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There's a lot going on with Scythe, and expectations need to be tempered, but the action efficiency game buried in there is compelling. And that art! Full review here:


Do the thing. Do it more. Do the other thing. Good job. You are now the king of doing things. What will you do with your newfound power? Oh, you're going to do more things? I guess we should have seen that one coming.




I absolutely love this game


This game is solid. It's fairly complex and has a lot of replayability. It's like Catan meets Risk meets Small World in a really fantastic alternate history setting.


It took me awhile to really get what the game was trying to do, but once I did: it became my favorite. The expansions are nice, but you don't need them as base Scythe is my favorite way to play


Game is surprisingly fun. +1 for presentation.


Scythe, I get the hype. Although I think player interaction is lower than I like. It's a really fun puzzle to solve each and every game. Table talk is nice because of the lack of much direct conflict. Pretty and fun.


After 4 plays, my desire to play has wavered.


Such a wonderful game to teach and learn and play. You can fight, or not. You can research, or not.


Need to play with more players. The map/game really doesn't compact well at 2p.


I could play Scythe every day. The modular board made this game new again.


Game is spent generating resources that go toward building non exciting buildings that allow you to build units that will rarely fight. The optimal engine building is guided by the race and board you are dealt which result in scripted play with minor variations. Game usually ends with a player winning two fights for the last two stars after a mostly uneventful 60-90 minutes.The scripted play kinda kills the replay value, I would not be excited to play this again.


There is a reason why everyone loves this game. It is a true hybrid that blends modern board game design into this condensed 4x like experience. Interesting resource management, tactical board interaction, engine building, action restriction, clever interwoven mechanics, wonderful end game arc. This game kinda has it all. The production is second to none as well. Complete package.




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way overrated, good looking but boring on board


Great game. The expansions and legacy aspects of the expansions are great. It's a good mix of resource management and card based combat. A+


Expansions (Complete)-CHECK FOR NEW EXPANSIONS


Paul owns this. Would play this almost anytime.


Scythe has a lot of the trappings of a civilization game--you move your units around a map board in order to use those areas for production. While the game may not have a tech tree, deploying military units will give players access to special abilities. There are two that really make it stand apart--the action system and the scoring system. Players can take any of four pairs of linked actions (except the one they just took); these actions are the same but linked differently for each player. As the game progresses, players can develop their player board to make each of these actions better, either decreasing costs or increasing rewards. As for scoring, the game forces players to do a variety of different things, and once they've done that thing as much as the game will allow, they place a scoring star on the corresponding space. Once a player places all 6 of his stars the game is over, but actual scoring depends not only on stars, but also money, territory controlled, and a multiplier factor. This is a very interesting game, and while it's not easy to grok the strategy right away, the game flows very nicely even for new players.(3 plays)


Fantastic choices on your player mats and different each time you play. I love playing the DLC of this on Tabletop Simulator in Steam. I love it so much I bought the game!


Scythe is a fun, heads-down race with marks of greatness. Although a conspicuous lack of player interaction and rote faction openings are present, it's got a spark.


Great game! But... Needs the right group.


Most played game. Want to play Rise of Fenris campaign again.


The game Scythe was given to us from our friends Ben and Mariah, who bought the game while on their honeymoon in Ireland. They purchased it at a game store and donut shop where the commonality was to buy/bring a game, consume fabulous donuts, and play for hours. Why this has not been invented in the U.S., I don’t know because it sounds marvelous and I would live there. If it does, please let me know!!!!There is scarcely a game that I do not delight in, however, when a game box weighs in at 8 pounds and you lift the lid of Scythe, it can be simultaneously exciting and daunting. Scythe is a game with a lot of bits and bobs to understand and keep track of, but that gives ample opportunity to get your hands and develop a backstory. They offer immense information to draw from to develop strategy and or role play. There are plenty of rules for players to discern and then figure out how to get all of them working together. Set in an alternative universe in Eastern Europe in the 1920s with mechs roaming the countryside. You farm goods, conquer regions, and try to win over the people and gain popularity. Players start with their own faction. These factions have their own faction leader, their own mechs, their own home base on the board and their own characteristics, or powers. Combined with a randomly drawn player board, every board is slightly different, you have unique starting conditions. This ability to weave together highly complex strategies that change each game makes the game replayability something to be commended!8 poundsScythe!!!Scythe is an awesome game that the whole family can enjoy. Myself being a novice at the RPG, but fairly good at strategy, have lost twice and still want to play again and not move on to the next game in our que.Scythe is a rare creation that we found had the perfect balance between depth, style and substance, and fun and challenge.The miniatures pieces are striking and can be customized. The accompanying faction mats and action cards are illustrated with the beautiful artwork of Jakub Rozalski.Nerdz GarageSuzzan Smith


