At the Gates of Loyang board game
At the Gates of Loyang board game

At the Gates of Loyang

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China, 2000 years ago: Loyang (Luoyang) has risen to become the Capital of the Han Dynasty and one of the four great Capitals of old China. The economic upturn of the now-flourishing city requires a better supply of basic foodstuffs.

You are local farmers, who plant wheat, pumpkins, turnips, cabbages, beans and leeks in their fields. After each harvest, the farmers assemble at the gates of Loyang to sell and trade their vegetables. They deliver to their regular customers or lucratively sell their vegetables to passing shoppers. Vegetables can also be traded at Market stalls or used for seed and planted in fields. If the farmers need vegetables that they don't have in stock, they can buy them in the Shop. Twenty different helpers, each with different individual skills, are available to assist them. The most successful farmer will be the one who moves furthest along the Path of Prosperity within the given time frame. Each step costs more and more money, which is also needed for investments. Farmers have to find the right balance.

The coins have square holes, so that they can be held on strings. They have the Chinese name "Cash", which is the derivative of the modern term.

This third game in Rosenberg's harvest trilogy (Agricola and Le Havre being the other two) can also be played solo.

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  • Rating based on solo play only - I recently revisited Loyang, and was reminded how much I love the puzzle element and how you are forced to balance getting your vegetable engine going as efficiently as possible, and yet it means nothing if you don't put some of that hard earned efficiency towards your 'Path of Prosperity'. And that path is where the game comes to life for me, especially for solo play. You are trying to beat your previous score, but it means more than that. Points earned represent your business savvy and ultimate prestige and success within this bustling trading hub. It's hard work the vegetable business and it is reflected in not rewarding players with a squillion meaningless 'points' at the end of the game. That said, it's also refreshing to play a Rosenberg game that doesn't allow you to end with a negative score (I can handle it with the simple Patchwork, but it's hard to stomach with the punishing Agricola). I've never played it multiplayer but my instinct is that it shines solo; downtime could be an issue with others, and it's nice to avoid having to go through the, what seems, slightly unintuitive Distribution Phase, in place of a satisfying Grid alternative.One and only blemish - I can see that the dummy player is functional but a little static and doesn't really replace a real person. There is an element of 'messing your opponents' plans up' in multiplayer that is missing in solo by stealing veg from their / your markets. The artwork is colourful and lovely to look at, and of course the wooden veggy-meeples are awesome!
  • Traded For: July 201121 - 8, W2Solo Record:18p, 8c, 4v (6 games)My Review: A Year With At the Gates of Loyang
  • --Dec2009-- I'm pretty enthusiastic about this one after one play. It was much more engaging (for me) than my first play of _Hansa Teutonica_. I like the simplified-_Antiquity_ mechanics; the modest interplayer screwage; the randomness of the card draw; the tight economy. Is it better than _Agricola_ or _Le Havre_? Probably not: but I rank both of those a 9, and this might reach that level.
  • It's another sprawling affair - this time with cards that take up alot of space. The rules system is interesting, but a touch unrefined. The card distribution rules are especially odd and overly done for such a simple effect. Also, it's excruciating to get money early on which dampens fun - until you understand the way of trade with vegetables and merchants . Later, money is rolling - which also dampens fun. The best moments are the middle game when you start to turn the corner from difficulty to smooth sailing. So all in all, a mixed bag for me. Additional plays are continuing to confirm and in fact lower my impression. Might end up on the trade pile.

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