Concordia Venus board game
Concordia Venus board game

Concordia Venus

Concordia Venus is a standalone game that includes everything from the Venus expansion plus the additional maps: Imperium & Cyprus, as well as all the components necessary to play the game as individual players and in teams of two.

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  • One play in and I love it so far. I love the tension of wanting to do so much and not having any cards. I love all of the resources. I love the idea that you get scoring based on what cards you have. I love that the game is deceptively simple to explain. I'm looking forward to many more plays of this game!
  • This is great for experienced Concordia players who're predicting the next handful of turns. I'm not and ended up dragging down my teammate because I wasn't anticipating enough of what other teams were doing, nor was I maximizing our turns or using our Minerva bonuses.

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I had a very successful shopping season this past black Friday  so my list has dwindled a bit too stuff that is on the back burner. Except for # 1.

1) #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated

2) #Oceans

3) #Five Tribes

4) #Concordia Venus

5) #Glen More II: Chronicles

There are a bunch more on the want list but they are all much lower priority.

Haha, thanks! I do not have notable artistic skills, I just like nicely formatted text, lol. I like to make things easily readable and skimmable. A fairly big part of my job is data visualization so...maybe that has something to do with it. Make sure the important things are easy to see.

And #Concordia Venus (Standalone) is in there! Just to the left of #Dune, below #Viticulture: Essential Edition and #Western Legends. I do actually like the sides of the Concordia box. The purple makes for a nice contrast. And fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), the cubes aren't large enough to display the cover of Concordia anyway, haha.

Haha, thanks! That was my wife's work! Unfortunately with this beast of a game, along with #Concordia Venus (Standalone) you can see over my shoulder, we've had to reorganize a little bit.

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Concordia Venus: Balearica / Italia board game
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