Hope the digital game is good. As for the complaints about combat, it sure is simple but it does a great job of capturing the black and white rhetoric of a Cold War style conflict of "will this be a Mutually Assured Destruction resolution for both of us or not?" The conflict and tension found in wargames therefore is found here but in the dogmatic consequences of militaristic area control (you are guaranteed to lose something no matter what by taking over an area through force.)


This game is through the roof, definitely one of the best games ever


Another fantastic game from Jamey Stegmaier! Not quite as good as his wonderful Euphoria, but pretty close! And although it has Euphoria-like elements, it strangely reminds me of a cross-breeding of Polis and Age of Empires! Indeed, it reminds me of a lot of games; and that's the only problem I have with Scythe:I love games which incorporate tried-and-true mechanics, but have an added twist to them which breathes new life into the old mechanic. I can't really find such a twist in Scythe. However, since all the mechanics work impeccably well (and one's turns are super fast), that doesn't make Scythe a bad game by any stretch of the imagination; but it does prevent me from giving it a straight 9.


Collectors Edition from KSPlaytested this game... it's really outstanding and expertly executed. We don't play it a ton since we had to play it a bunch during the rounds of playtesting, but it's a great game and I won't turn down a game.


Very cool game; the factions are all very interesting and it is fun to upgrade all your actions. I was expecting more combat than there actually was, what with all the mechs. It's more of a resource management game with some light engine building. Would get my own copy if I had enough people to play with.


Includes:- Invaders from Afar- board extension- metal coins- Folded Space insert


Great game. Great components!


It's pretty good, but not my #1 favorite Euro/Victory Point game. It's long and complex enough that if you don't play frequently, it's hard to manage all the options and strategies. Feels like multi-player solitaire for the whole first half, with only occasional combat/interaction after that (i.e. it's more Euro than combat).(I fully realize that more plays may solve all of that, but for the time involved, there are other VP games I'd rather play.)


Beautiful production quality. Enjoyable with two players, good complexity.


Ok... enjoyable. But don't leeeeerv it.


Haven’t played this since last winter and I still think about the game experience. So good.


Beautiful production that tries to provide a little something for everyone. Looks good and plays fast, although tends to end quite suddenly. There's a nice engine building aspect to appease the eurogamers, and a simple area control and combat system to attract the rest.The engine building side is much more pronounced: There's very little actual combat in the game, just a constant threat of opponents moving into unprotected areas. Movement seems initially too hard and subsequently too easy - Pretty much all locations on the map eventually appear to be no further than two hexes away because of the numerous shortcuts. This makes visualizing the board situation way tougher than it needs to be.


My first few games of Scythe (physical and Digital Edition) were pleasant in an "ignorance is bliss" sort of way. The basic mechanisms are so satisfying that they drew me in and shielded me from the utter brutality and depth of competitive strategy. After playing against some people online in the Digital Edition and having watched many games by top-ranked players, I am simultaneously in awe of and turned off by the level of planning, calculating, and coldness exhibited in the current competitive metagame. Not only do you need to have a plan and backup plan for exactly which victory conditions you'll go after, you also need to be vigilant in order to prevent and create opportunities to attack your opponents. People who've played a certain number of games accuse it of being heavily scripted, but in my mind, following an exact script can only get you so far. Like in any game with a competitive scene, there are multiple levels of play. While I'm far from a top level player, I have had my moments, and let me tell you: watching a plan that was ten turns in the making come to fruition, seeing pieces fall into place for earning three stars in a single turn, these are gaming highs that are hard to match. If you're interested in diving really deep into a game, I encourage you to give Scythe a chance. If you previously dismissed Scythe for not having any teeth or being scripted, I encourage you to check out some Saxony or Polania videos from FOMOF or JoyDivision on YouTube; they might just open your mind.


by Numa

2 Copies. One with Mridul


What a lovely game. It felt intimidating since there were so many components but it’s very approachable after understanding the basics!


