Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game board game
Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game board game

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

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Dead of Winter puts 2-5 players together in a small, weakened colony of survivors in a world where most of humanity are either dead or diseased, flesh-craving monsters. Each player leads a faction of survivors with dozens of different characters in the game.

Dead of Winter is a meta-cooperative psychological survival game. This means players are working together toward one common victory condition--but for each individual player to achieve victory, they must also complete their personal secret objective. This secret objective could relate to a psychological tick that's fairly harmless to most others in the colony, a dangerous obsession that could put the main objective at risk, a desire for sabotage of the main mission, or worst of all: vengeance against the colony! Certain games could end with all players winning, some winning and some losing, or all players losing. Work toward the group's goal but don't get walked all over by a loudmouth who's only looking out for their own interests!

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  • Great cooperative game, it's very immersive
  • Pretty evocative survival story theme and mechanics that make good sense in the framework.
  • What a fantastic fusion of mechanics and theme. So innovative! Would be a 10, if less fiddly, and two player rules were official, instead of a variant. The expansion / standalone game may replace this and have a higher rating in the future.
  • Not so keen on this one. The gameplay isn't very engaging and I dislike traitor games. Would be okay if the actual game was fun, but it's just average.
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Most of my random purchases come from walking into Half Price Books and seeing what games they have at a reasonable price. This year I've ended up with the following from there:

  1. #Tales & Games: The Hare and the Tortoise
  2. #Alhambra
  3. #Megaland
  4. #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game w/ Broken Tokens insert included all for less than retail ;)  My find of the year.

My yearly gaming budget tends to be dependant on how well I do in Vegas in March for my annual March Madness trip.  Most of my games come from that checking account vs the house account.  Helps to keep the wife happy when I come home with new stuff and it doesn't impact the family finances.

Lol for some reason I didn't stop to think that category might have sounded a bit... wrong?!

Great list. How come you bounced off #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game? My friend has it and wants to play it, wondering if I should dodge a bullet...

Not having any interesting decisions to make...I'm looking at#Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game. No decision In That game is interesting and it makes it more of an activity than a game! 
I also don't LOVE social deduction but it's not a deal breaker!