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Pipeline is an engine-building economic game where players are trying to build up a network of pipes in order to refine oil up to various grades in order to sell it for increasing amounts of money. The game is very tight in the beginning as players don’t have a lot of money (and it costs a whole turn to take a loan), but once players get their pipe network built up it becomes a lot looser and the limiting factor becomes time and supply rather than money. While there is a lot going on in the game, the whole thing really revolves around being able to build up three colors of pipes in your network to refine the three types of oil by buying and placing pipe maze-style tiles. Players that can grok that part of the game will succeed. To me, the game just felt too loose at the end, and there definitely felt like there was a snowball effect too. I’d be happy to play more, but I doubt it will become a favorite.(1 play)


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I think this is too complicated for our average gaming groups but Husband really likes it. Troy friends really enjoyed it but we don't see them that often.


I love this game. It is absolutely amazing :) The art is great, the production quality is through the roof, and the mechanics are excellent. Can't beat it :)


pretty trash.


It's difficult to deny Pipeline's incredibly promising core tile laying and production loop. The game as a whole suffers irreparably however due to uninteresting peripheral subsystems that scream to be cut.Pipeline has increasingly claustrophobic round lengths and a relentlessly tight economy. In my two plays, Pipeline's grip was so cruel, I found myself drowning up until the very end. Many will be attracted to the game's strategic nature and consequential decision making. I found these qualities heavily under-minded by the game's razor thin success margins. It's hard to feel accomplished about tirelessly refining oil that earns you arguably less than than the time and effort invested.


EDIT: Have to upgrade my grading on this to a solid 8. I played it again for the 4th time and just realized that you have to get used to feeling of "so much to do, little time" aspect of this game. It grows on you - and you get used to make quick, rational decisions that will benefit you in the future. Really nice, thinky game!===============I played this game twice, 2 players total. We must be doing something wrong because in every turn it just feels that all is going too fast and that we can't make the actions properly. I was sorely disappointed with the game, since fun moments seem to be lighting fast and when you barely noticed, boom - end of the game. Also, contracts seem stupid and not worth it 90% of the time. One of the upgrade cards spelled "immidiately".Have to play this some more because I really want to like this game - but it's not looking good.


I do not always enjoy tile laying games, though there are some exceptions like Isle of Skye. This gets added to that exception list. We played at a con, and now I am on the lookout for a copy, though it is sitting on my wishlist so I can not get it during Secret Santa time.


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