Co-op / Solo (Rise of fenris)


Spouse: Love


Great game for any size group 2-5 and solid and challenging solo experience once you can learn the movement rules for the Automa


Love this game. Solid 10. It's not a 4X despite the looks. Solid solid worker placement with area control. Tons of different set-ups. Satisfying art. Nice minis (that smell of play-doh!) Once you know what you're doing play is fast fast fast! We can get a 3 or 4 player game done in 60-90 minutes. So satisfying.


This is a solid area control / euro game, disguised as a war game. While the art and miniatures are top notch, I found the gameplay to be a bit... slow and plodding? I would definitely play it again, but I don't think that I would buy it for my collection.


Decent game, but maybe too much emphasis on the production value (which is admittedly pretty good).


Only one play, but I enjoyed it. It took a while to learn, but once you do go through everything the turns are really straightforward. It's weird how all the boards are different and get mixed/matched with each game, so it makes it sort of puzzly in what you get and what you can do each game. Not sure if it makes a huge difference in the end or not. I wasn't blown away, but the game was pleasant enough though it was slightly long, maybe that speeds up with more play. I'm interested in exploring this further.


Great looking components and well thought out gameplay, but it's not as exciting as other games.


I love that this is a very well thought out strategy game and yet it's easy to learn the rules. I also like the fact that it isn't focused on combat, although you will need to combat other players every now and then. Excellent game, highly recommend it. Even more fun with 5 players.


Weight: 3.36 / 5Includes Board ExtensionIncludes Legendary BoxIncludes Neoprene MatIncludes Metal Coins (base and green 2c/purple 50c)Includes Kickstarter PromosIncludes Extra Promos (Meeplesource)Includes Purple and Green Battle WheelIncludes Encounter Expansion


1-5 players, asymmetrical 4x euro game, heavy weight, 120 minutes.Rating based on 3 solo games and 3 plays with 3 and 4 players. I can perfectly understand the hype, which was primarily based on art work and theme, and as far as I;m concerned the game delivers on its promise. The different factions all have their own unique abilities which make for a different game each play, also combined with the random player board, which calls for a different strategy each play.People looking for a heavy combat game will be dissapointed, as combat is minimal in the game, however the threat of combat is constant, which, in my view, works very well.I've tried a few games against the AI on easy (Autometta) and normal (Automata) level and that's also a nice experience, which allows you experiment a bit with the combinations and strategies. COnsidering to acquire additional Automa packs in orde to play against mutiple AI's. Also might consider buying the expansion, which adds two new factions to the game.


I mainly play this solo, and it's a really challenging system. Really good game mechanics, engine building is so fun, the art is amazing, just an overall really good game. I imagine the expansions would really shine with a regular gaming group, but find that they don't really work well for solo players.




I've only played it once. It was good. I would play it again. I don't think it is one the greatest games I have ever played though. Good though.


July 2016. My first real Kickstarter! I was concerned that it wouldn't live up to the hype, but I'm happy to report that it met and exceeded my expectations. This is one of my favorite games right now. I look forward to playing it many more times over the years. July 2016Returned rating to a 10. I've played 6 solo games, which is pushing it back up for me. I don't usually care about solo gaming that much, but with my limited time lately, it's nice to be able to knock out a game in the evening in about 90 minutes including setup and breakdown. August, 2016.I'm still in love with this game. I haven't been able to play for over a month, but still have TWENTY NINE plays so far this year (that's just from late July through late October!). Solo mode has been great. I've also been solo-testing a campaign I've designed, playing 4-player games by myself. I've gotten a ton of use out of this, and I truly regret not going all-in on the Kickstarter. I've ordered the metal coins, and maybe someday I'll get the realistic resources. I love this game so much. December 4, 2016