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Gaia Project board game

Gaia Project

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"Set your sights on distant stars and strive to colonize the galaxy in Gaia project, the follow-up to the smash hit Terra Mystica! true to the foundations that made Terra Mystica a massive success, this box invites one to four players to forge their own galactic empires. Explore the vast reaches of space and convert planets to meet your faction unique environmental needs as you seek to tighten your grasp on the galaxy. Fourteen unique factions stand ready to boldly take their first steps into the cosmos while building structures to generate resources, researching new technology, and uniting planets to form powerful federations. Chart your course and remake planets as you see fit in Gaia project. In the end, only the most advanced faction will win."

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  • The non scripted version of Terra Mystica.
  • Excellent optimization euro with a loose space theme. Good amounts of both tactics and strategy with a very varied setup. The art isn't great, but the graphic design is. This is quite clearly one of the best heavy euros, remaining coherent and playable without resorting into complexity just for complexity's sake.
  • Everything I wanted Terra Mystica to be.
  • Xmas 2019 gift from C. Hwang!
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I mean I would say all of my games lol. #Gaia Project and #Barrage come to mind though. Both longer games that can drag on for a person who does not know the game well and would be a bummer if you were just getting destroyed!

I own some of them, I love playing #Gaia Project, #Eclipse, #Power Grid#La Granja and one of my favourites: #Caylus. I know this is a very diverse list of games, but if I had to decide for a mechanism I think I would choose worker placement combined with any other mech. What type of games are you more into?


1) I have a pretty high interest #Inis and like merged mechanic games - so hand management with area control sounds like a nice #Mythotopia / #Chaos in the Old World slice of pie 


2) I would probably drop my $200 on an expensive title - some mini-hoard vomit with 12 expansions I missed out on Kickstarter - #Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down would be a good one - (well if it ever comes out :P )


3) I didn't really see any grail games on the previous list that wouldn't be well loved - and isn't #Gaia Project pretty hard to find also - I'd want that lol. The only miss for me is #Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game as I already own and love it so if that came my way I would have to find a deserving owner or turn it into EBAY Gold so I could get the one expansion I missed :(



At the beginning of the year I shared my top ten list. I plan to do so again at the beginning of 2021. Of the games that I have played, I do see great great potential in shaking up my top ten pretty handily.

Top 5: I see great potential for the addition of:

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition)

#Pax Porfiriana

and #Navajo Wars.

In case you didn't notice, that is three games out of five. So, if they do break into my top five..... thank that will be a lot of turnover.

In my top ten, I think that there is a great chance for:

#1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties

and a good chance, although a lesser chance for:



For games that I have bought, but haven't played... that I think could fit into my top 10.

#Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain

#High Frontier 4 All

#Gaia Project



Welcome! If it's not too personal to share, what caused your hiatus?

I've been wanting to try something like #Terra Mystica. You prefer it over #Gaia Project?

I've been interested in #Gaia Project only because I've heard it's excellent. You prefer it over #Terra Mystica or even #Clans of Caledonia? Or have you not played those?