Clank! In! Space!

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Amazing game. Love the deck building + dungeon crawler mechanisms and all the extra juicy loot you can get in the board. Also the board being modular you can have different games everytime. A must have!


Weight: 2.53 / 5


It's fun and pleasant, but I'll be frank--deckbuilders to me are best when ~45 minutes or less (with notable exceptions like Mage Knight, where the deckbuilding is merely one element among many). This is doubly true for games where the market shifts randomly, so the vicissitudes of card draw are compounded. Clank is considerably longer than the 60 minutes it claims, and as a result I feel it overstays its welcome rather more than I'd like. The endgame is also a bit wonky, insofar as it encourages player elimination and/or weird risk calculations that I don't find pleasing (though I'm admittedly hard-pressed to explain why I find the latter to be so). Additionally, this game suffers badly in comparison to Quest for El Dorado, which I prefer in pretty much every way.


2-4p Sleeves


Deck builder with most of the game play taking place on a board representing a Space Station that the players are attempting to get far enough into to steal something and then return to the entrance. Cards provide movement, 'currency', 'fight' and occasionally Clank, and must all be played during the turn. Clank puts cubes in a holding area, which are then put in a bag, and when drawn out they end up on a health track. If enough of a players cubes end up on the health track before they return to the start area they're eliminated from the game.


For an adventure game, the play was very solo, and very AP-prone. Sometimes we just sat there for 15 minutes between our turns waiting for something to happen. The module board still has the same in/out areas, and doesn't feel that unique (but is better than a static board). One plus is the epic feeling when running for the exit.


W/ Promo: Code Red After falling in love with Clank!, Clank! In! Space! was iffy. I was afraid it would be too similar to the original game but the theme resonated with me a lot more and the modular board was a real draw. We now think this is better than the original Clank since there's a lot more to track and do that I think the original game doesn't have. Each game is a new experience. I wouldn't use this to teach someone who's new to Clank, but after they get a game under their belt this is what we pivot to. Hopefully there isn't another different type of Clank! but I want to see more for Space! going forward.


While I'd be happier if I could more easily trash my cards - this game does so much right. It's one of the most tense when the endgame is nigh and cubes of all sorts are coming out of that godforsaken bag. The references are great and the app is incredibly well-done. I would even recommend it as a lighter solo game.