they're doing something wrong and may make them play conservatively with the warriors. This is why the Valhalla expansion is a good option to start with.
  • A vast thematic improvement on Lords of Waterdeep, and a far more engaging game than Stone Age (both games with which Champions of Midgard is often compared)! As for the criticism about the game being dice-roll dependent, I think that ignores the many ways that luck can be mitigated. This is not a game of, "Well, I'll give this attack a try and see what happens." You need to go into a monster-battle with a sound understanding of the odds, and having made preparations to face those odds. Of course, if you're totally averse to luck in a game, steer your longship clear of Midgard.Probably the most well-themed Viking game I've ever played (even though it still has that annoying anachronism of portraying Viking helmets with horns). The Norse mythos is just so lovingly and accurately portrayed!My only complaint about the game is that the some of the characters are over-powered while others are under-powered. Rather than choosing a character, maybe they should be randomly distributed?
  • Wasn't sure whether I'd like this, but together with the two expansions really shines. Great player interaction, interesting decisions, not too difficult to learn. Only downside is the setup/takedown time, but I printed some custom 3D inserts that help.
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#Champions of Midgard is one of my favorites. #Fuse is a favorite solo game (because my wife refuses to play it with me haha), and #Sagrada is just awesome. I also really like #Flatline (this one my wife WILL play), #The Reckoners, and #Tiny Epic Galaxies (which is another favorite). 

The ones that are most up for games are my two sons, 26 and 21, and my son-in-law, 25.  We've enjoyed many games heavy and light, #Mission: Red Planet (Second Edition), #Champions of Midgard, #Empires of the Void II, #Las Vegas Royale, etc.  So I think they would be up for at least one game, but to come back I would say that the theme would not be too overshadowed by the mechanics.  i.e. it would need to feel more fun than like work.

So obviously dice are fickle and fun, which is part of the reason you see so much excitement around the craps table at the casino.  I, and one of my groups, enjoy games that involve a little bit of luck.  There is nothing like having a 12 on 3 battle in Risk and having the defender just roll crazy number of 6's to knock/prevent the attacker from going on a run.  Those games tend to have moments that we still talk about years after the game.  Last week in our 2v2 Dice Throne game it came down to a final defensive roll and I needed to roll a 4 or 5 to block, which i did and then one of the guys played an action that made me have to re-roll and I rolled another 5.  It was awesome!  The high fives for me and my partner and the groans from the other team made it super enjoyable.  Other games in this category would include: #Champions of Midgard, #Jaws

#Champions of Midgard definitley needs a solo variant. I would have said #Star Wars X-Wing, but they just came out with one. I have yet to try it, but really want to see how it plays.

Lol, I'm really trying to come up with lists that haven't been done. This has been a fantastic weekly challenge. #Champions of Midgard is a good one, don't know why I didn't think of that one. 

Love how creative these lists are getting with each day lol

For "vertical rectangle" I'm thinking of games like #Champions of Midgard, #Brass: Birmingham, and #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated

It's fasincating and surprising to see that your #1 ended up being the classic. And I'm honestly not sure where I stand on this. Oh and as for another type of playing surface, one I'd thrown in falls under dexterity games category. Jenga, #Men At Work, #Catch the Moon, where you have some sort of mini structural system you have to play on together.

Edit: Nevermind! Didn't realize Brass is basically a square. It really falls under your #4

I went with board, mostly for cost efficiency. While I do love a good play mat, price is a big factor for me. I have one neoprne mat that came with my #The Final Flicktier prototype I reviewed a while back, and it's great. And I'd love one for #Champions of Midgard, since it's one of my all-time favorites and then I wouldn't have to fiddle around with eexpansion boards. And X-Wing, if I stiltl played haha